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The Top 10 mPOS Statistics That Will Change 2017

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Mobile technology has exploded since the 90s. In the past decade alone, the technology has shot so far forward, that the internet now tends to make a lot of jokes about the useless pieces of plastic we used to carry around. It’s hard to remember what it was like to not be able to access the internet right from the device you carried around in your pocket.

These days mobile technology can be used for so much – including mobile point of sales! mPOS is fairly new on the market, but it’s already an important retail tech sector – it’s growing at 9.2% per year, while traditional POS sales are falling at 2.5% per year.

top mpos statistics

These 10 mPos statistics show the growing power of mobile POS in the retail world, and shed some light on what our future will look like.

1. 48% of retail workers prefer using mPOS. >>Tweet this!

2. 62% of retail workers say mPOS has made their jobs easier.>>Tweet this!

3. 28% of retail workers that mobile POS has increased the number of products a customer buys.>>Tweet this!

4. 32% of businesses using mPOS only use mPOS.>>Tweet this!

5. 51% of stores using mPOS accept mobile payments. In a few years it will be 79%.>>Tweet this!

6. 34% of sales happen at a traditional register, 29% happen at a mobile register.>>Tweet this!

7. 43% of stores using mobile POS have downsized cash wraps.>>Tweet this!

8. Ipad is the preferred mobile POS device, but Android is the preferred smartphone device.>>Tweet this!

9. 76% of stores accepting mobile payments accept Apple Wallet, followed by Paypal and Google Wallet at a distant 56% and 54%, respectively.>>Tweet this!

10. 6% of stores accepting mobile payments are accepting Bitcoin! >>Tweet this!


These 10 mobile POS statistics were pulled from a larger report we ran about mobile POS usage in the US. If you’d like to learn more about any of these stats or see them contextualized, check the report out here!

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