3 Must-Have Features to Look For in Your Email Marketing Software

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Although an elderly veteran of the internet marketing world, email marketing has proven itself to be an enduring component in any marketer’s toolbox. If email marketing’s proven efficacy is one of its greatest benefits, then one of its greatest disadvantages is that there are literally thousands of different email marketing software options available.

3 must have feaures email mktg software

Compared to young and green marketing strategies, email marketing has been around long enough that there is absolutely no shortage of software options that allow you to send emails to thousands of people, upload mailing lists, customize correspondence and much more. These are things we have simply come to expect as standard from our systems that deal with electronic mail marketing.

But if you’re looking for a good product you have to go deeper. Especially for larger businesses that need a more sophisticated software option that can handle high volumes of work without sacrificing nuance and quality, there has to be a proven ROI for this to be a valuable investment of not only resources, but time and effort. Here are the top things to consider when looking for a really great e-marketing suite.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Some time ago, the US introduced legislation to manage the spread of unwarranted emails to individuals’ inboxes. The suites currently on the market usually don’t take CAN-SPAM into account, with a vast majority failing CAN-SPAM compliance tests in 2004. Finding out if the software you’re looking at is CAN-SPAM compliant will ensure you maintain the good name of your company.

Multilingual Capability

In the global marketplace today, only being able to use one language is a distinct disadvantage. Multilingual software suites ensure that your email marketing gets out to more people in their native language and in so doing makes it more effective. Marketing is a numbers game and the more people you can reach means the more sales you can potentially generate.

HTML and Plain Text

Not everyone in the world has the HTML option for displaying emails enabled and those that don’t will be bombarded with an unintelligible wall of text when an HTML email reaches their plain text inbox. HTML is important in marketing to get the message across and cause impact, but at the same time a plain text message could do the same once written well enough. A good software suite would support multi-part MIME email format, ensuring that those with HTML turned on get the correct version and those that don’t are still able to read what you send.

Not all email marketing software offers this set of features so it would be wise to take a hard look at the ones you are thinking about using and seeing if they do. These may seem like small things to add into your campaign, but it’s very likely that clients will notice.

All these things show a level of competence that your company has as an email marketer while at the same time demonstrating that you think the client is worth your time. It’s a matter of balancing the business of mass emailing with software that seems to add that particular personal touch.

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This guest blog on email marketing software was written by the team over at Pinpointe.com which is based in the Silicon Valley. Pinpointe is a feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software solution for B2B companies.



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