5 Awesome Field Service Apps

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When I was a child, plumbers, construction workers, and that one guy who always forgot how the pool pump worked all used my parents’ phone to call the head office. Sometimes it was for help, sometimes it was to clock in and out. Things have changed.

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Today’s field service workers are on their phones or tablets the entire time they’re on the job site. Take advantage of that connection, and get more out of every visit with these field service apps.



Part of its larger ecosystem, Jobber’s app covers just about every part of the field service process – it’s like a Swiss Army knife for field service, but without that little awl thing. You can schedule and reschedule jobs, send estimates, track clients, and optimize travel.

The interface takes full advantage of the mobile layout, and you can drag and drop scheduling elements to build plans for your entire team.

On top of all that, Jobber integrates with Xero and QuickBooks, so payments and notes only need to be entered once to keep track of everything.

Get it for iOS or Android.



Another mobile focused winner that ties into a larger system, RazorSync also lets you drag and drop for scheduling, tracks workers to make on-the-fly scheduling easier, and gives you e-signature capture right in the app. Users on Google Play have raved about the company’s customer service and easy to use interface.

RazorSync integrates with Google Calendar, making it easy to have access to your calendar no matter what device you’re on. It also helps share calendar details with third-parties who don’t have RazorSync.

RazorSync also ties into QuickBooks, updating cost of materials, time billing, and other billing information directly, cutting down on processing time and human error.

Get it for iOS or Android.



mHelpDesk provides most of the features that we’ve been seeing across these options. An add-on to the desktop mHelpDesk platform, it offers scheduling, e-signature capture, work order tracking, QuickBooks integration, and invoicing. You can schedule on the fly, and keep things moving at all times.

These apps love Google, and mHelpDesk is no exception. The app ties into Google Maps and Google Calendar. For iPhone users, it also integrates with the phone’s built-in calendar.

mHelpDesk also works with asset tags and barcode scanners, allowing you to easily and quickly manage service histories. This is a big win for many businesses, as it can cut down on manual entry and tedious paperwork for your techs in the field.

Get it for iOS or Android.



Locqus does some fantastic tracking tricks and offers them all for free. You can get updates on when workers are scheduled to arrive at their jobs and track locations across the map, using geolocation. Knowing where your techs and workers are at all times can make unscheduled stops much easier to work into a day, generating extra cash for your business.

Locqus also has the usual bag of tricks – integrates with QuickBooks, manages payments, generates invoices, etc. The real standout for the software is its tracking capabilities. Fantastic for companies that can make the most out of unscheduled calls.

Get it for iOS or Android.



By this point, I bet you can guess most of the features HouseCall is sporting without blinking an eye – maps, schedules, payments, invoicing? Nailed it.

HouseCall’s big standout is its messaging system. You can chat with clients in the app to give you more opportunities to connect. In addition, HouseCall is rolling out a nationwide service where consumers can use their own version of the HouseCall app to find local service providers.

Right now, the consumer facing portion of HouseCall is only available San Diego, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Get it for iOS or Android.


Getting your team connected in the field has never been easier, and it’s likely to just get better. These apps offer a solid starting point for any service business. For more field service options, including mobile and backend solutions, check out Capterra’s field service directory.

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