The 19 Best Resources for Maintenance Management Businesses

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Updated 10/6/2015: We’ve updated this post with a few new resources and some new information.

When I was little, pretty much all I did was read. And many times during my little read-athons I came across words that I didn’t understand. So what did I do? I trotted off to my father and asked what the word meant.

To which he annoyingly and unfailingly responded with “Look it up.”

Composition With Books On The Table

No matter how much I begged and pleaded in my extreme state of laziness (because it was really way too much work to actually go get the dictionary) he wouldn’t just tell me what the word meant. So after a while, I learned to stop asking him and just always have a dictionary with me when I was reading, and whenever I needed help I knew exactly where to go.

So where do you go when you need help with your maintenance management business? What resources do you always go back to over and over for advice and information? Well, if you don’t already know, I’ll help you out. Below I’ve listed some great resources for your maintenance business needs:


FacilityDude Blog

FacilityDude is currently the #1 maintenance management vendor in Capterra’s series of industry research on most popular software solutions. Their blog contains a lot of great information on the maintenance management industry and does not focus only on their own product. They give tips and advice on managing your facility, how maintenance management software can help your business, and much more.

Terry Wireman’s Blog

Terry Wireman works for Vesta, an enterprise asset management company. He runs a blog that provides advice and tips for people in order to help them create good business practices that are aided by the best maintenance technology.

Cherry Logistics

Cherry Logistics is a facilities maintenance service company that serves a wide variety of industries. Their staff is made up experts with experience in their respective fields, and their blog provides help and advice over a wide variety of topics, from day-to-day processes to long term goals, technology, and best practices.

Maintenance World

Maintenance World is a blog specifically for professionals from within the maintenance management and equipment reliability industries. It runs and exists strictly on article submissions from other professionals and businesses. All articles are submitted by these professionals to create archives of posts on a wide variety of topics, such as planning and scheduling, equipment knowledge, and safety advice.

Maintenance Maven

Maintenance Maven is a blog run by MPulse Maintenance Software. This blog offers in depth and frequent posts on maintenance management, covering a wide variety of topics from organizing your workplace to the implementation of technology and software within it.


FacilitesNet runs two magazines (Facility Maintenance Decisions and Building Operating Management) and generates all sorts of great studies and white papers. The blog covers new products and updates to existing products, gives companies information about their competition and the industry, and publishes daily news.


Maintenance Technology

Maintenance Technology is a monthly magazine that provides information and best practices for manufacturing, process, and service operations all over the world. They have a monthly print magazine, and an online portal as well. Their monthly magazine is delivered free to qualified subscribers within North America. Nonqualified readers and those that are outside of North America may receive a paid subscription.

Facility Management Magazine

Facility Management Magazine is an Australian-based publication that provides news and information on the facilities management industry throughout Australasia. A year subscription (six issues) to the print edition is roughly $40 (55 AUD), and a two year subscription (12 issues) is roughly $70. Their digital version is roughly $20 for six issues.

Facilities Manager Magazine

Facilities Manager by APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) is a magazine that gives the views and experiences of people who are working in facilities operations. It is written by facilities professionals for facilities professionals, and their goal is to provide their readers with practical advice and viewpoints on common challenges and problems that come up within the industry. The digital version is available online for free–the print version requires that you join APPA.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine is the oldest title in the industry. They offer both print and digital issues that provide information and advice for companies and people within the water treatment, car care, and facility maintenance industries.

Facility Maintenance Decisions

Facility Maintenance Decisions is a magazine that offers both print and digital issues. They focus on facilities maintenance, and their content covers a wide variety of topics, such as educational, health care, and commercial office facilities, design and construction, maintenance and operations, emergency preparedness, energy efficiency, software, and a long list of others.

Buildings Magazine

Buildings Magazine is a facility management magazine focused largely on smarter buildings. It covers green buildings, lighting options, social media management, biometrics, and water management, among many others. A monthly magazine, Buildings has a physical version or you can browse it online.



