7 Best Free Field Service Management Software

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You run a small but growing business that sends people out into the field—plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, taxi drivers, you name it.

Your business has grown to the point where you are overwhelmed and disorganized. Everything is done manually and on paper, and you know that you need software to help you out—but software is expensive!

Or so you think.

Does free exist when it comes to field service management software? It does!

There are free systems and tools out there to cover your basic needs without hurting your wallet.

Below is a list of free, freemium (free, but with limited features), and open source field service management and taxi software programs. It can be difficult to shortlist free and open source software, so I’ve done the research and created a comprehensive list of only those that offer a free or open source version. I also referred to Software Advice’s FrontRunners as a guide to ensure I didn’t leave out any tools that belong on this list.

Software is listed alphabetically.

Free/freemium field service management software

1. Fergus

Type of software: Free for one user, indefinitely

Features: Fergus offers all the basic features of a field service management program, including invoicing, scheduling, work order history, and a mobile app.

Fergus schedule screenshot
The Fergus user interface for a technician’s assignment (Source)

Pros/cons: The biggest con? Fergus is free for only one user. If you’re a one-man operation, however, that’s not bad. So long as there’s only one active user, you won’t pay.

This offers you the control and organization typically available only to a larger company that can afford to purchase software. Better yet, the free plan gives you access to all the features of the full version.

2. Loc8

Type of software: Free; good for an unlimited number of users, though with limited features

Features: Loc8 offers job management, quoting and invoicing, calendar and mapping, pre-built reports, knowledge base, and live chat.

Loc8 Dashboard
Loc8 dashboard (Source)

Pros/cons: The free version is restricted to five features, but those five features are a decent basic package: jobs, quoting/invoicing, calendar and mapping, pre-built reports, and live chat with Loc8 in case you need help. The upside is that the free version has unlimited users. If you’re a service company with, say, some 15 techs, Loc8 could be a great way to organize your business for free.

3. ReachOut Suite

Type of software: Free for up to three users

Features: ReachOut offers basic field service management functions such as invoicing and estimates, dispatching, drag-and-drop scheduling, work order management, and location tracking.

ReachOut screenshot
ReachOut’s list of available jobs (Source)

Pros/cons: The big con? If you have more than three people, you’ll have to invest in the paid version. However, since ReachOut’s free version offers all the features of the paid version, this is a great option for small businesses or a bigger company looking to test out a software option before they invest.

4. ServiceTrade

Type of software: Free for one user

Features: ServiceTrade offers quoting, dispatching, scheduling and other common field service management software features. If you’ve got a WordPress website, ServiceTrade offers a plugin, called Service Portal, where customers (and you) can make appointments, check on the status of upcoming appointments, and review past service.

servicetrade screenshot
ServiceTrade’s drag-and-drop geographic scheduling (Source)

Pros/cons: You’re restricted to a single user and 20 jobs with ServiceTrade. Another con? There’s no payment portal, so your customers won’t be able to pay you through the app. That said, ServiceTrade does integrate with QuickBooks, and you can send unlimited quotes. You won’t get human support, but there’s support documentation you can check if you get confused.

Open source field service management software

5. Hydra OMS

Type of software: Open source

Features: Hydra Order Management System offers job management and a “process wizard” that makes it easy for employees to place their jobs in the larger business process.

Hydra OMS server (Source)

Pros/cons: Like most open source software, Hydra is free to download off Github. If you aren’t familiar with how to use open source software or you have staff members that are only sort-of-good at coding, Hydra also offers customer support for a fee.

Hydra is best suited for facilities management, plant maintenance, or other single-location field service jobs. It isn’t designed as a field service management software program, but it does handle work orders, as this surprisingly easy demo shows (click “support request” to begin).

6. OTRS Community Edition

Type of software: Open source job management software that helps you organize work orders

Features: OTRS Community Edition offers scheduling and a calendar, ticket management (with prioritization and follow-up features), and automatic notifications.

screenshot of OTRS community edition
A sample service ticket from OTRS Community Edition (Source)

Pros/cons: Though many OTRS customers are help desk and IT professionals, the software has also been used by facility management, manufacturing, and transport and logistics companies. Any company managing people and vehicles that are working at different locations should benefit from OTRS.

The OTRS community of open source users is also active— for instance, it recently linked to a third-party API that helps you determine the gender of a customer, even if they haven’t entered that information. If you have customers who speak multiple languages, the OTRS community blog also recently posted about how to build a program that automatically determines the language of an email.

