4 Free Contract Management Software To Tame Digital Clutter

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Remember when the only cleaning up the office needed was organizing your desk? You might have to tidy up some shelves, dust your degrees, and pop a drawer organizer into your workspace, but that was all you really had to worry about, and your ability to make a mess was limited.

And then technology came, and you started needing to worry about other things. Your computer cords started getting messy. Your keyboard filled with gunk. Your desktop and email started cluttering.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Digital clutter seems to get messier faster than anything else. And when you’re running your own law firm, this sort of mess can seriously impact your business. If you’re falling victim to digital clutter, you’re losing time looking for things, losing money because of that time, and you may even be losing important paperwork, which will lose you clients in short order.

Free Contract Management Software

How can you avoid this fate? Clean up your act and learn to manage your clutter. Here are four contract management software programs that will do the hard work for you, completely for free.

This article looks at four highly rated free contract management software options. See the full list of free contract management software solutions here.

Programs were selected for (and sorted by) their popularity, judged by the number of high reviews. While some of these programs also have a subscription service, all offer a free version.

1. Concord


4.5/5 stars by 70 reviewers

With a free version so straightforward that they won’t even take your credit card number (you’ve got to love that), Concord is a solid basic contract management software. It offers digital signatures, online editing, and automatic deadline alerts—everything you need to make your contracts work for you.

Reviewers say

“The best experience I think is that it allows me to see what changes are actually happening and to check back what was modified. It is easy to use.Concord allows me to organize our files basically, so I don’t have everything dumped into one place. It’s easier to see and more organized.”

“I have tried about half a dozen different ’contract signing/management’ apps over the past several years. They all work, but there have always been limitations that require clunky workarounds. Concord is the first one I have tried that makes it easy to manage contract changes (and the back and forth required to agree on those changes) and signing both with people inside my organization and outside.”

“I have been using Concord for about 2 years now for when we require digital signatures and when we don’t want to travel all the way to the client’s office just to get a signature and stamp. So far for me and the team, the free version is good enough with loads of features and this is coming from me who used to use Adobe Echosign until I found a better and more cost-effective solution in Concord.”

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2. OneSoft Connect


5/5 stars by 20 reviewers

Free for up to three users, Onesoft is perfect for a solo lawyer or a very small firm. The cloud-based software makes use of a kanban board to help you keep your contracts and due-dates nice and tidy. The free version is the same as the full, other than the user cap.

Reviewers say

“Simple web-based application which is adjustable ’like a charm.’ You can manage and build relationships between various data and build your own independent structures. App includes tickets feature which is really useful. You don’t need second software for manage tickets etc.”

“Everything is customizable. You can structure your data and workflows to fit your needs. The user interface is well designed and simple to understand and use.”

“Pros: Simplicity, uniformity, and clarity of the environment. Scalability of different data sheets (I can create my own!). Speed of employment new versions—it really improves every single week.”

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3. ContractSafe


5/5 stars from 15 reviewers

Free for up to ten contracts at a time, ContractSafe is a secure way to manage high volumes of contracts. Reviews rave about ContractSafe’s ease of use and ultra-robust management abilities. It’s another good choice for a small or solo firm, or anyone who focuses on small batches of clients or contracts at a time, since the ten contract cap may be limiting to anyone who juggles a higher volume.

Reviewers say

“Contact Safe has been a great way for our organization to keep track of all of our signed documents and contacts. Uploading documents and organizing the dashboard is so simple. Customer service is excellent and my inquiries are always answered in a timely manner.”

“I needed a home for a couple thousand contracts and documents. Contract Safe has been absolutely fantastic so far. The versatility and freedom to make it do what you need is perfect—takes a little trial and error to make it work best for you—but I view that as a good thing. By far the best part of the experience is working with the people at Contract Safe. Customer service is on point and they listen to what you have to say and can immediately affect how you interact with the product.”

“It is really easy to use with great safety features. What else can you ask for when it comes to handling long and exhaustive listing of contracts and legal documents.”

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4. Agiloft


5/5 stars by 11 reviewers

The free version of Agiloft offers almost identical functionality to the full version, with the only difference being fewer licenses. Agiloft stands out for how ridiculously customizable it is. Reviews mention that it’s best to have an idea of what you want going in since the customization can be overwhelming. That said, that customization is part of the reason Agiloft won PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, so if you know what you want it’s a great pick.

Reviewers say

“This program is very easy to use once you get it set up. The work flows are simple to use and the program after configuration requires very little maintenance.”

“Agiloft is without question the easiest CRM solution to setup, customize, and deploy. Your only limits are your imagination. The product comes with out-of-the-box applications already setup which makes it easy to get started. I have been using Agiloft software for over 10 years and have had nothing but accolades. They truly understand the meaning of delivering exceptional software.”

“The overriding advantages of Agiloft’s product/company: 1) It can be customized to do almost anything with almost no programming, and quickly: truly a system designed for users to modify. This supports living process that increases adoption rate and reduces operational errors. 2) It is possible to create and maintain the system and its customizations with a very small commitment of staffing because the customization method is very efficient and largely self-explanatory.”

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Do you use free contract management software?

Or do you go the paid route? Tell me about it in the comments below. Make sure to leave a review for your favorite CMS to see it on lists like this.

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