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12 Free and Cheap Church Technology Tools

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Technology is an incredibly useful tool for your church—but what if you can’t afford the latest technology or a robust church management system?  How can you really use helpful technological tools without breaking the bank?

A lot of the features and functionality contained in church management software can be purchased separately—there are many standalone tools that can be downloaded for free or for a small sum.

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Here are a few great tools for your church to speed up your processes and organize your ministry without hurting you financially:


Having a professional (custom) email for your church (i.e. is something that makes a huge difference.

Some churches, mostly smaller ones, tend to just use the personal email address of the pastor or a staff member as the “official” email address of the church. However, this can hold you back.

Having a custom church email address is easier to remember, it gives you more freedom to change your personal email address since that isn’t the one tied to your church, and an official church address gives off more authority and makes a better first impression on prospective members.

It really tells your members that your church has got its technical side together.

Tools to do this:

Google Apps for Nonprofits: free

Create Professional Email: $1.99/month

Mass email

How do you send mass emails to your whole church, or send specific emails to certain ministries and groups? Sending targeted emails and church newsletters are key for communication within your church, and there are some inexpensive ways to do that:

MailChimp: free

SendBlaster: free

ReachMail: free

Church website

Your church needs to have a website with your mission statement, information on your staff, contact details, overview of your church’s beliefs, times of service, and directions.

If your ChMS does not already provide you with a website with this information, there are some good tools out there for you to use:

Wix: free

Weebly: free

Yola: free

BraveNet: free

File sharing

Your staff members will need to be able to share documents, spreadsheets, and pictures amongst themselves, and having online file sharing makes that very simple.  It can also give people the ability to access the files from any device. Here are some free file sharing tools:

DropBox: free

DROPitTOme: free

File Dropper: free

Bonus: Church Management Software

If you still think a complete ChMS is what you need, but you’re struggling with the costs, check out some of the free church management solutions that are out there!

Know of any other great free or inexpensive church technology tools? Add them in the comments below!

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Leah Readings

Leah Readings is a Software Analyst for Capterra, a company that connects buyers and sellers of business software. She specializes in church management software along with several other software directories. When she’s not helping software buyers, she is, among other things, reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends.


Comment by Mary Lazarides on

There is an inexpensive mass e-mail available through an organization called They have exclusively church-related content for e-mails, e-newsletters, and PowerPoint presentations — excellent clip-art, photographs, and more I haven’t even tried yet. Their Customer Service staff are very helpful and will respond to you promptly, along with website tutorials.


Comment by JP Medved on

Hi William,

I’m not sure about the free options, but several solutions have French language options, including WebChurch Connect, Richmond Software, and ChurchInfo (which actually IS free/open source:

Comment by William Higgins on

I have only been looking for a couple of weeks but reading your articles have helped me to understand more of what is available for church use. I have only used to a limited amount which is a great package but expensive in comparison to those rated through Capterra. Thanks for all the data you have collected and published.
I am advising a French church at the moment as well as my local one to go down a management system route. Are their any systems in the French language?

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