4 Small Business Asset Management Solutions

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Just because you’re not running a $50 million company doesn’t mean you don’t have assets that need to be tracked, protected, and valued. Many times, we think of asset management as being something that large corporations do, while smaller businesses just – I don’t know – write it all down in a Trapper Keeper?


In reality, there are plenty of asset management software solutions for small businesses. These can help you when audits roll around, when assets go missing, and when you need to just take inventory of your business.

Here are four options for companies that aren’t on their way to an NYSE listing. These are presented in alphabetical order, because it’s hard to order software by height.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a rare breed of software. First, it’s named after a panda, which is a rare animal. Second, it has two words in its name and – this is the big part – those words appear with an actual space between them. It’s a brave new world.

All joking aside, Asset Panda is currently sporting a five-out-of-five rating on Capterra’s Asset Management directory. Reviewers love its cost, intuitive nature, and ability to work for a business that “doesn’t need to track thousands of assets.”

To help you manage your books, Asset Panda offers audit tools, e-signature capture, alerts based on time or actions, and a depreciation system. It also comes with mobile support and a robust API for additional integrations. Pricing is custom, so contact the company for a quote specifically for your business.


ManagerPlus has come up in a number of other places, notably in a CMMS software review from earlier this year. ManagerPlus is bigger than just asset management, allowing you to manage work orders, reporting, invoicing, and maintenance management.

That said, one of the biggest components of the system is asset management, which ManagerPlus has locked down. Reviewers have been very satisfied with the company’s technical support, the software’s ability to track assets, and its maintenance management.

For small businesses looking for a little extra on top of the asset management sundae, ManagerPlus is an excellent option. For tailored pricing, contact ManagerPlus.


NetFacilities is also a maintenance manager that small businesses can use for asset management. It’s a web-based system, allowing you to easily access it from multiple sites, if that’s a concern for your business.

Capterra reviewers have used the software in all sort of different applications, and seen success in all those industries. While there is a learning curve – remember, this is a big piece of software – people seem to universally think the early work pays off. Support is also strong, with plenty of help to get you over that first hump.

NetFacilities is probably the largest of these options, as it’s geared toward the bigger end of the small business scale. That said, there’s a lot of value for small businesses, especially if you’ve got maintenance to manage in addition to your assets.NetFacilities also provides individualized pricing through its website.


TrackAbout rounds out our list with a specialized bit of asset tracking software. This one is focused on the container industry, with support for medical and tool tracking as well. The theme behind all of this tracking is that the assets in play are moveable. If your keg or gas cylinder or drill is moving around, TrackAbout can help you track it as it moves about – see what the company did there?

Beyond the basics, TrackAbout also supports barcodes and RFID tags for tracking, allowing you to use scanners, tablets, or phones to track your assets. Reviews on Capterra like the flexibility of the system, noting that it can work in many industries, even though it’s tailored to the cylinder game. They also like the support and user friendly layout of the system.

TrackAbout starts at $199 plus $19 per device, per month. You’ll pay more or less depending on which of the many modules you use, and you can save some cash by referring other businesses. Check the company’s website for more information.

Final thoughts

Asset tracking can really help small companies get the most out of the limited resources that they have on hand. By tracking your assets, you can make sure nothing sits idle for long, nothing goes missing, and everything that needs to be maintained is maintained.

These four options have great reviews on our site, but there are plenty of other winners out in the sea of assets. (That metaphor is not good. Whatever.) If you want more options, head on over to Capterra’s asset tracking and fixed asset management directories.

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Andrew Marder is a former Capterra analyst.



I’d also mention Where’s What, as it helps small companies lend equipment to their employees and keep track of who has what.


What about CHEQROOM? It is a fast growing company with a trustworthy and flexible asset management solution for companies with expensive AV equipment & for any other organisation that circulates equipment.

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