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5 Fantastic Hotel Management Podcasts

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Out of all the hospitality management resources, my personal favorite is podcasts.


Whether you play them during your commute home, as you make dinner, or even wind down before bed, podcasts are a great and portable way to learn something new or listen to advice from industry experts.

For hotel managers, time is of the essence and guests’ needs must be met in order to create a flawless customer experience. Who has time to find podcasts when you’re busying trying to find extra towels for guests on the third floor or looking for new hospitality property management software?

Not to worry. I’ve done the work for you.

Below are five in-depth and informative hotel management podcasts, covering everything from industry trends to best practices that you can incorporate at your property.

BookGreener For Hotels

Specializing in interviews with leaders at the intersection of hotels and sustainability, BookGreener is highly recommended for those looking to make their property more eco-friendly.

Green hotels are a hot commodity in the hospitality world and can lead to some serious revenue that even heavyweights in the field, like Kimpton and Loews, are cashing in on.

Forbes states that “almost 25% of Americans are consciously trying to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to their hotel stays,” a stat further emphasized by the fact that guests who do invest in eco-friendly travel also report feeling more positive (85%). Don’t forget that satisfied guests lead to good reviews.

Recent shows touch on incorporating sustainability across a variety of sectors in the hotel business, from international to luxury, and touch on subjects such as sustainable design, responsible recycling, and even the value of plant-based cuisine.

Hotel Interactive Radio

Hotel Interactive Radio’s “This Week in Hospitality” landed on our list of essential hotel management resources, and is definitely worth mentioning again. Its in-depth coverage on all aspects of hotel management and the hospitality industry is an invaluable resource for hotel managers.

“This Week in Hospitality” is the podcast of Hotel Interactive, a hotel news site that captures industry news, op-eds on the changing hospitality marketplace, and a calendar of events for those wishing to network with other hotel professionals or learn new skills of the trade.

Recent shows haven’t been added since October 2015, though their past programs are still valuable. They delve into relevant topics like family travel, the intersections of luxury and sustainable tourism, as well as strategies to maximize revenue so you don’t miss out on potential profits.

Hospitality Academy

Susan Pannozzo of Hospitality Academy has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality business and has worked at all levels of hotel operation, from front desk to general manager.

On her show, Pannozzo interviews other top hotel professionals, discussing topics like guest experience, profitability, and training. Recent podcasts dive into topics concerning how professionals should navigate the hotel industry to rise to the top, how to handle difficult customers, or even memory tips and techniques so you can remember guest names or hotel rooms.

Those who subscribe to Pannozzo’s newsletter can also receive a free download of her “5 Tools Every Housekeeper Should Have on Their Cart.”

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, “Hospitality Academy” also boasts an impressive five-star review on iTunes from 18 different reviewers.

The Lodging Leaders Podcast: Powerful Business Strategies for Hospitality Professionals

The Lodging Leaders Podcast is another that made Capterra’s list of hospitality resources and features impressive coverage on the scope of hospitality trends and topics.

Hosted by Jon Albano, founder and CEO of LodgingMetrics, this hospitality professional brings more than 13 years of experience to the show. He regularly interviews hoteliers and other leading hospitality professionals.

Albano’s recent shows tackle how to create accountable teams and foster positive team culture, building consistent and sustainable sales, as well as the importance of a hotel’s interior design with special guest Blanche Garcia of the hit Travel Channel show Hotel Impossible.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

If you want a better handle on the ever-evolving world of hotel marketing (and not just on Instagram or Twitter), there’s no clearer place to turn to than Fuel, a hotel marketing agency, for the latest tip and tricks into the hotel marketing world.

Their latest programs focus on social media practices, travel news, the value of having a hotel blog, and what they learned at the 2016 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC).

Fuel’s Hotel Marketing Podcast is available for listening on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google Play.


Can you think of any other notable hotel management podcasts? Let me know in the comments below.

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Hi, Thanks for sharing the information. You have some quality information here that any reader would enjoy. These information will really helpful to us. Thanks Once again..

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We just launched in January 2017 a new hotel marketing podcast aimed at hotel owners and managers. It’s called “Sharper Hotel Marketing” and can found here…


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My old Hotel Interactive show did end, but I have a new show that’s even better. Please check out the No Vacancy podcast. -G

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