32 Incredible Resources for Church Management

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Where do you go to keep on top of the latest developments in the church world? There are many different types of resources to use, and they come in all different forms: blogs, events, associations, and tools.

top 32 resources church mgmt

I’ve compiled a list below of 32 of the best ones for you to follow.

The best way to use these resources is to pick several of the blogs and follow them religiously (pun intended). Keep track of each of the annual conferences and try to go to one a year—rotate each year which one you go to. Make a list of the associations and keep it somewhere handy so that you can reference them or contact them if you need help in a particular area.



ChurchTechToday is a place to discuss how technology can truly impact the church in positive ways, whether it’s administration with a church office, allowing church organizations to connect with their members online, or simply to share the Gospel through non-traditional channels.

Communicate Jesus

Communicate Jesus is a blog on technology and its intersection with Christian ministry. Topics include websites, leadership, social media, strategy, church live (giving, volunteer recruitment, welcoming, etc.), communication, and outreach.

Conversatio Morum

Conversatio Morum is a blog that covers topics on how to incorporate your mission and the technology in the world and make them work together. Some topics are thoughts in trends for the church, organizational health, and much more.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a software company that also runs an excellent blog. Their blog gives useful insight and tips on the best ways to use technology, grow your membership and practice effective leadership. Some blog topics include how to create an effective online giving process, lessons your church can learn from other churches, and ways technology helps you support volunteer leaders.


Elexio is a software company that provides insight in their blog on many different aspects of church technology and church management, like website management, budgeting, and how to grow your membership.

Cool Conversations Live

This is the blog for Cool Solutions Group, which is a software company—they offer a new post roughly every week on general church and church tech news and issues, such as the economic value of a church, organization, and design.


Logos is also a software company that has created a blog to provide churches with valuable insights on technology, members, and events. These insights include building momentum for events, how to launch online giving, teaching youth and adults how to manage technology, and how to reach your donors.

Church Relevance

Church Relevance is a blog that was founded in 2006. The main goal is to help ministries become more effective and fruitful. In addition to their blog, they provide other resources and tools to aid your ministry, like lists such as the “Top 200 Ministry Blogs,” “40 Great Church Websites of 2013,” “493 Churches to Watch in 2013,” etc.


Christian Digital Publishers

This is an online community/magazine that is a great resource for churches, as it has blogs, events, as well as their online magazine. You must be a member to access content; membership is completely free.

Church Production Magazine

This magazine delivers targeted technology information to production-oriented houses of worship, with church-specific coverage of audio, video, lighting and duplication. Church Production Magazine includes new product announcements, trends, product reviews, tours and installations. It is published 10 times per year—subscriptions can be free, but the publisher reserves the right to limit the number of free subscriptions in any business category. Free print subscriptions are available only in the U.S., and it is free in digital format to qualified international subscribers.


Technologies for Worship Magazine is designed to educate volunteers, tech staff, media directors, music ministers—anyone involved with technology in any way, shape or form at their house of worship. They offer basic to advanced information on audio video broadcasting, computers, drama and lighting, and more for churches and ministries of all sizes around the world. It is published 10 times per year in print and 12 times digitally. The print subscription is free in North America.

Tech It Around!

Tech It Around! is an online magazine that features “technology in the churches of Christ.” The purpose of the magazine is to showcase work being done around the world in order to spread the word of God by using the latest in web and broadcast technology. They feature articles and videos from technology workers, church leaders and individuals who support building high standards in church technology. They offer a free subscription—it is more of a registration, and once you register you have access to the online magazine.


This online magazine explores how church ministries and non-profits use technology to effectively fulfill their mission to the world. It is a “digital magazine” of resources that serves the church/tech industry. Some of these articles cover topics such as elements of a successful social network, email marketing, and more. Membership is free.

Christianity Today

Christianity Today is a nonprofit media ministry for the evangelical church that has been around since 1956. They have six print publications, several digital-only publications, and many web and mobile resources that reach over two million people every month. Their main publication, Christianity Today, publishes 10 times per year in print. The subscription includes full access to the magazine online as well.