Reliability is an annual conference that applies to anyone who is involved in the asset care, reliability and maintenance industries. This conference includes certificate courses, case study sessions, interactive sessions, workshops, and networking. The 2016 conference is planned for early April in Las Vegas.

Plant & Asset Management

Plant and Asset Management is a conference for plant, works, or maintenance engineers. Entry is free of charge, and the conference covers many topics, such as training, CMMS, energy efficiency, health and safety, handling and storage, and many other topics that pertain to the maintenance industry. Another one for early April 2016, but this one is in Birmingham, UK.

Oracle Maintenance Summit

The Oracle Maintenance Summit is an annual conference where experts and professionals gather to discuss the latest techniques and advances in the industry in order to help people with asset management, as well as to help them increase maintenance effectiveness within their businesses.


The Association for Maintenance Professionals

This association is a non-profit organization that aims to serve and support asset and maintenance management practices by sharing information, news, and advice amongst professionals and members. Their website is free for registered members, and joining is free as well. They bill themselves as “the LinkedIn or Facebook for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals” and provide profiles for members, forums, blogs, groups, events, photos and videos, and books.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

IFMA is an international association for facility management professionals—they have more than 23,500 members throughout 94 different countries. Their goal is to provide services, resources and different opportunities for the facility and maintenance management industry and the professionals within it. The have an extensive knowledge base, offer publications, and host events as well.

Facilities Net

Facilities Net is an association of professionals within the facilities maintenance industry.  Membership gives you access to case studies and white papers, e-newsletters, a library of webcasts, and industry magazines, all of which have insight and advice from other facility professionals.

Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA)

BOMA International is a worldwide organization, founded in 1907. It is mainly focused on commercial property managers. The organization publishes a magazine, hosts an annual conference, and provides education and research. There are 91 American regional associations and 17 international, so there’s likely one right around the corner.

Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)

The SMRP is a newer, slightly smaller association based in the US. Formed in 1992, it currently has around 4,000 members and is active in about 20 states. While you don’t need a chapter near you to join, being near a chapter will give you easier access to the continuing education and professional services the society offers.



Cargly is a free Chrome web-app for vehicle maintenance that allows you to easily and efficiently create a maintenance schedule and receive emails when an item is due. They also offer a fuel logbook to keep track of your cars’ MPG and cost per mile, and also an expense logbook to help you track maintenance and repairs, and many other tools to help you keep on top of the health of your vehicles.

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager is an iTunes app by Yardi Systems, Inc. that helps you to track your technicians, assign work orders, and manage all of their tasks from a tablet.

Capterra Maintenance Management Software Directory

A comprehensive list of over one hundred maintenance management software products with reviews, descriptions, and the ability to filter based on features, deployment and users.

Know of any other great resources? Add them in the comments below!

Looking for Maintenance Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Maintenance Management software solutions.

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Great read and an even better list. Proper management is very much needed.


Great list, definitely a few new blogs and resources one there that I need to explore. You may want to have a look at the blog I have just recently launched:


Work orders are the hub of the maintenance management system. You can also use “Thrive” a very effective tool for OEE calculation professionals are recommending it. For more glimpse: –


Awesome list. Check out

Very simple maintenance management software that is easy to use and setup.


Yes great list !

You should check as well :

They are doing a great job and have a lot of features.


Great list, i have find this too : has a social network interface and allows all users to communicate in real-time on maintenance-related topics.

The use of the product is not restricted to one plant. Mobility work can be used to manage the entire equipment’s maintenance process in one facility. But it also offers the possibility to log in a global community, where maintenance technicians can exchange expertise, compare maintenance protocols, borrow a spare part or simply gauge the technical characteristics of a certain machine.


Great list Leah. I’d also be pleased to suggest our own blog ( that covers numerous issues on maintenance management and facilities management. We share insights and best practices around topics like analytics, business intelligence, use cases, etc. focused around the FM sector.


Great post! Been reading a lot about facility management. Thanks for the info here!


Organizations – add:
SMRP- Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
Their BOK (Body Of Knowledge) is extensive- available to members

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