3 Great Medical Billing Software Options Compared

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With all of the moving parts that a medical practice needs to keep in order, the last thing practitioners should compromise is their billing systems. Effective medical billing software keeps patients satisfied with simple billing procedures, and leaves practitioners and office staff with more time to ensure the practice is running smoothly, made possible by cloud-based technology that allows you to run your practice anywhere.

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Choosing billing software for your office can seem complicated with a large variety of options, so I’ve researched and compared reviews of the three top software options according to Capterra reviewers.

1. NueMD

Boasting features like an advanced claim scrubbing module with the highest first-past acceptance rate in the industry, in-house billers and coders, and its own clearinghouse for same-day processing, Nuesoft holds an established customer base all over the United States in a variety of practices. NueMD’s billing software also boasts high ratings from Capterra and SoftwareAdvice, solidifying it as a consumer favorite.


NueMD’s “super-user” capabilities allow you to access clients’ accounts simultaneously from one screen.

Ease of use and IT support are some of the most important factors while choosing a billing software. Capterra reviewer Kristen Wilson, owner of Action Potential said, “The customer service is excellent and always available.” Kim Parker, owner at M3 Billing Company LLC would agree, “The system has everything you need to run your business efficiently. I love the ability to chat live with a support staff. It’s like having an expert/IT staff right in your office.”

Reviewer Jennifer Harrison, speech-language pathologist at Interactiv Children’s Therapy Services said, “As an “old school” provider, I appreciate the ease of use – it has helped me personally to become current with online scheduling and billing.”

NueMD aims to speed up the reimbursement cycle, and reviewer Christi Walter, office manager at Performance Foot and Ankle pointed out this feature, “Since I use it throughout the day/week/month, I am able to generate statements/post payments throughout the month, so we have a steady stream of income.”

Users can process an unlimited amount of claims as a result of the independent claims clearinghouse.

Of the three here, it’s the most affordable.


“Set up was difficult, EDI dept was not the best,” according to Capterra reviewer Radha Raman, an independent physician.  

Several reviewers at TechnologyReview reported long wait times on reports and slow or glitchy activity at times.

Mobile app has a one-star review on the iTunes app store.

The Bottom Line:

NueMD is a cutting-edge solution for a variety of practices, but its cloud management capabilities could be improved. Its best assets according to reviewers are day-to-day ease of use and customer service quality.

2. athenaCollector

One of the industry leaders for larger practices athenahealth’s billing service athenaCollector stands alone with the country’s largest database of payer rules and state-of-the-art billing and collections operations. Coming from a company named the #1 Best in KLAS practice management and used by more than 64,000 providers, expectations for athenaCollector are understandably high, and met by Capterra reviewers.


Athena boasts the ability to increase revenue in medical practices; reviewer Theresa McIntosh, business manager at Complete Care center reported, “They do that in a multitude of ways. Our A/R definitely improved and is much easier to manage, billing now is a breeze, reporting is wonderful and the customer service in response to questions or issues is exceptional.”

“Using athenaCollector… enabled our practice to trim its billing staff from 8 to 1 ½ with our average days in AR at 16. Prior to that we were waiting over 90 days to receive money from the insurance company,” said reviewer Lori Fischer, administrator at Infants and Children, P.A.

Like NueMD, Athena’s customer service seems satisfactory to reviewers; “The Athena team stands behind us with follow up on claims, makes the calls to the insurance company with documented notes as to date and time of call and call ref numbers. Local rules can be set to practice needs and insurance company quirks,” said Shari Pitterman, practice manager at Arthur B. Pitterman, MD. Pitterman also praised the live phone support and training modules.

Provides real-time view of practice performance and simplifies patient scheduling.

Billing software can be used without full EHR system.


Can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain a quote.

“It has been designed keeping in mind the workflow of large practices and might not have the best user experience for small ones,” according to Sean Parker, Health IT consultant.

Low ratings on the iTunes store; app hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Athena is a monthly expense and not cheap,” said Sally Ginsberg, physician at Pioneer Valley Pediatrics.

The Bottom Line:

While athenaCollector is costly and perhaps not suited to smaller practices, users from larger practices agree that along with the full EHR system, athenaCollector is a highly effective billing software for building revenue in companies that can foot its bill.

3. Drchrono

While it’s pricey compared to the other options here, drchrono is lauded by Capterra reviewers and as a fully integrated EHR system that feeds directly into their billing system for the most well-oiled practice possible. Additionally, drchrono is one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley and boasts the original iPad EHR as well as one of the first Google Glass EHRs.


Drchrono is extremely patient-friendly and has several iPad and iPhone integrated apps for ease of use by patients and practitioners. Unlike the other two systems on this list, drchrono apps are rated high by iTunes app store users.

Like the two other systems on this list, ease of use was mentioned repeatedly by Capterra reviewers. At reviewer Kevin Lin’s practice, “my biller had to take a leave of absence because she was having a baby. I didn’t know how to follow up on the billing and didn’t have anyone else in the office that could help so again I called my Account Manager. She mentioned that drchrono could help me in the meantime or permanently by becoming my biller while she is out. She has been out for two months now and I have to say, the transition was very easy and I am actually making more money since they have stepped up doing the billing services.”

Elizabeth Elva, receptionist at Premier Chiropractic reported, “I don’t have to double enter our information anymore into 2 or 3 different systems and I can keep track of where exactly all my money is actually going or not going.”

“When I moved over my billing services to DrChrono, I was finally able to hire another Podiatrist and not worry about him getting the paperwork right,” said reviewer Richard Spaggiari, DPM at Spag Podiatry, “After around 6 months DrChrono had started to raise my collections by around 15% and I barely have any outstanding bills from the payers outside of 60 days. Before I had around 40% of my claims beyond 120 days outstanding. I was collecting enough for myself and my practice, but not enough to start growing and hiring.”


One area drchrono seems to be lacking in is customer service. While several users rate it high, others are concerned that their only resource for troubleshooting is drchrono’s video series. SoftwareAdvice reviewer Kevin from Smart Wellness Now called its customer service “deplorable” which sounds harsh except drchrono lacks phone support, which is an asset to busy practitioners.

Capterra reviewer Kevin Wilson, owner of Smart Wellness Now reports, “I’ve been a user for 4 years and have consistently battled a total lack of documentation (short of a variety of brief videos) constantly changing features without warning (unlike most packages that roll out well tested updates) and no communication about the changes.”


All practices’ billing needs are unique, and while all of these software products are rated high, according to reviewers, NueMD is the most efficient, athenaCollector is best for raising revenue in large practices, and drchrono is the most tech-savvy.

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