5 Course Authoring Software eLearning Experts Love

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Designing course content is the biggest hurdle of eLearning. It’s where all the serious research and effort goes in. People in eLearning tend to get caught up on things like learning management software, gamification settings, and microlearning apps… but compared to the course content itself, all of those things are just details.

Course Authoring Software

I’m guilty of this oversight myself, so today I’m looking to right it. Course authors, this one is for you, vetted by other users.

All the software on this list are ranked by number of reviews received. If you’d like to see your favorite course authoring software on this list, give it a review!

1. iSpring Suite

With nearly 200 reviews, iSpring is a landslide favorite in course authoring software. SCORM compliant, with a comprehensive automatically graded quiz-design system, and an intuitive and easy to pick up interface, iSpring is a consistently solid choice.

Reviewers Say

“Simple easy, really powerful. I have tested a lot of educational content since 1995, and this one has made my day easier.”

“From character bundles to interactive quiz features, iSpring Suite does a great job of producing quality for a fraction of the price as competitors. I would highly recommend (and have highly recommended) iSpring to those looking to produce simple yet sophisticated SCO.”

“Although we’ve been using iSpring Suite for about a month we’ve already created dozens of e-learning courses including a standalone quiz that was already uploaded to the LMS and is in use right now. The only one issue we would like to note is the large size video narration sync lag that appears from time to time. However, this little point can’t spoil the positive experience and the ease of use of this software.”

Starting Cost

iSpring’s starting price is $695 for one user.

Review iSpring here!

2. Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is a collection of software applications, chief among them an app called Storyline 360, that meld to create great courses. The templates are sleek and beautiful, and you have access to an arsenal of tools and options, such as libraries of characters and color and design themes, so even the artistically-challenged will be able to craft visually engaging lessons.

Reviewers Say

“I’ve started using Storyline 360. A reliable software for in-house instructional designers who want to develop e-learning without relying on programmers or flash developers. Allows for a lot of functionality and options without too high a learning curve.”

“This gives you everything you need to create some really cutting edge eLearning. The software, perhaps to a newcomer may appear daunting at first, is very easy to pick up and the support you get via their online community means that any problems you run into are quickly resolved by community members or may have already been asked. When researching e-learning authoring tools Articulate is always the one that comes out top in terms of what I need.”

“Articulate Review blows me away. Reviewing content with project stakeholders and clients has always been a major pain point for me, and with Dropbox ending its Public Folder support in 2017, Review has come in at just the right moment. The Content library will save me hundreds of dollars a year in content licensing fees, and Rise makes it easy for me to quickly create new types of content. Publishing in HTML5 and previewing how content will look on multiple device types is amazing.”


Articulate 360 has several types of pricing plan, but the lowers starts at $599 per year per user.

Review Articulate 360 here!

3. Bridge

Bridge is known as an LMS, but there’s no need to overlook their course design features. It has highly customizable branching course paths so each user profile can get unique treatment. Even the system’s internal logic can be customized to your needs.

Reviewers Say

“Response from the staff at Bridge was quick and every question was answered to our satisfaction. What we didn’t realize initially was that support was going to be such an important part of the LMS selection. Bridge support has been with us every step of the way. Our project will be done soon. I would highly recommend the Bridge LMS platform!”

“We have been using Bridge for 4 months to train independent sales agents for our company. Being geographically disparate, we needed an easy to use, cloud- hosted platform that allows us to ensure every single sales agent has the exact same baseline of knowledge. We leverage programs as REQUIRED tasks for every learner and then a robust learning library to provide even more education. The intuitive and simple design for learners removes clutter and puts courses and learning at the forefront.”

“My favorite part about Bridge is their customer service. Best customer service I have ever received with any software! Online chat support is top notch. They own every problem and solve most in a matter of minutes. Bridge has many great features.”


Bridge offers quotes by request.

Review Bridge here!

4. GoConqr

Billing themselves a social learning network, GoConqur prioritizes a community-focused eLearning method. Use the system to juggle multiple subjects and courses at once. The lean seems more academic, but Goconqr offers onboarding and talent training features to help balance the scale.

Reviewers Say

“Using GoConqr has allowed us to share knowledge a lot easier across the team. It’s great to be able to share and get opinions and feedback. Team members are relished their opportunity to share their expertise as well, so its benefits everybody.”

“Overall the experience is great – I use it to study foreign language vocabulary and standard concepts for a management course. If GoConqr were able to offer flashcard decks and mind maps that went along with standard college or grad school course curricula and material organized by course or book I think it would VASTLY improve and make the program much more popular.”

“GoConqr is a great app for organizing and sharing resources. A great way to teach students how to organize their own work!”

Starting Cost

$1.99 per month per user

Review GoConqr here!

5. Grovo

With Grovo, you get a clean interface on a fast cloud-based design system. If presets are your thing, you’ll find a massive library of course tools, premade content samples, and short videos that you can slip into your own larger courses.

Reviewers Say

“This platform has made learning so much fun for the team. From adding employees to tracking and assessing their learning and performance it’s been an awesome experience. I will definitely recommend this platform to all my contacts.”

“ It is helpful to see the performance levels of staff members in terms of number of views, speed in which they completed the training, and overall score. This allows us to see their potential and interest from a different perspective compared with routine observation.”

“The platform is very user friendly and the material is cutting edge. The videos keep employees engaged while learning. The short bursts of information are a great way to keep employees yearning for more. Having the ability to upload our industry specific information is genius!”

Starting Cost

$69 per year per user

Review Grovo here!

What’s your favorite course authoring software?

Tell me about it in the comments, or drop a review of one of these to let us know what you think!

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