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14 Mobile Learning Statistics That May Surprise You

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you don’t already have a mobile-optimized learning management system, then you’re already trailing behind the pack. Don’t believe me? Here are 14 stats to show you just how major mLearning is.

Mobile Learning Statistics

  1. There is 1 smartphone for every 4.5 people in the world. (Source: Litmos) <–Click to Tweet
  2. 64% of research started on a smartphone is completed on a computer or tablet. (Source: MNAlearning<–Click to Tweet
  3. One survey found that 29% of LMS users opt for Moodle, SumTotal Systems, or Blackboard. (Source: Capterra<–Click to Tweet
  4. 70% of learners felt more motivated when training on a mobile device, as opposed to a computer. (Source: LearnDash<–Click to Tweet
  5. As of 2017, 77% of US adults own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011. (Source: PEW Research<–Click to Tweet
  6. Gartner predicts that 45% of businesses will have a BYOD policy by 2020. (Source: Gartner<–Click to Tweet
  7. Mobile eLearners typically study for 40 minutes longer than students using a desktop or tablet. (Source: MNAlearning<–Click to Tweet
  8. In a 2016 Google survey, 57% of respondents already owned multiple mobile devices. (Source: Google<–Click to Tweet
  9. 65% of all digital media is viewed on smartphones. (Source: WirelessWeek<–Click to Tweet
  10. By 2018, a high number of people will own three mobile devices. (Source: Gartner<–Click to Tweet
  11. 92% of Millennials own a smartphone. (Source: Pew<–Click to Tweet
  12. Smartphone learners complete course material 45% faster than those using a computer. (Source: Lynda<–Click to Tweet
  13. People are on their phones a lot. We touch our phones 2,617 times every day. (Source: NetworkWorld<–Click to Tweet
  14. The mobile market value is expected to grow to more than $53 billion by 2018. (Source: Statista<–Click to Tweet

What mobile learning statistics surprised you the most?

Tell me about it in the comments below, or drop me a stat I didn’t include.

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