20 Excellent Field Service Twitter Accounts

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Keeping on top of the biggest trends and news items in your industry can help your business stay ahead. Finding great field service Twitter accounts is a perfect way to stay in the loop, while getting new insight from leaders in the field.

field service twitter accounts

These 20 tweeters cover all range of topics and should help keep your business out in front. I’ve listed them from most followers to least.

Internet of Things

This Twitter account follows trends in the internet of things (IoT), tweeting out new technology and new uses for existing tech. Field service companies are constantly moving toward a more connected world, and keeping abreast of the newest information can give anyone a leg up on the competition.


The International Facilities Management Association is the largest collection of facilities managers in the world. The Twitter account largely covers the events run by the association, including expos, talks, panel discussions, and webinars. This is an excellent resource for facilities managers who want to learn from some of the best in the business.

Facilities Management World

FM World is a publication of the British Institute of Facilities Management. You can find articles on industry trends, changes in legislation — for UK-based companies — and tips on better ways to manage your site. FM World also covers hiring tips and ways to make a business more productive through employee engagement.

Facilities Management Journal

Based in the UK, Facilities Management Journal is one of the most comprehensive publications on facility management available. A lot of news covers movers and shakers in the facility management space, but you can also get great articles on how companies are managing themselves. The FMJ is a great source of news from some excellent members of the industry.


Wareable focuses on wearable technology. While this account isn’t specific to service management, you’ll get all kinds of interesting insights into how technology is changing the landscape. Filed service businesses take more tech into the field than ever before, and the growth of wearables isn’t going to change that pattern.

Rugged and Mobile

Smash them, drop them in the pool, or just use them all day, every day. Rugged and Mobile covers the world of rugged technology. The company sells and deploys tech, but it tweets out mobile buying guides, tips on integrating barcodes, and just about anything that would fall under the broad topic of tech in the field. Another excellent resource for these tech-heavy times.

FDM Magazine

Facility Maintenance Decisions covers everything facilities. The Twitter account covers trending topics in the broader news — disease breakouts in hospitals, building collapses, etc. — that better maintenance can help prevent. The magazine has a unique and detailed take on the world as seen through a facility manger’s eyes. Also includes the occasional roundtable discussion or risk prevention piece.

The Aberdeen Group

My go-to location for incredibly well-researched and presented information on the field service sector. The Aberdeen Group’s main Twitter account covers best practices for marketing, web design, field service, and more. I like the diversity of information from this account, but below, I’ve added their field service specialist to the list to get more targeted information.

Andrew Borg

Andrew Borg is a former Aberdeen Group member who’s moved on to found his own consulting firm, e3C. His focus in on bring your own device trends, the IoT, and enterprise mobile device use. A great, if high-level, view of what’s happening in mobile management.

The Service Coach

The Service Coach is field service consulting company that focuses on marketing and operations. Tweets cover best practices for service businesses looking to grow their revenue and drop their costs. The company also does a lot of work to educate businesses on how to make their web presence more effective. Great resource for small businesses.

Field Service Digital

A huge set of resources for field service businesses. Field Service Digital covers upcoming trends, ways businesses can increase their efficiency, and tips on managing your workforce and fleet. The Twitter account is full of links to the most interesting pieces FDS has to offer.

Aly Pinder

Aly is the senior research analyst for service management at the Aberdeen Group. I would have a hard time thinking of a better person to know and follow than Aly. His research is excellent, his commentary accurate, and his outlook bright. I read everything this guy prints and recommend that you do to.

Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg is a service consultant based out of Pennsylvania. He covers a broad spectrum of field service topics with solid insights. His Twitter account fires out some of the more interesting pieces, as well as links to interesting, service-related news in the broader world.

The Service Management Expo

Europe’s premiere service industry conference, the Service Management Expo is a great consolidator of information. While its own tweets are mainly about the conference, it retweets stuff from many of the biggest names in the business — who all happen to be regular attendees.

The Service Council

Self-styled as the place “Global Service Executives Sharpen Strategy,” The Service Council is another excellent resource for managers. The brand provides webcasts, surveys, and podcasts covering all sorts of field service specific topics. The company’s Twitter account is a great place to get involved in the research and collaboration that the Council provides.

Capterra Field Service


The Jolt Consulting Group

Jolt is a consulting group for field service businesses, and it’s a great place to go for case studies and best practices. Much of what they produce is focused on larger businesses, but they have good lessons for smaller businesses mixed in.

Service Strategies

Service Strategies is another major field service training, consulting, and conference-running organization. The company runs plenty of continuing education courses, helps with certification, and hosts webinars, all of which can be followed on its Twitter account. The classes run all around the globe, so keep an eye open for one near you.

Bill Pollock

Bill Pollock is a service analyst and consultant. He runs some great interviews, offers insightful comments on field service news, and explains how large trends can affect small businesses. His Twitter account is great way to keep up with the writing he does across the industry.

Nick Frank

Nick Frank is the man behind Frank Consulting, a European field service support business. He’s often quoted in other outlets, and following him on Twitter can give you some really solid links. He often covers cutting edge filed service topics, before there are clear answers. It’s the kind of thing that your CEO will love to hear you talking about.

Final thoughts

For more in-depth coverage, you can check out the Capterra field service blog. We’ve got tips on running a better business, guides to finding the right technology for your team, and resources for you to keep everything running smoothly.

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