3 Aspects of Hospitality Software You Need To Try Before You Buy

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The best way to decide on your future hotel management software is to give all your options a test run and then crown the winner. 3 aspects hospitality software try before buy

But what if you crown the wrong winner because you overlooked something crucial during the trial? You’re either stuck with making due or you have to go through the hassle again. It’s much more effective to do the test run properly and then be happy with what you have.

So, aside from your own personal checklist of must-have’s and nice-to-have’s, here are three aspects of hospitality software you might not have thought to test at first – but that can turn out to be the most important!


When was the last time an update was released for the software? And what about the time before that? Keep in mind, this is a tool you will be working with excessively almost every day. Let’s not beat around the bush: If it wasn’t updated in all of last year, it’s not likely to receive an update in this one.

Without updates, there are no bug fixes and no new features. If the developers themselves don’t really care about the software anymore, then why should you?

Extra tip: Make sure you know whether new updates will have a price tag attached to them. What seems like a bargain at first might cost you quite a bit in the long run!

Pricing Variety Management

Your prices are important to you; make sure your software can support them adequately. Seasonal prices or group discounts, 3-for-2-deals or weekend packages – whatever it is that you’ve thought up, test it with the software.

Keep in mind that this might be an elaborate thing to set up and contact support to ask how to do it if you’re stuck. They know the software and might have an idea on how to recreate your manual system for an automatic setup.

Extra tip: If it doesn’t work, think about whether you’re okay with changing your rates to something the software can handle. That might be more cost-effective than choosing a more expensive software.

All-in-One or One-With-All

Some software products have everything you need right there in their interface, but others work together with other tools on your system. Make sure you know what other tools are necessary for your daily tasks, e.g. whether you need to have Microsoft Word installed to create offers or invoices.

Likewise, you may use other software that your hotel software should be able to cooperate with, e.g. a channel manager or EPOS system. Check with the software provider if interfaces to those tools exist or are a possibility in the future.

Extra tip: If you’re unsure, contact the developers! Describe to them what your needs are so they can explain if and how this can be done with the software and what other tools are necessary.

Adding these three aspects to your checklist only takes a second. Testing them only takes a few minutes. Those few moments of your time can save you a great deal of disappointment later on.

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Carolin Geissler has been working as a translator and localizer at Lodgit Hotel Software since 2011 and started to branch out into the sales and support area in early 2012. As freelance translator, she also often works with hoteliers on their online and offline presentations.


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