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12 Useful Wedding Statistics All Planners Need to Know

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Underneath all of the emotions and aesthetics of getting hitched, there are significant numbers at play in the wedding industry. Weddings are expensive, stress inducing, and require plenty of planning (and event management software plays a large role in bringing all of that together). Wedding planners have to know what is coming down the road.

If you want to know how many weddings require a wedding planner or what you can expect to pay for your own wedding, here are twelve wedding statistics that all planners need to know.

Wedding Statistics

1. The average cost of a wedding in 2016 was $26,720—up from $25,700 in 2012. 7.5xs the average Millennial credit card debt. (Tweet This Stat!) (Sources: The Wedding Report and USA Today)

2. The average number of guests for straight couple weddings is 124, while same-sex weddings average about 100 guests. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: Wedding Wire)

3. The top three most used wedding flowers are the rose, tulip, and calla lily. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

4. The average amount spent on a wedding dress in the US in 2016 is $1,564, up from $1,469 the previous year. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

5. The average engagement time (between “yes” and “I do”) is a year and a half. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source:

6. The average cost of a “day-of” wedding coordinator is $1,831. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: Wedding Stats)

7. The most popular month to get married was a tie between October and September at 16% each. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

8. Couples using mobile wedding planning doubles from 42% in 2014 to 90% in 2016. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

9. Couples who spent more than $20k on their weddings have higher divorce rates than those who spend less. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: Shape)

10. 20% of couples considered a destination wedding in 2016. That’s down from 24% in 2011. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

11. The top three most expensive areas to get married in 2016: Santa Barbara, CA., San Francisco, CA., and Philadelphia, PA. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: The Knot)

12. Roughly $72 billion is spent on weddings in the United States each year. (Tweet This Stat!) (Source: SoundVision)

More event statistics and wedding trends?

If you are looking for more statistics on event management in general, we have plenty to offer on the Capterra event management blog:

Are there any statistics you feel as though should’ve made it onto this piece? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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