5 Awesome Sisense Reporting Alternatives Compared

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How do you measure the success of your business? For many, a reporting software like Sisense can help you measure business success.

What’s a reporting software? It’s software that collects data and presents it in dashboards or other reporting formats like tables. Some of the features of a reporting software include:

  • “What if” scenario analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Data filtering
  • Activity dashboard
  • Business intelligence

Sisense is one software that includes all these features. There are many other reporting software options that offer these features as well.

In this article, I have compared five great alternatives to Sisense. For free and open source reporting software, click here.



Cognos generates business intelligence reports related to strategy and financial performance management. The software is available in the cloud or as an on-premise solution. Cognos generates reports that help you make mission-critical decisions based on real-time analytics. The software’s BI interface enhances your analytics capabilities to meet financial business requirements.

Cognos supports feature analytics, performance management, and financial performance management queries. Three versions of the software are available – IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Cognos Express, and Financial Performance Management. You can choose an edition based on your reporting needs. For example, the Financial Performance Management edition provides an in-depth financial overview.


Capterra reviewers find the software easy to use, and like that you can customize dashboards. They also like the fact that the software has cloud and on-premise deployment options.


Capterra reviewers complain that for some data structures, the software can be difficult to use. They also feel that there are other better data visualization options in the market depending on the amount of data that you need to structure. Reviewers state that the tool is hard to learn and requires experts to help you pull detailed reports.


The software is available free for trial. Information on pricing is available by contacting the vendor.


Informer is an easy-to–use reporting software with drag-and-drop functionalities. This feature makes it easy for all users to generate reports. You can generate customized reports and create ad-hoc queries. You can also filter data, drill data, or pivot reports for enhanced analysis.

Informer provides critical reports related to all business operations. The software captures the actual and dynamic business conditions.

The software integrates with Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft Access®, UniData®, and other databases to collect data. Once you collect the data, you can add filters to generate reports.

The Informer Dashboard lets you create and share interactive and customized charts. The dashboard also features graphs, visualizations, and data drill down features. You can also embed the dashboard on your website. The software’s interactive dashboards help businesses make critical decisions related to investments, customer retention, sales, and marketing.


Capterra reviewers state that setting up the software doesn’t require consultant/vendor support. The software combines data from multiple data sources in a single report. Informer also has import/export features for sharing reports across teams. Capterra reviewers find it easy to schedule reports with the software.


Capterra reviewers don’t have any complaints with the software.


The software is available for a 30-day free trial. For information on pricing, contact the vendor.

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports features an intuitive feature that designs reports based on a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) layout. The layout provides various design, deployment, and integration options. You can use the templates wizard feature to format reports quickly. The software lets you set pre-defined data values and extract reports without refreshing the data. You can also explore interactive reports using on-report sorting and filtering features.

The software supports data integration features to enhance the report design. The tool integrates with data components like dynamic charts and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. You can enhance data visualization through Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex. Embedding Adobe Flash features such as dynamic charts, videos, and graphics in reports is also possible. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration also lets you visualize what-if scenarios.


Capterra reviewers feel that the integration feature of the software is awesome. Reviewers also state that Crystal is one of the most affordable options. The software’s custom fields and drag-and-drop features make it intuitive. The software lets users combine data from other sources and run reports based on the compiled data.


Capterra reviewers state that creating custom reports is not easy and requires technical expertise. The learning curve for some of the features like filtering compiled data sets is steep.


The software is available for a free trial. For information on pricing click here.


InsightSquared primarily caters to sales professionals who want a powerful reporting tool. In the financial world monthly recurring revenue (MRR) gains and losses is fundamental to reporting. InsightSquared’s reporting dashboards help you visualize MMR performance. The software frequently updates sales figures and enables real-time data validation. With InsightSquared, sales professionals need not spend most of their time maintaining spreadsheets. Instead, they can leverage the software to visualize sales targets. The software also provides in-depth sales forecasting by using historical win rates. You can filter win rates based on employees, sales target, opportunities, and forecasted bookings. InsightSquared also features a visual reporting pipeline that provides an overview of the sales close dates, customer segmentation, and sales leads.

InsightSquared’s KPI metrics dashboard reports sales-representative-specific activities and goals. The dashboard also provides information on incentives for each sales representative.


Capterra reviewers like the dashboard-reporting features of the software. They also love the prompt customer service.


According to some Capterra reviewers, the software takes time to load.


Click here to view the pricing of the plans.


Exago’s reporting tools include Express Reports, Standard Reports, and Crosstab Reports. Express reports create and format data in tabular format through the software’s simplified field customization and preview pane. In Standard Reports, you get an MS-Excel-like design format with reporting features like charts, maps, formula editor, and conditional formatting. Crosstab Reports offers a report-generating wizard that simplifies the creation of complex tables with summary results included in rows and columns. Dashboard Designer focuses on creating a visual appeal for your reports as well as formats and saves your report data. It also generates charts, maps, and other dashboard types.


Capterra reviewers like the Dashboard Designer feature of the software as it offers a library of reporting templates that you can choose from.


Capterra reviewers don’t have any complaints with the software.


The software is available for an annual subscription fee. For information on pricing of the software, click here.


As a business manager or project manager, have you ever used a reporting software? Do you think there are other alternatives to reporting software like Sinsense? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Hi Singh, my name is Ivan Dacula and I work for Mainfreight San Francisco. My company is currently reviewing in adquiring Sisense. Would you be willing to talk about how you leverage this platform? Their pros and cons. Great article.

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