10 Super Easy Ways to Generate B2B Software Leads Quickly

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We all know that great content and a sound SEO strategy is one of the biggest factors in lead generation for B2B software companies, but that often takes time and resources you may not have. And if you’re like most businesses, you need leads and sales yesterday!

Based on my 10+ years of marketing and sales experience, I’ve put together 10 tried and true tips you can implement now to get the momentum going and start acquiring more leads right away.

Easy Tip #1 – Leverage Q&A websites such as Quora

In just the United States alone, Quora gets 775,000 visitors per month who are eager to get their questions answered. So how could you be getting leads from Quora? Simply search for questions pertaining to the problem your software solves or in areas of your expertise and start answering those questions!

At Leadfeeder, we’ve found that traffic from Quora converts to trial users at around twice the average rate compared to other traffic sources. We even have a Slack chat channel dedicated to Quora questions so that our entire team can get involved with helping to upvote answers that we’ve submitted.

And at the very least, Quora also shows the first 50 characters of your name and bio above every answer you supply, so it’s free promotion for you and your software, even if people don’t view your full answer.

Easy Tip #2 – Start Blogging

According to a study by LinkedIn, 92% of buyers will engage with you if you’re a known industry thought leader. An easy way to start establishing yourself as a thought leader is to highlight your own expertise through blog posts. Ideally, you should publish a new article on a weekly basis and follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the content you produce should highlight your knowledge and address topics that your audience is interested in, while only 20% should be promotional.

If you don’t have enough time to consistently produce new content, consider finding freelance writers to write posts for your company or act as ghostwriters for top executives. A good source would be to reach out to bloggers for other companies in a similar industry. Many of them are willing to make the extra cash and you can be confident that they are well-versed in your industry. Other sources for freelance writers include the Upwork or Contently platforms.

Easy Tip #3 – Influencer Marketing

Okay, I admit this process might not immediately get you a slew of leads as it usually takes time to build meaningful relationships with top influencers. However, the following suggestions will help speed up the process.

Share influencer content and engage with them on social

If you see the influencer share something on their networks, make the effort to comment on it and/or share it with your audience as well. You should also proactively find content that the influencer has created themselves and share it on your own networks, making sure to tag them as well. Then once you make that initial contact, there’s a higher chance they’ll accept your connection request on LinkedIn or follow you back on Twitter, since you should be familiar to them already.

Give the influencer free usage of your product

You ultimately want the influencer to see value in your product, so why not offer it to him or her for free! Just make sure the onboarding is as easy and white glove as possible; if necessary, set up a call to make sure they know exactly how to use your software to have the best possible experience.  

Offer to do a featured interview to share with your audience

If you feature the influencer in an interview, the influencer will likely share your post and expose your brand to his or her’s audience. To peak the interest of the influencer, you should highlight the audience you have amassed so far (and include your personal networks). And it doesn’t hurt to namedrop other influencers you’ve worked with if possible!

Easy Tip #4 – Encourage referrals from current customers

According to Nielsen studies, people are 4 more times likely to purchase when referred by a friend. And when given the opportunity, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer companies. At Leadfeeder, we offer paid users the opportunity to share a “VIP” code that allows their peers to get a special 45-day trial. And for trial users, we offer trial extensions if they share Leadfeeder and get others to sign up for a free trial.

Easy Tip #5 – Ask your users to write a review

94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process, and they will look for honest reviews to support their decisions. The best place to start is to leverage customers who have already given you good feedback or are highly active users. Reviews can be hosted on your own website or you can ask your users to leave a review on review-specific sites like Capterra. You can ask users to review through an email campaign or simply after you’ve had a conversation with a user. There are many easy ways to gather these reviews, so don’t hesitate to get started!

Easy Tip #6 – Live chat

42% of customers prefer live chat for their customer support questions and 73% of chatters are happy with the result of their chat. At Leadfeeder, we personally use Intercom and were able to increase signups by 3.5% after having live chat available. Live chat sounds like a big commitment, but even if you’re not physically at your computer, you can have chat notifications pushed right to your phone. You can also have automated replies that ask a user to enter in an email address, letting them know you’ll respond as soon as you can.

