3 Ways Software Can Help Santa’s Field Service Coordinator

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Being a field service coordinator can feel like a thankless job. You’re organizing multiple technicians, multiple customers, multiple assets, and multiple contracts.

But why listen to me? As an early Christmas present, I’ve found someone far better to share his field service coordinator experiences with you, and let you know how he used field service management software to solve roughly four billion tickets in one evening.

Exclusive to the Capterra field service blog, I’m proud to present the testimony of Reginald Schmeldferb, field service coordinator for the North Pole.

Field service coordinator Reginald Schmeldferb speaks out

Hi, I’m Reg. I’ve been alive for 4,583 years and wish I’d had field service management software for all of them.

I only discovered how much it can help me do my job in the last few years. There are multiple ways FSM software helps us get the gifts going, but the big three that have helped me are below.

1. Route tracking shows Santa the best route

Christmas is fun. You know what’s not fun? Trying to place a transmitter on an angry reindeer so you can track Santa’s movements. Doesn’t matter where you put it, the reindeer are not having that.

You’ve seen that cutesy Rankin-Bass special where Rudolph’s an adorable little tyke with a child’s voice? Yeah, typical Hollywood nonsense. Rudolph swears like a Marine on shore leave and kicks like a mule. We used to draw straws to see who has to put the transmitter on Rudy. You know what that job gets you? Two weeks in traction and sick pay.

Field service software with telematics and route tracking is a far better idea. We can track Santa by his smart phone, and plan the best routes for each stop. Want to know the best route from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, to Bangor, Maine? The field service software I use can tell me. That’s twenty extra minutes to make sure he hits the right houses in Quebec.

jobber route tracking

Jobber’s route tracking function

Just look at what John the Plumber in Ottawa was able to pull off. They invested in Jobber, and now their dispatcher “plans the schedule by using Jobber’s map view to find the most efficient grouping of jobs.”

They figure out which jobs are closest to each other and group them. That’s less time on the road and more time fixing leaks.

2. Service history tracking gives Santa necessary info

I love the old man, but he is not detail-oriented. The big-picture types rarely are.

So Christmas ’57, guess who didn’t notice he was delivering a pallet of Dinty-Moore beef stew to Colonel Cal’s Kennel for Rottweilers with Anger Management Issues (TM).

Big Red lands, smelling of cookies and processed meat, and he’s all “Ho-ho-hoOH GOD” and the pack descends like children riding a sugar high when the ice cream man shows up. Yeah, I didn’t hear the end of that one for a month.

If we’d had field service management software with service history tracking, Santa could have checked his tablet for notes abut Colonel Cal’s. The previous Santa could have written, “Take side entrance, don’t land amongst dogs who desperately need therapy.”

PV Home Performance, an HVAC repair outfit in Atlanta, uses ServiceMax’s service history tracking to get up to date about a job before they start. “If another technician has gone out before me, I can easily look and see what’s been done on this call, without having to call anyone, or try and get in contact with the office,” says technician Alan Edge.

The result? You’ve got the necessary information to personalize that customer’s service. Also, you’ll know to avoid past problems. Like Rottweilers.

PV Home Performance’s experience with ServiceMax

3. Inventory control tells Santa what he’s got on his sleigh

Santa may be famous, but he’s just like you. Seriously. Having trouble getting a hot-ticket item for Christmas? He has trouble making sure he’s got enough, too.

The year Tickle Me Elmo was big, the jolly old elf had some trouble figuring how many he needed to take with him. We overestimated, which sounds OK, but it means the last stop of the night gets about 200 extra Tickle Me Elmos. That happened to be a survivalist family in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest who outfitted them to be a crude early-warning system.

Santa needed field service management software with inventory control, bad. With software, he would have known how many Tickle Me Elmos were left, and there wouldn’t be a spot in the middle of rural Washington state that looks like a Jim Henson-Wes Craven co-production.

National Energy Equipment used IFS’ field service software to manage their inventory better and as a result, saw a 97% drop in inventory loss. Thanks to software, it’s easier to keep track of when an asset is used, rather than a technician using and then forgetting about it. Since NEE’s service vans carry “$70,000 to $90,000 worth of inventory,” that’s a huge help financially.

Field service coordinators, speak out!

Are you a field service coordinator who’s used field service management software to make a list and check it twice? If so, let us know about your experiences with FSM software in the comments below.

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