7 Top Fantastic Hotel Point of Sale Systems

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Are you more than just a hotel?

I’m not asking if you’re a haunted hotel or the Bates Motel, but do you offer special amenities such as a spa, gift shop, or restaurant?

These properties, need something more than just a hotel property management system (PMS).

You need a specialized point of sale (POS) system.

A point of sale system is the point where a customer transaction occurs. The grocery store checkout counter, for example, is a point of sale.

Some also call point of sale systems the “point of service,” since certain platforms also host inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and financial capabilities.

For hotels, a POS system can link a hotel property management system with the restaurant or spa, so all transactions and data are in a centralized location. And then you can use all that data to target your latest marketing campaign.)

But as with any software purchase, it can be difficult to sift through hundreds of options and find a solid option

Not to worry.

Below, I’ve outlined the pros, cons, and costs of seven fantastic hotel POS options. Some are already part of a larger hotel management suite, but some are separate systems you can deploy without all the other bells and whistles.

Options are listed in alphabetical order and were chosen based on search results and reviews in the Capterra directory. Pros and cons listed in the following sections are based on user reviews on Capterra and Software Advice.

1. Agilysys

Agilsys is a top hotel point of sale system option

An example of Agilsys POS systems

Tailored for hotels and resorts, Agilysys offers a separate POS system for those not wanting to buy into an entire property management system, though its POS offerings do sync with its other applications.

POS options include InfoGenesis® POS for basic POS requirements, InfoGenesis® Flex for a tablet-specific system, InfoGenesis® Mobile 2.1 for mobile, and rGuest® Buy, which is a self-service food kiosk intended for guests.


  • On-demand reporting
  • Visual reports of guest spending patterns (essential for big data analysis)
  • High-level security and encryption
  • Mobile/handheld capabilities


  • According to reviews, there is a slight learning curve
  • Customer support is average
  • Reports and database data aren’t exportable


Agilysys doesn’t list pricing on its site, but you can contact sales for more information.

What about hardware? Agilsys provides POS systems for fixed, mobile, and tablet devices. They can be installed on site or deployed through the cloud.

Have you used Agilsys? Leave a review!

2. Bepoz

Bepoz is a top hotel point of sale system option

Bepoz’s dashboard

With 30 years and 5,000 installations under its belt, Bepoz offers a reliable hotel POS system. Bepoz specializes in point of sale systems across multiple industries such as amusement parks, coffee shops, retirement communities, and more.


  • Customizable screens
  • Offline mode in case of network outages
  • Scheduled promotions, e.g., happy hours, surcharge pricing
  • Option to create gift cards and vouchers
  • Cash and stock control


  • No integration with a property management system


Bepoz doesn’t list it’s pricing online. Instead, you can fill out a form to estimate your monthly payment.

What about hardware? Bepoz sells their own branded HP-manufactured hardware, including a standard POS system, a mobile inventory and ordering device, and a tablet.

Have you used Bepoz? Leave a review!

3. eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS

eZee BurrP! is a top hotel point of sale system option

An example of an eZee BurrP! POS station

EZee BurrP! is a hotel PMS solution meant for both large and small hotels. But in addition to its property management capabilities, eZee Frontdesk hosts a POS system. Since launching in 2005, this POS option has served 6,000 clients in more than 140 countries.


  • Allows you to manage banquet and table reservations management
  • Can split bills between guests
  • Can handle multiple menus
  • Enables you to create different rates and taxes
  • Inventory and stock management
  • iMenu interactive app for guests to place orders


  • Some Capterra reviewers found there to be a bit of a learning curve, and that the software is somewhat complicated


While eZee BurrP! doesn’t list pricing, you can request a free quote when you provide your business contact information

What about hardware? eZee BurrP! only requires you to have a computer that can run Windows. However, if you require a high-end setup, they can work with you to determine what kind of data server machine, network, and workstations you’ll need.

Have you used eZee BurrP!? Leave a review!

4. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a top hotel point of sale system option

Hotelogix’s dashboard

Aside from ranking as one of the top four most popular hotel software solutions, Hotelogix also boasts a POS system that works for a variety of amenities, including restaurants, minibars, travel desks, and spas.

Hotelogix’s POS system is a component of its overall property management solution, meaning its POS systems syncs with other features of their software.


  • Touch-screen enabled
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Users can craft special deals so that discounts automatically apply
  • Multiple currency support
  • Option to process credit cards through system or direct to company


  • Must buy a Hotelogix software package for POS use


Hotelogix comes in three distinct packages:

  • Freemium: Free, but intended for only one user
  • Premium: $3.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $65
  • Enterprise: $5.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $90

All packages include a TripAdvisor reviews integration to automatically send guest reviews to the online travel agency. Only Enterprise syncs Facebook bookings with Hotelogix software.

Hotelogix’s POS component alone costs $15/month.

If you’d like an exact preview of cost, you can also access Hotelogix’s calculator on its pricing page.

What about hardware? Hotelogix runs off the cloud, so any desktop or personal computer will suffice.

Have you used Hotelogix? Leave a review!

5. Maitre’D

Maitre'D is a top hotel point of sale system option

Maitre’D’s home page, with an example of a POS station

Maitre’D specializes in POS systems across industries, including restaurants, fast food, and bars. This software boasts an impressive 20,000 customers worldwide.

This POS system is a stand-alone option for those who don’t need a full property management system to go along with it.


  • Loyalty features and programs
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Event management
  • Kitchen video monitor system
  • Reports and business analytics


  • Difficulty reaching tech support


Cost for Maitre’D Hotel POS solution isn’t listed publicly, but you can contact customer service for more information here.

