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The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software

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Update: 4/20/17 – We updated our chart to reflect current changes

Today, we launched a new infographic: The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software Solutions.


Like most other technology sectors, the growth of the event management software industry over the past few years can be attributed to the availability of cloud-based systems, increased mobile access (for event attendees and planners alike), and the social media boom. In fact, according to Inside Business, the event planning industry is expected to grow to more than 60,000 jobs by 2016.

Planning an event of any kind is stressful enough. But nowadays, with audiences demanding more engagement with event programs, real-time analytics, and options to pay for their tickets online…the pressure is on. Thankfully, Event Management Software has kept up with these trends, and there are many solutions out there to lend a hand for your next event.

Sounds great, right? But where do you start, when there are 250+ event software options available? Our Top 20 ranking was designed with this question in mind. This infographic was not meant to be a one-stop shop or an all-inclusive list to create your short list of options. It’s important to find the right fit, rather than simply go with the first software name you see. With that in mind, we believe our ranking here is a good reflection of the “big players” in Event Management Solutions, and a good starting place to familiarize yourself with the industry.

Please take a few moments to review our research process below. Doing so will allow you to better understand the infographic results and how we define market share in the Event Planning industry.


This research is based on the popularity index we developed for our Top 20 Series. The index takes into account

  • Number of customers;
  • Number of users (event planners/admins with access to the software) and;
  • Social presence (Google +1s, Twitter followers, LinkedIn Company Page followers, Facebook likes, Klout scores, and number of Capterra reviews)

By including both customers and users (and weighing this ratio), we ensure small companies remain on a relatively level playing field with their larger competitors, unlike traditional market share reports which typically include company revenue in the equation.

In this scenario, the customer count was defined as the number of installs, licenses, downloads, etc. of the event management software– in other words, the number of unique organizations that use the system. User count was slightly more difficult to define, as many of these software providers only track the number of events hosted on their system or the number of event registrations processed. However, we decided that administrative users (individual event planners and administrators who actively engage with the software) was the best way to maintain consistency across vendors, and would be a more accurate reflection of the size of the organizations using the software.

We realize that each of these components is imperfect. However, when combined, the end result is a good representation of overall popularity, and a better reflection of the true market share than looking at revenue alone.

If you want to know more about how and why we perform our research in this way, please refer to our first Top 20 infographic series blog post.

It’s important to clarify how exactly we defined these variables and where we received information. We gathered the customer and user data directly from the vendors. There were instances when the vendors either did not collect the exact information we were looking for, or were not at liberty to disclose those numbers, in which case the figures in the table below represent their best estimates (erring on the lower side).

Additional exceptions are highlighted in our raw data table below: we estimated these figures using the data obtained from similar vendors, as well as our own industry knowledge and research. We obtained the social presence data from the respective social media sites ourselves, and it is as up-to-date as possible given how numbers like these are constantly changing.

As you can see, many of these numbers are, in fact, estimates, and should be taken as such. However, we are confident that they are the best estimates available to the public at this time, and still provide a pretty good picture of the current market breakdown.

If we missed an event management provider on this list, please let us know! All infographics will be updated frequently to reflect the most current data on the market, so be sure to check back every few months.

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I think you forgot to mention Yapsody. (

Yapsody is fastest growing event ticketing platform. I am one of the event presenters and have been using it from last 6 months its much easier to use. I used to use Eventbrite before and I am glad I found Yapsody, it is much more better than Eventbrite in terms of the features they provide and also they got excellent customer service. he best part from a presenters point of view is they don’t charge ticketing fees to both presenters and our customers.

Thanks katie for the list as i am into a newbie state so organizing all the stuff which will be helpful for organizing a successful event,Thanks for a great share

That’s an excellent article, Katie.

Very informative and helpful.

I represent a new company in the event industry and our online ticketing and event registration software – Weemss, will hopefully be in your next installment of “The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software”. Or maybe not the next one, but sometime in the not-so-distant future! We are very ambitious about our software and are quite confident it will give event organizers a better way to communicate with their clients. If you are interested in finding out how and why, visit

Really good information. Its a very useful blog. Keep on sharing your information. Thank you..

You missed CadmiumCD (, which offers a fully integrated event management platform.

Everything from submission collection and review to logistics & presentation management, and even a full suite of attendee products like an iOS and Android app, an itinerary planner and floor plan, a digital ePoster gallery, and an CEU tracking evaluations tool.

Why isn’t Ungerboeck included on any of these analyses? Ungerboeck is a fully-integrated event management platform

Hi Katie,

Thank you very much for taking the time to list out all of the companies in this article! I was sad to see that my company, , was not listed among them. Hopefully, as Ivan noted, we might be listed in the future. We have just as many features as companies like Eventbrite on this article in addition to providing live customer service and better payout options for organizers. Looking forward to reading more!

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