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16 Incredible Female Lawyers to Follow on Twitter

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Growing up, it never occurred to me that female lawyers were not in the majority. My mother is an attorney and former judge. My mother’s friends included other female lawyers—far more than male ones. The lawyers on Law And Order were also often women. In both my home life and in entertainment, I thought law was a female-dominated field.

Even when I got older, the presence of female lawyers persisted. I’ve dated more than one person whose mom was a lawyer. And attending a women’s college is a quick way to meet a lot of female law school hopefuls.

So I was pretty well surprised when I found the stats on women in law. As of 2013, just over 30% of American lawyers were women.

What? That blows my mind! In a world where we have technology that’s changed the entire landscape of the law, from DNA testing to software that manages your law firm for you, I find the gender gap all the more startling. We’re basically living in a Jetsonian future, how is this still a thing?

We can’t fix the gender gap in law in a day. But you can at least amplify the voices of female lawyers right here and now. Here are some awesome Twitter influencers to help you get started. They were chosen for being active accounts with engaging, regular posts that offer interesting insights into the world of law. I’ve arranged them by order of followers at the time of writing.

Don’t have time to find them all? No problem. Follow the whole list here.

1. Sheila M. Blackford


“Atty, PMA OR State Bar PLF. Former EIC, Law Practice mag, author Trust Accounting in One Hour for Lawyers, co-author Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers.”

2. Jayne Reardon


“Promoting core values of the legal profession. Embracing the possibilities of #futurelaw. Lawyer, wife, mom and the Commission’s Executive Director.”

3. Martha Sperry


“Attorney Writing On Law, Technology and the Developing Web”

4. Nora Riva Bergman


“I’m a lawyer & law firm coach. I help lawyers earn more, stress less & have fun in the process. You CAN push past your fears & create the law practice YOU want.”

5. Catherine Reach


“Director, Law Practice Management & Technology at Chicago Bar Association. Focusing on the utility of technology in law practice.”

6. Susan Hackett


“CEO of Legal Executive Leadership; former GC for Association of Corporate Counsel: engaged in the pursuit of legal and operational value in law departments.”

7. Pam Woldow


“Master Coach, Attorney, Advisor to General Counsel & ABA Legal Rebel”

8. Allison Shields


“LI Lawyer; Writer; Consultant; Coach; Blogger. Follow me as I help attorneys attract the clients they want & create effective law practices they love.”


9. Jeena Cho


“Legal Mindfulness Facilitator. Immigrant. Lawyer. Cultivating compassion. Co-founder @shapethelaw Co-author of The Anxious Lawyer #Resist

10. Margaret Hagan


“Director of @LegalDesignLab at @StanfordLaw, lecturer at @Stanforddschool


11. Debra L Bruce


“Coaching, speaking & training on what law school didn’t teach: leadership, communication, productivity, biz development, etc.; lawyer 18 yrs coach 17 yrs”

12. Carolyn Elefant


“Power, pipelines & property law at; #altlaw owner:; blogger, author, mom. Early adopter & early widow: 5/27/15.”


13. Katherine James


“Trial & Litigation Consultant, Witness Preparation, Attorney Workshops, CLE, Applying theater and acting skills to the Law.


14. Nicole Black


“Legal Technology Evangelist | MyCase; Lawyer/author/journalist Foodie-wino-maker of jewelry See @mycaseinc


15. Kelly Phillips Erb


@Forbes editor, tax attorney, sports mom, coffee drinker, dirt lover, runner. Former southerner who converted mostly for snow.”


16. Tammy Metzger


“Research, news & tips for attorneys. #Trial consultant. Online CLE. Past ad. editor @TheJuryExpert, in-house @ plaintiffs’ firm, UCSB instructor & researcher”

Who do you follow?

What’s your Twitter feed looking like these days? Is it packed with the attorneys I mentioned, or are you a devotee of another set? Tell me who to follow in the comments below.

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Hi, Thank you for including me in this fabulous list of thought leaders and innovators. I do want to state that I am not a lawyer, although I have worked with and taught lawyers for the past 16 years. I was a law librarian before embarking on roles with bar associations as a law practice management & technology advisor. See:

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