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13 More Powerful Nonprofit Stats You Need To Know

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I’ve always been a big fan of history.

While other kids in my class would groan over learning why the Alien and Sedition Acts were pivotal to understanding the threats to our First Amendment rights, I would dive deep on my own into the lessons I was taught.

If only I had that dedication in math.


I am a firm believer in learning from our past in order to avoid major pitfalls in our future. We all should learn from history to make the best decisions about present situations.

Nonprofits are no exception.

In order to help nonprofits to make the best decisions about their campaigns or whether they should invest in new membership management software, I have compiled yet another list of powerful statistics that all nonprofit professionals need to know.

1. Top nonprofit security concerns: weak passwords, outdated software, past employees, and insecure payment processors. <<–Click To Tweet(Source: Optimal Networks)

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2. Millennials more likely to contribute to work sponsored campaigns, text-to-donate, and campaigns with videos. <<–Click To Tweet (Source: MobileCause)

3. Top 5 states with highest amount of free income donated to charity: Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. <<–Click To Tweet (Source: Borgen Magazine)

4. The average retention rate for first time donors in 2015 was 29%.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: Bloomerang)

5. 2015 has been the most charitable year in history with $373.25 billion donated; a 10% increase from 2014.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: Charity Navigator)


6. In 2015, the largest growth in charitable giving came from first-time donors.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: Bloomerang)

7. Mobile email campaigns have overtaken desktop email campaigns: 45% of emails being opened on mobile devices.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: BizTech Magazine)

8. 800 million items connected to the internet, yet a majority of nonprofit staff don’t know the term “Internet of Things.” <<–Click To Tweet(Source: Gartner) (Source: NP Tech for Good)

9. 64% of nonprofit CFOs say that adopting cloud technology would cut operational costs by up to 20%.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: npEngage)

10. Nonprofit professionals expect digital giving to more than double from 7% of total fundraising to 20% by 2025.<<–Click To Tweet (Source: BizTech Magazine)

11. The era of free promotion on social media is over. Engagement/reach will continue to decline through 2017. <<–Click To Tweet(Source: NP Tech for Good)

12. Religious organizations received the largest share of charitable donations in 2014 and 2015. <<–Click To Tweet(Source: Charity Navigator)

13. 57% of nonprofits say they are not properly using donor data for marketing and fundraising <<–Click To Tweet(Source: NP Tech for Good)

More Nonprofit Stats?

Any of these statistics interest you in particular? Are there any numbers you feel I should’ve included in this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nick Morpus

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