3 Signs Your Recruiting Software Is Not Cutting It

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I get it.

You were overwhelmed when you first went to select a recruiting tool.

Recruiting software

There’s a whole galaxy of HR software systems out there.

So many in fact, that you may have purchased the wrong recruiting software for your company.

With 75% of recruiters and talent managers using some sort of software system to help their hiring process, there’s bound to have been some mistakes in selection.

If you’re worried you may have made the wrong choice, here’s how to tell your recruiting software is just not cutting it:

1. You’re losing quality applicants

75% of qualified job applicants are rejected by applicant tracking systems based on bogus reasons like incorrect resume formatting.  And fully 60% of applicants have quit an online application because it was too complex or long.

Does your ATS require candidates to submit their resume twice (by uploading it and then filling out a form with all the fields already on the resume)?

Does it reject the resumes of you current top employees when you run them through it? (You have tested this, right?)

If so, you may be losing great hires with your terrible candidate experience.  Don’t be the company that hires like an ‘ATShole.’

2. It’s not actually saving you time

A new software tool should save you time and money.  It should streamline your processes and automate the boring manual stuff.

But if you find yourself forwarding resumes via email to hiring managers because your recruiting software doesn’t integrate with the job boards you use, or doing your work outside the system because it’s too slow, or doesn’t match your hiring processes, you may need a new tool.

3. You’re not actually using it

If your recruiting system is too complex, requires too much time, or doesn’t give you the results you need, you’ll stop using it.

And if you’re only using it as a resume collection and repository tool, you’re not getting the full benefit from it.  Either way, the biggest sign that your recruiting software isn’t cutting it is when you realize you spend most of your time trying to avoid it, circumventing it with email, or falling back on old, manual and broken processes it was supposed to replace.

If you don’t love your ATS, you either need to have a conversation with your vendor to make changes, or you need to find a new ATS.

Final thoughts

There’s a ton of recruiting software out there, so don’t settle for one that’s not cutting it for you or your organization.

If you need help finding the perfect applicant tracking or recruiting solution, reach out to our recruiting software experts (for free!) to walk through your needs and get a shortlist of options.

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