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(20)16 Sales Statistics to Inspire Your Sales Team

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I like stats. They’re a good way to see how you measure up to the competition. For instance, knowing that 87% of millennials admit to missing a conversation because they were paying attention to their smartphone makes me feel a whole lot better about not hearing what my best friend just said. I’m not a bad friend! I’m just a millennial!

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But seriously, if you’re looking for a good way to measure the success of your sales team, and figure out which trends you should be paying attention to, you need to check out these 16 sales statistics I’ve curated for you.

1. 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (Source: Hubspot) >> Tweet this!

2. The average sales development rep makes 46 daily calls. (Source: Inside Sales)>> Tweet this!

3. Less than 25% of companies who receive web leads respond with a phone call. (Source: Openview)>> Tweet this!

4. It takes 8 cold calls for a salesperson to get in contact with a prospect, versus the 3.68 it took in 2007. (Source: Blender)>> Tweet this!

5. A lead that is responded to in 5 minutes or less is 21 times more likely to be qualified. (Source: Openview)>> Tweet this!

6. The CRM market is predicted to hit $36 billion by 2017. (Source: Capterra)>> Tweet this!

7. 84% of B2B sales are started with a referral. (Source: SalesBenchmark Index)>> Tweet this!

8. On average, B2B buyer-groups consist of 5.4 people. (Source: CEB)>> Tweet this!

9. Leads that are nurtured purchase 47% more than non-nurtured leads. (Source: RedBase Interactive)>> Tweet this!

10. 55% of top-performing companies are driving productivity by investing in sales-enablement technology. (Source: Brainshark)>> Tweet this!

11. Almost 25% of sales teams don’t use a CRM. (Source: Hubspot)>> Tweet this!

12. 58% of companies have salespeople reach out before they even have lead contact information. (Source: Hubspot)>> Tweet this!

13. Only 8% of salespeople consider social selling a priority, while 55% of B2B buyers are searching for information on social media. (Sources: Blender and Hubspot)>> Tweet this!

14. Top salespeople use LinkedIn at least 6 hours a week. (Source: Blender)>> Tweet this!

15. 73% of CRMs are cloud-based. (Source: Capterra)>> Tweet this!

16. The last 5 minutes of a sales presentation is the most memorable, so end with a story – 63% of attendees remember stories. (Source: RedBase Interactive)>> Tweet this!

And on that note, here’s the gist of those stats in story form:

Once upon a time, it was 2007. Taylor Fast, a B2B salesperson, spent all day on the phone, calling her prospects, who usually picked up the phone after her third call. As time went on, Taylor found it harder and harder to get into contact with her prospects via phone. 9 years later she found that she had to call her prospects at least 8 times. However, she discovered a new route to selling, thanks to her CRM. Her CRM was able to track her prospects’ movements on social, and enabled Taylor to easily keep up with them on the web. Soon, Taylor was spending at least 6 hours a week on LinkedIn, making the big sales right from her smartphone. By the end of 2016, Taylor was the top salesperson at her company. The end.


What other interesting sales stats have you encountered that’s helped your team succeed? What did you think of my story? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Cara Wood

Cara Wood

Cara Wood is a marketing associate at Capterra and a graduate of Mary Washington! When she's not hard at work at Capterra, she can be found horse-back riding, reading and just generally having a good time at life.


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Comment by Cara Wood on

Carol – That’s a great stat! Thank you!!

Comment by Carol Luong on

Great stats! I can’t believe only 8% of sales people prioritize social selling. That has been a very effective tactic for me. I also love the end with a story idea. I’m going to figure out how to include it at the end of a sales demo without it being awkward.

Another interesting stat to include is that only 3% of people fill out contact forms on websites? The rest go uncaptured!

Comment by Darya Yafimava on

Amazing stats, thank you Cara! When we look at it combined, it appears that CRM becomes even more critical, not in the least because it can serve omni-channel being the tool for marketing, sales, customer service, account management and more at the same time. It’s down to recognizing the many-sided possibilities of CRM that can help to generate more loyal and engaged customers and help businesses stay competitive and customer-centric.

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