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The Best Tip for Buying Property Management Software

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Remember that kid in school who sat at the front of the room and always had his hand up, asking the teacher questions about the lesson? He could be kind of annoying, right?

I mean, no one wants to be that kid.

Here’s the thing though; if you want to choose the right Hospitality Property Management (HPM) software for your hotel, you need to be that kid.

How to Buy Property Management Software like a Smart Person

Trevor Banziger works at Smart Hotel Software, providing property management software to a variety of different hospitality companies. Trevor works directly with customers and has seen the secret formula for success—not just with his company’s software—but with any HPM software on the market.

So what’s the big secret?


“You can definitely tell between the varying degrees of preparation. Some people you do a demo for and they’re just, ‘Show me check in/check out.’ Very basic stuff“ says Trevor.

“On the other hand, we went to a demo the other day at a client’s property and it was 6 hours. They just kept asking questions; ‘How do you do this? How do you do this? How do you do this?’ and asking questions that were applicable to their business: ‘We do this, how does your software handle it?’“

This client brought their heads of Maintenance, Housekeeping, Accounting, Sales and Front Office to the demo, and each had several questions about how they accomplish their jobs, and the aspects that make their property/jobs unique.

The more you ask questions specific to your business and questions about how the system will fit your business, the more successful you’ll be with the system.

Asking the Right Questions

So how do you, as a hotel manager, make sure you’re prepared to ask the right questions and start looking for HPM software?

Trevor suggests, “Spend as much time as you can planning and breaking down your business by seasons, rates, customers, and get as specific as you can… spend the time and set up the rate structure properly and know who your clients are and how you want the rates to affect certain clients and certain groups and what sort of billing procedures you want for corporate client A, B and C.”

This will prepare you to ask the questions that matter. “A lot of people assume property management software is property management software, but it’s really not. There’s varying degrees of functionality and until people take a snapshot and a critical look at their business to determine what they’re doing and what they would like to do, it’s hard to shop for software when you don’t really know what you’re shopping for.”

Have you already done your homework and mapped out your business processes? Cruise on over to Capterra’s Hospitality Property Management software directory to get started looking for the solution that’s right for you!

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