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13 Shocking Construction Injury Statistics

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It’s no secret that construction can be a dangerous industry to be in—so much so that it’s scaring off new talent. But the claim that construction is a dangerous industry to be in is often unsubstantiated. What are construction’s real pain points? Only after we recognize them can we move forward.

Construction accident

As the construction industry changes and develops new safety protocols, it’s tough to keep up with what injury statistics continue to hold true today. Below are 13 surprising construction injury statistics that reveal the state of the industry today.

1. One in ten construction workers are injured every year. (Source: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration.)>>Tweet this stat!

2. Over the course of a 45-year career, a construction worker has a 1 in 200 chance of dying. (Source: Safety + Health.)>>Tweet this stat!

3. Falls are the greatest cause of fatal construction injuries. (Source: The Center for Construction Research and Training.) >>Tweet this stat!


4. The most-violated OSHA standard is fall protection. (Source: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration).>>Tweet this stat!

5. The job with the highest injury rates in the construction industry is ironwork. (Source: AOL.)>>Tweet this stat!

6. In 2012, Maine had <5 construction-related deaths. Texas had 105. (Source: EHS Today).>>Tweet this stat!


7. The construction industry is #2 in the United States for fatal injuries in workers younger than 18. (Source: US National Library of Medicine.)>>Tweet this stat!

8. A third of motor vehicle crashes in developed countries involve someone at work. (Source: Intelex.)>>Tweet this stat!

9. Sixty percent of construction workplace injuries occur within the employee’s first year of employment. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.)>>Tweet this stat!

10. Exposure accounts for 15.7% of all construction injuries. (Source: The Center for Construction Research and Training.)>>Tweet this stat!

11. Between 2002 and 2012, 19.5% of all workplace deaths were from the construction industry. (Source: EHS Today).>>Tweet this stat!

12. Good news: road construction fatalities have declined 36% since 2005. (Source: Federal Highway Administration.)>>Tweet this stat!

13. Construction workers account for 15% of reported lead poisoning in the United States. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)>>Tweet this stat!

What other statistics are shaping the construction industry? Add them in the comments below!

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Good article. Regards!

Some very telling stats. Construction is a tough industry and it can be dangerous. I think the fact that 60% of injuries occur within the first year of employment is an important one to recognize. Inexperience maybe be one of the most dangerous things to construction workers.

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Some great resources and stats listed there Rachel. I wonder if you have done any research comparing US and UK construction stats? Julie @initiafy

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Happy to help with understanding the 60% of injuries happening during 1st year. Obv. That number would be far lower if…


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I know this is an older article but i still think that these statistics are highly relevant!
I also think that the majority of workplace accidents/fatalities definitely go underreported. This is particularly true in developing countries where we have done some work over the years. Health and safety standards need to be increased globally!

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