Outreach Magazine

Outreach Magazine is a non-denominational magazine for ministries that focuses on the various activities of growing churches. It provides ideas, resources, and inspirational stories in order to help your church to reach your members. A subscription for one year of Outreach Magazine includes six bi-monthly issues plus one bonus issue per year.

Church Executive Magazine

Church Executive Magazine is a business resource for pastors and administrators at large churches. They reach thousands of church leaders throughout the country, and their topics include stewardship, leadership, outreach, youth ministry, faith-based travel, technology, fundraising, and more. They offer both digital and print subscriptions. They have one issue every month, or one issue every other month depending on the season.


NACBA Annual Conference

The conference put on by the National Association of Church Business Administration focuses on teaching the nitty gritty of managing a church. With 80+ workshops on issues ranging from staff development to accounting and auditing, and keynotes covering time management, ecumenical worship and leaving a legacy, the NACBA conference is packed with useful education for church administrators.

Church Media U

Church Media U is a one-day church media seminar. The goal of the seminar is to help church leaders with their media problems. There are different dates and locations throughout the U.S. where the seminar is held. They teach about maximizing technology in your ministry, presentation software, and enhancing worship with media.

The Church Conference

This is an annual conference that features guest speakers with experience building church teams, and that have had long and successful ministries. The conference has in-depth teaching as well as a variety of ministry apps. It is designed to minister to your whole leadership team.


Gurus is a free annual conference that is aimed at people working in a technical or creative position at the local church. It is a place to check out the latest gear, connect with other people that have similar roles, and learn more about developments in church technology.


The WFX annual conference offers peer-to-peer networking, keynote presentations, training, and education to prepare churches to put new plans into action. It is produced with Production Media Incorporated, who also publishes Church Production Magazine.

All Access

All Access Conference is put on by The Association of Related Churches (ARC). It is where thousands of church pastors, staff, and leaders come together to learn about and grow the cause of Christ. They have many speakers and also provide training for your ministries.

Catalyst Conference

Catalyst Conference was founded in 1999. It is a leadership event that is focused on church leaders under the age of 40. They provide different approaches to learning and programming, and they offer three annual events on the East and West coasts, one in Dallas, regional one day events, lots of resources, an online magazine, online community, a bi-weekly podcast, and a variety of other tools.

Diocesan Information Systems Conference

The Diocesan Information Systems Conference (DISC) is a showcase for the use of technology within the Catholic Church, locally and nationally. Attendees typically include IT directors, administrators, staff, clergy, and any others who are interested in learning more about the use of information technology to support the Church’s mission.


National Association of Church Business Administration

NACBA is a large association that serves churches and helps with church administration. Membership provides many benefits, such as opportunities to network with more than 2,700 members to exchange ideas and problem-solving techniques, an annual conference, and telewebs and other web-based information sharing opportunities.

National Association of Christian Churches

The NACC is a nonprofit organization that is a church resource center. Their mission is to help all churches, pastors, and ministries obtain their 501(c)(3) corporations, and help with accounting, grant writing, and other programs.

Willow Creek

Willow Creek is an association that was founded in 1992. It serves pastors and leaders through resources and leadership experiences. Their goal is to aid church leaders around the world to realize God’s plan for their lives, their communities, and their churches. They provide opportunities and training, especially to areas that are under-resourced.


Planning Center

Applications that help your church schedule your teams, manage music, and help you easily plan your worship services.


Helps parish priests to keep track of best practices in all areas of their parish (sacraments, youth, administration, and so on), provides weekly homily tips and advice, and provides a community for priests in all different parts of the world to communicate, exchange ideas, advice, and experiences.


Provides resources for preaching and teaching—considered one of the largest and free websites for sermon preparation. They provide other sermons, videos, PowerPoint templates, images, articles, and various kinds of content to aid in writing sermons for your church.

Capterra Church Management Software Directory

Over 170 church software solutions listed, with tools to help you easily filter through them, and with reviews and product descriptions.

Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Church Management Software Solutions Infographic

A continually updated list of the most popular church management software products based on number of customers, user base, and social media followers.


Is there anything I forgot to add to this list? What other resources do you consider indispensable in following the Church industry? Add them in the comments below!

Looking for Church Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Church Management software solutions.

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