Easy Tip #7 – Identify your anonymous visitors

You’re likely missing out on 98% of your website visitors if only 2% of visitors are filling out a form or reaching out to you directly. The rest leave without a trace for various reasons, from getting distracted, to putting it on their to-do list for later, to just not seeing the form on your site.

Luckily, with the help of marketing technology like Lead Management and Marketing Automation, you can now identify those leads and see important visit details like the company name and location of the visitor, which pages the visitor viewed, how the visitor got to your website, and how long they stayed on your site. Then, depending on their behavior, you can launch targeted campaigns to draw them back, and this time, get them to convert.

Easy Tip #8 – Paid Advertising

Paying for ads can be a quick way to get leads, but it takes time to perfect and be efficient with your spending. I still consider this an easy tip because even if your website isn’t optimized with landing pages or contact forms, you can use paid ads in conjunction with your marketing software, like Leadfeeder, to identify who is clicking through from your ads.

On LinkedIn, you can target by specific job titles, companies, industries, geographies and more. On Google or Bing, you can create cost-per-click campaigns and target geographies and keywords related to your software and the problems it solves for businesses.

Easy Tip #9 – Retargeting

People are not always going to purchase right away, but retargeting makes it easy to stay relevant and top of mind for your potential prospects. You can segment your lists so that targeted ads pop up on other websites that they visit after leaving yours.

For example, if a visitor viewed your product page, show them ads for a fresh case study. Or if the visitor has viewed your blog a few times, have an ad pop up right on your blog with an email subscription CTA.

Tools such as Adroll or Perfect Audience can help you retarget across various websites and social networks.

Easy Tip #10 – Videos

Before Leadfeeder added its first explainer video 2 years ago, only 2% of our website traffic signed up for a free trial. In contrast, the conversion rate among those who watch the explainer video is 7.5%, and this is just one video! Reports show that 77% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. Of course videos can be pricey or time-consuming to produce, but the ROI is worth it. For more affordable options, try browsing video services on Fiverr that start at under $100 for a video.

Do you have any other tips or questions? I look forward to viewing them in the discussion below!

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Carol leads business development in the Americas market for Leadfeeder, a must-have B2B sales tool that identifies company prospects who visit your website and the marketing intelligence to close deals faster. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, bowling and time with loved ones. Connect with her on Twitter @CLuong708!



Great Post! Thanks for sharing this post about b2b sales leads. These tips would help us revise and improve the sale and lead generation strategies implemented on our business website.

[…] 10 Super Easy Ways to Generate B2B Software Leads Quickly […]


Sorry, I seem to have pressed the submit button a bit too early.

Anyway, I’ve some use cases in https://pipecandy.com/ecommerce-leads/

IMO, a good lead generation strategy should work well (of course!) and scale well. There are few channels that scale as well as very rigorously done outbound.


One other approach is account based marketing. What we’ve seen is, for example, if you are targeting ecommerce companies (let’s say, to sell your A/B testing software), building a lead list that is clustered around several micro-segments and then reaching out to each segment with hyper-customized outreach, works well and scales gracefully.

Example of one such segment: eCommerce companies with <1M monthly sessions and have implemented an A/B testing software ; have a CMO & have raised investments within the last 6 months.


social media , and email campaigns are best for generate b2b software leads ,Thanks for great insight on b2b leads



it’s nice to go through your content. thanks for sharing


@grantwilson happy to have a discussion offline about this. Influencer marketing is about building relationships with people who have influence over your target market. Essentially, you want these influencers to be brand ambassadors and leverage their extensive networks. Feel free to email me at carol.luong@leadfeeder.com!


I completely agree with your post. I have been answering and also asking questions in so many websites. From that, i have been able to reach customers and also i have got good traffic also.


Influencer Marketing – Can you please share more ideas on how exactly influencer marketing works?


thank you for sharing this article.now i have an idea about how to get the b2b leads.

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