Limo and taxi software

7. TaxiTapp

Type of software: Free fleet management software

Features: TaxiTapp offers free software that works similarly to Uber, only TaxiTapp is designed to counter ridesharing. TaxiTapp also offers fleet management and real-time tracking, auto and manual dispatch, and payment processing.

taxitapp screenshot
What TaxiTapp looks like to a customer (Source)

Pros/cons: The software is free for taxi cab companies and drivers, but there is a small fee per transaction. Currently, if you pay by mobile, it’s a 2.9% added fee.

TaxiTapp also work with the PayPal Here credit card reader if you’d rather go that route. The rate for that is 2.75% per trip.

Still looking for free field service management software?

If these free and open source field service management software options don’t fit your needs, find software that does using Capterra’s FSM software directory. You can search for software by function, rating, and number of users.

And if you’re specifically in the taxi business, be sure to check out Capterra’s list of the top transportation dispatch software products.

If you use one I didn’t mention, or you make one I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comments below!

Looking for Field Service Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Field Service Management software solutions.

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Geoff Hoppe

Geoff Hoppe is a former Capterra analyst.



Can anybody be willing to provide me a open source software for Janitorial? I just need software to provide inventory and be able to provide my manager weekly, monthly, and annual budget reports.
Thank You!


Really a great article, there is one more option available i.e Kickserv’s field service scheduling software. For more details, do visit https://www.kickserv.com/.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful researched article it helps lot of people and organisations who are looking for the same. I want to add and suggest one more platform that provides employee location tracking and some other features like order management, task scheduling, custom forms and my personal favorite selfie attendance. Employee location tracking is best way to improve field work quality and work efficiency of employees. To Manage our field forces we are using FeetPort (https://www.feetport.com) that provides mobile and web console to track field work force, generate custom reports and much more. I hope this will be helpful for many organisations.


We have been using CVenture to manage our field support staff. It’s web based and free product. We are currently using to manage our 50 support Engineers. It’s got massive features. Like managing visit reports and managing our IT FMS engineers that are stationed at customer site itself. Highly useful product.


They charge for installation if you don’t have the expertise to install it.. but the manual is provided so not to worry on that part..


Nice read. I think field services still have so much potential for automation/disruption. It’s also worth mentioning that besides just time tracking, efficiency and productivity improvement can be one of the great reasons to use these tools.
This the exact reason why we have developed http://www.jibble.io. A simple time & attendance with strong reporting capabilities.

Full disclosure: I’m Jibbles product manager


Interesting software list! I’m actually quite curious about how these tools cater to specific industries. I can imagine that every type of field service needs some degree of customization.
I would also like to highlight that with this data, you can generate valuable reports for productivity improvement too. This is exactly one of the reasons why we started Jibble.io as a tracking tool focused on improving team productivity.


Hey Geoff,
I have read most of your posts about job tracking and time tracking software. I have learnt many things from your articles like which is good, which is having more features, and what software’s are without fees or don’t have any trial. Thanks for all informational posts. I am waiting for another posts.


It is a good list but is not new. I want to suggest new drywall companies
“sky boss”. I provides several features like geo tracking, time logging etc. I am also using “sky boss drywall companies” in my organisation and it reduces my burden of management. It is providing 1 MOTH FREE TRIAL. It is also available on playstore and appstore. Try it once. Here is the link : http://skyboss.com/drywall.html

Drywall Software for Success
SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of drywall companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the drywallindustry.

From recurring contracts, to every-day tasks and one-time jobs, our features make it easy to manage your workload and improve the efficiency of your business and field technicians. Save time with our intuitive features so you can handle quotes, billing, scheduling, job tracking and more, all from your computer, laptop or tablet! Our goal is to give you more time to grow your business.


Great write-up, Leah! Field service management has been taking off lately and I think you put together 5 great choices for businesses that are considering an investment.

Are you currently looking for newly-released applications to add to this list? My company has started using EasyData http://easydata.me for about 2 months now and have been really impressed so far.


Ms. Merrill’s post is very thoughtful and I encourage her readers to review RazorSync’s award-winning field-service-management solution. With dozens of 5-star reviews at both iTunes and Play Store, RazorSync is incredibly powerful and yet simple to use, low-cost and without a contract. RazorSync will undoubtedly deliver value to any service business seeking to empower their operations. http://www.razorsync.com


Ms. Merrill’s post is very thoughtful and I encourage her readers to review RazorSync’s award-winning field-service-management solution. With dozens of 5-star reviews at both iTunes and Play Store, RazorSync is incredibly powerful and yet simple to use, low-cost and without a contract. RazorSync will undoubtedly deliver value to any service business seeking to empower their operations.


Mobijobi is a free field service management platform, for mobile and desktop users.
It is free for up to 3 team members. check it out on http://www.mobijobi.com


While not free, but certainly at a great price point, Road Runner provides a simple to use field management solution with real time tracking capabilities for your fleet of service vehicles and great integration with your accounting packages.

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