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The Top 16 Leaders in Hospitality to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. Except that you’re actually trying to find hay in a needlestack.


Social media can be filled with a lot of noise, a lot of “thought leadership” and self-promotion that seems to revolve more around acquiring the most followers than sharing something of value.

I understand.

Hospitality isn’t immune. Self-proclaimed foodies and Millennial travelers instagramming their latest filtered photos make finding true leaders on Twitter a difficult task.

Also, I’m not a big fan of following an influencer, only to hear about how they’re coming along with their Paleo diet. Though dog gifs are always greatly appreciated.

Not to worry. I’ve found the real top dogs of the hotel industry for you to follow.

Below, I’ll outline the top 16 accounts on Twitter so that you can fill your feed with the latests news and insights into industry leadership and hotel management.

Let’s go.

Jon Albano: @jon_albano

Jon Albano is the founder and CEO Lodging Metrics, a one-stop solution that helps hoteliers keep track of all their business metrics. Albano also runs the Lodging Leaders podcast, where he interviews aspiring hoteliers and other industry leaders. Follow him for inspirational business quotes and motivational tidbits pulled from his podcasts.

Greg Bodenlos: @gregbodenlos

Tweets about social media marketing and travel technology. Recent posts include reflections on hotel marketing and new, creative ways hotels are trying to increase revenue.

Chip Conley: @ChipConley

I know, I know. You hate Airbnb. That’s fine. But remember, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” eh? Still, Chip Conley is a great account to follow to see how Airbnb is changing the way people travel. There’s always something you can learn from your competitors.

Daniel Edward Craig: @dcraig

Craig runs Reknown, a social media strategy and reputation management consultancy for hotels. Another great account to follow if you want to tackle the online space and learn about the evolution of the hospitality industry, especially how new technologies may impact customer service.

Jason Q. Freed: @Freedtotravel

Freed is a great resource to follow for the latest in hotel technology and revenue strategy. He often posts on new ways for hotel to maximize revenue and predictions about forthcoming changes in the industry.

Alicia Hoisington: @HNN_Alicia

Hoisington is the managing editor of Hotel News Now. Her tweets range from retweets of her publication to opinions on the industry and some occasional humor.

Hospitality Lawyer: @hospitality_law

Need some legal skills tailored to your industry? Hospitality Lawyer has you covered with the latest legal updates and how they pertain to the industry, including recent tweets concerning bathtub standards, data privacy, and the changing attitudes of travelers.

Niki Leondakis: @Niki_Leondakis

A great account for ladies in hospitality to follow, Niki Leondakis peppers her feed with female empowerment, motivational quotes, and trends in the industry.

Josiah Mackenzie: @JosiahMackenzie

Mackenzie is the vice president of business development at ReviewPro, a guest intelligence data company for the hospitality industry. A good resource to follow for the latest at the cross section between hotels and data technology so you can learn how tech can help you run and manage a more efficient hotel.   

Patrick Mayock: @Patrick_Mayock

As the Editor in Chief of Hotel News Now, expect a feed full of the best and most important in the hotel world. Latest posts include reflections on Airbnb, acquisitions, and special reports.

Anthony Melchiorri: @AnthonyHotels

Looking for something a little different? The host of Hotel Impossible and Five Star Secrets tweets up a storm of hilarious travel pics and practical lessons guests should follow during their hotel stay. Ever thought you could tell a bad hotel by the parking lot? Melchiorri thinks so.

Wendy Perrin: @wendyperrin

As TripAdvisor’s first-ever Travel Advocate, expect real and honest advice and insight from this Twitter feed. Perrin often tweets about travel as a whole, though expect the occasional insight into the best hotels and hotel practices.

Social Hospitality: @SocHospitality

Social Hospitality is run by Debbie Miller, who covers trends relating to hospitality, including online marketing, customer service, engagement, and SEO. A great account to follow if you want to know the ins and outs of social media marketing to increase your online presence.

Veronica Stoddart: @wanderlust13

Stoddart is the former travel editor-in-chief of USA TODAY and now tweets about the travel industry as a whole, though still intersperses her feed with tweets concerning the latest in hotel studies and news. Great account to follow for news that impacts travel and guest experience.

Jeff Weinstein: @hoteleditor

As the Chief Editor of HOTELS magazine, much of his feed is retweets from the publication, but also infused with opinions and reactions to the latest in hotel business.

Capterra Hotel Mgmt: @CapterraHotel

Follow Capterra’s Hotel Management account for the latest in hotel news, insights into hotel management, as well as tips and tricks to make use of the best industry-related software and tech.


Are there any other essential leaders in hospitality you think we should have listed? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jennifer Champagne is a writer for Capterra, specializing in IT, hospitality, and real estate management. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.


Another great post, Jennifer.
I would definitely add Sam Weston (@sam_weston) from HotelSpeak, Kevin May and Sean O’Neil of Tnooz (@kevinlukemay, @sean_oneill) and Dennis Schaal – Skift editor in chief (@denschaal) to your list.

Thanks, Vyara! Glad to know I can be of help!

I’l definitely be updating this post sometime in the future with even more leaders to follow. If you’d like or haven’t already, you can subscribe to the blog so you know firsthand whenever I update this post.

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