3 Bright Outlook Field Service Jobs That Can Benefit From Software

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Thinking of switching careers? Planning what to do with your life? While being a field service engineer in any area can provide steady work, some field service jobs have an especially bright outlook.

I mean that literally: the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies some positions as having a “bright outlook”, meaning that they’ll be in demand in the coming years. Specifically, a “bright outlook” position is one that will have 1) a 10% or higher increase in employment, and 2) 100,000 or more openings, both by 2026.

Three of these bright outlook fields offer good odds of employment for potential field service engineers. They’re also positions that can benefit from field service management software.

Bright Outlook Field Service Jobs

Security and fire alarm system installers

Safe Home Control is a great example of the bright outlook for security alarm installers. Safe Home employs up to 45 such professionals to install ADT security systems, dependent on the season. They’ve also got up to 125 salespeople finding opportunities for those installers. But, this workforce is a liability if they can’t be scheduled properly.

Safe Home turned to field service management software to get their growing business properly organized. Before the company invested in Field Service Lightning, scheduling a technician was a clunky, confusing affair that made it difficult for the company to provide their guaranteed same-day service.

Once they integrated Field Service Lightning with their CRM, however, it became easy to find the closest available technician with an open schedule.

With the busy work of scheduling automated by their field service software tool, Safe Home was able to save 4.5 minutes per scheduling call. The busy work of checking technician locations and schedules was automated by the software, and the six-minute process of finding the right field service technician for the job was cut down to two minutes and 30 seconds. That’s only slightly longer than the average time spent at a red light in Safe Home’s headquarters of Orem, Utah.

Heating and air conditioning mechanics and installers

I could give you a cute anecdote about the continuing need for heating and air conditioning technicians, but instead I’ll just note that it’s 14 degrees outside as I write this. Without the wind chill.

A field service management software program like mHelpdesk can make sure HVAC installers spend more time keeping people warm, and less on busy work like keeping track of paper contracts and work orders.

When Larry’s Refrigeration and Heating of Minnesota (where 14 degrees = a light sweater) invested in mHelpdesk, they did away with the need for paper work orders.

Larry’s office manager, June Harms, described how doing away with a paper-based system helped technicians: “We can assign jobs to the techs out in the field, they can fill out all the information on their tablets or phones, and we can see it here in the office.”

This removed the need to keep up with a stack of papers on the road and return them to the main office, which risked loss or damage to important files.


For a small plumbing company taking advantage of the field’s bright outlook, field service management software helps even the playing field with bigger companies. Ann Lane of Park Lane Plumbing says that the field service program Jobber helps her three-person operation look as professional as a large enterprise.

“The average small business that’s run from home might send out handwritten invoices and might not have good record keeping…but our invoices are customized with our logo and we email them, not mail them. “

As a result, customers can see the professionalism that Park Lane brings to their work, despite having a very small operation.

Using Jobber’s service history tracking feature, Park Lane can easily keep track of what jobs they’ve done for which customers. That knowledge improves their customer relationships, and facilitates customer retention.

Lane says that easy access to this sort of information is “priceless.” If a customer is wondering whether it’s the same asset being fixed for the fifth time, the information that Jobber provides can tell them. Information like “any active work, past jobs, previous quotes, invoices,” and even photos of past jobs, can be easily called up on a technician’s tablet or smartphone. The end result is a small crew that feels like it has a full administrative staff behind it.

More field service management software

If any of these programs sound like they could help your company make the most of your field service engineer jobs, check out Capterra’s field service management software directory for additional information.

If you’re interested in one of the features called out above, be sure to use the “features” filtering tool on the right side of the page to narrow down which capabilities you’re interested in.

Looking for Field Service Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Field Service Management software solutions.

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