10 Awesome Collaborative Software Options

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If you are still struggling, trying to stay faithful to the old school project (notepad and agenda) management, now is the right time – more than ever actually – to reconsider your options and give modern technology a chance to make your business life easier, more efficient, and more productive.

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A growing trend in the world of business is cloud platform task management which enhances information sharing while improving productivity and involving the relevant people in the process. Success in today’s business world lies in being available and reachable, in being informed, having the latest relevant information on the go, and being ready for instant communication.

The tool that can do all of these things for you is collaborative software.

Who should use collaborative software?

Just about any organization can benefit from implementing some form of collaborative software.  For instance:

1. Scientific institutions: The world of science already utilizes platforms such as Basecamp, Alfresco, Confluence, SharePoint, HUBzero, Laboratree and MediaWiki for research and scientific projects. For example, in the case of translational biomedical research and genomics, the quality and the amount of research can be improved by using collaborative software.

2. Educational institutions: The educational institutions which use collaborative software have noticed an increase in online student enrollment and overall staff morale, as well as in communication and decision making.

3. Learners: The world of learning is changing with the aim of obtaining global knowledge and the interest in lifelong and active learning. Collaborative platforms provide the foundation which makes this possible.

4. Management and business. The world of business and management quite actively applies the solutions offered by collaborative software. Business meetings are being carried out online, projects are being finished in virtual groups, while communication flows freely within time zones, with space or vacations not being an issue.

The step that is on you is answering the following question: what can collaborative software offer to your business and your team?

Here are ten awesome collaborative software options for you to consider:

1. Alfresco One is ideal if you need a platform that will provide you with efficient content management collaboration, both web- and mobile-based.

1 AlfrescoOne from alfresco.com (1)

Reviewers liked Alfresco’s security and integration features though some mentioned that customization can be difficult, while backup and extensions could stand some improvement.

2. BamBam!  If your company is a start-up, you work in small teams, or as a freelancer, this software will offer you quicker task management. The customizable layout is user friendly, but the advanced features can be somewhat confusing.

2 BamBam from dobambam.com

3. Cluster is a virtual place for meetings with access to agendas, other participants, summaries, chats, and archives. It can be customized depending on desired uses, such as content management, project management, knowledge management, or ideation.

3 Cluster from tallyfox.com

4. ConceptShare targets large digital agencies, game studios, G2000 marketing departments, and IR500 internet retailer departments. It comes in two editions, Workgroup for smaller teams and agencies and Enterprise for large agencies and marketing departments.

4 Concept Share from conceptshare.com

Features include annotations for all kinds of creative work, version control, and visible comment threads but do not cover brainstorming, calendar and instant messaging, or contact management and action planning.

5. Collaborize Classroom improves student engagement, helps teachers by making grading time more efficient, and provides detailed reports on participation.

5 Collaborize Classroom from collaborizeclassroom.com

Both desktop and iPhone versions are completely free, students have constant access to the platform from everywhere, while teachers can effortlessly collect data, poll students, create discussion forums, and organize student teams or groups.

6. Confluence is ideal for collaboration on documents. With this platform, teams can store information, images, videos, diagrams or words, edit and share them through links, blog posts, status updates, or @mentions.

6 Confluence from atlassian.com

7. Folloze allows marketing teams to follow the competition, and develop and deliver great content for sales departments to achieve deals more quickly.

7 Folloze from folloze.com

8. Join.Me. Does your business need a way to make face-to-face meetings easier, more available and stress free? If so, this software will do precisely that. Moreover, it will connect your offices, teams and colleagues from 40 countries world-wide.

8 Join.Me from join.me

9. NetResults Tracker. Covering a substantially broad base of industries, this software will be interesting to those who need to look for bug fixes, improve customer satisfaction, and resolve issues, while capturing discussions and fostering collaboration.

9 NetResults Tracker from netresultstracker.com

10. Pyrus. By using this software, small to medium sized businesses, regardless of the field of expertise, can enable and empower business process management together with task management.

10 Pyrus from pyrus.com

Work flows are customizable according to the user’s preferences, while some other features include automatic deletion of finished tasks and unique access for multiple users.


Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, the foreseeable future is this: if you fail to be as efficient as possible, there is no way you will see the full potential of your business. Evaluate the possible gains of your choice and what collaborative software can do for your business efficiency, productivity, and success.

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Great article, thanks!
My team and I are currently using HeySpace and so far we love it.
What you get is a task management software with chat feature (private, in projects and in tasks). So we have everything in the right place. We work on Kanban Boards and use internal Calendar for a clear overview. Surprisingly intuitive, a nice alternative for other tools we used in the past.


Among the elements that help in success of virtual collaboration teams, new study stated Relationship Building, Trust, Communication skills, Knowledge sharing, Collaboration Skills, Motivation, Technological and Web Skills and more. To read the full study you can reach it here http://www.ibimapublishing.com/journals/JISNVC/2012/629512/629512.html

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