What about the hardware? Posera offers a wide range of hardware options, from mobile apps to large display systems.

Have you used Maitre’D? Leave a review!

6. Toast POS

Toast POS is a top hotel point of sale system option

Toast POS’s mobile dashboard

Toast POS is a well-reviewed point of sale software option in our directory with 102 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. This all-in-one restaurant POS is used by restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts. It streamlines both the front-of-house and kitchen processes by putting them all into one dashboard.


  • 24-hour customer service
  • You can access all information from the cloud
  • The company takes requests for features
  • Multiple Capterra reviewers say the front end is intuitive and easy to understand


  • Several reviewers praise the back end—where you would design menus, for example—but one reviewer says it’s a little complex with a lot of layers
  • Some connectivity issues, and some reviewers say hardware struggles to handle higher volume users


  • Express package: $79 per month; best for quick-service restaurants and costs.
  • Professional package: $99 per month; best for full-service and fast casual restaurants.
  • Enterprise package: Contact Toast for a quote; best for restaurants with multiple locations or large franchises.

What about the hardware? Toast offers hardware options ranging from handheld tableside tablets to touchscreen terminals.

Have you used Toast POS? Leave a review!

7. VendHQ

VendHQ is a top hotel point of sale system option

VendHQ’s dashboard

VendHQ is a cloud-based POS system and retail management platform that is geared toward brick-and-mortar retailers.

Through the software, retailers can accept payments, manage inventory, and provide analytical business insights, among other features.

One of the case studies on its website is of a retailer in a historic Toronto hotel, which used VendHQ to manage all of the wide variety of products they had on display in one place.

This software would work best for stores or gift shops that operate out of hotels.


  • Reviewers praise the software for being easy to set up and simple to use
  • Inventory management is straightforward
  • The reports the software produced are praised by some reviewers


  • One user says that there are no varying levels of user permission, so anyone who can enter stock into the inventory can see all of your sales history, reports, and other sensitive data
  • Occasionally buggy


VendHQ has three tiers of pricing:

  • Starter: $69 per month
  • Advanced: $79 per month
  • Multi-outlet: $199 per month

All options are billed annually.

What about the hardware? VendHQ offers you the option of getting a POS hardware package that works right out of the box, or to purchase hardware they recommend separately.

Have you used VendHQ? Leave a review!

What hotel POS system would you recommend?

Know of any other fantastic hotel point of sale systems? Make your case in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check out other hotel POS solutions in the hospitality property management directory and filter your results.

*Some of these solutions don’t list their pricing publicly. If you’d like an estimate of how much hotel software costs, check out our hotel software pricing guide.

Looking for Hospitality Property Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Hospitality Property Management software solutions.

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You really did good research and provided good resource about best POS softwares. I have a suggestion for you to add in this list. Check it and if you feel perfect, add it.

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Just billing provides services from point of sale billing to GST Return filing like GST invoice, inventory management, business accounting, expenses management, purchases recording, customer loyalty management, customer feedback etc.

More details, Visit: https://justbilling.in


Great Article Dan. Point of sale opportunities exist even in the digital world. In fact, with digital POS systems, one can use more innovative and interactive ways of grabbing customer attention.


Hi Dan. I must appreciate your efforts in putting things together and lending your supportive hands to hoteliers and restaurateurs. I have been using eZee Restaurant POS along with eZee FrontDesk PMS and found it has got very powerful complete inventory management mechanism. The overstock and understock notifications are of great help and I need not worry about stocks anymore. I can manage all my orders, whether its room service, takeout or dine-in.The last-minute rushes are gone forever. It also lets me pass restaurant bills to the hotel PMS folios. Maybe it being loaded with a lot of features is the reason why some reviewers might have found it a bit complicated. Thank You, Capterra for helping me in choosing a fantastic POS system.


Chronito Technologies Point of Sale (pos) a cloud-based point of sales system designed to help restaurant and Hotel – with keeping track of customers, items, sales and stock. This ChronitoPOS pos works great for restaurant, Café, Bakery, sweet shop, food outlet.


Run a private company hotel 340 rooms with dining hall. Dining hall for guest and externals. Guest meals x 3 EA is inclusive with room. Externals can purchase by using a top-up card. Top up cards are up loaded with cash equivalent entered into the top up machine, like an ADM.

Guest uses room key at POS in dining hall that will track number of meals taken, i.e. one swipe = 1 meal. If breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken then the guest will have swiped the card 3 times. This shows up on the tracking report in the Hotel management system. For an external, there top up card is swiped at the POS once the POS person adds up all there food items, the amount will show on the POS as deducted from the total mount on the card and now has new balance. when the card runs out of money, they can top it up again at the top up machine. This will also show up in the Hotel management system as meal received for tracking. I need an intergraded system that included hotel management, top-up machine and POS. Suggestions? we are currently using a system built in Germany which has become a large problem.


You should check out our Cloud-based POS specifically tailored to hotels. We’re integrated with a number of PMS providers including Oracle Hospitality’s new OPERA Cloud PMS


Thanks for the article Jennifer your article is very informative. POS Software has make the restaurant and retail business owner’s life easy. i am also using a POS Software for my small restaurant which is best Point Of Sale Software for restaurant. for more details visit there website here.


Ohh yes, all these are pretty good. But now in market there is one competition which is called Pepper Touch POS – Best Restaurant Point of Sale System specially for India. Get your 15 day free trial too before buying it.


Thanks for the article Jennifer, it was an interesting read and it’s great to be invited to name another ‘fantastic’ system for consideration!

May we invite readers to take a look at CaterBook, hotel PMS which can include bar/restaurant bill to room functionality via our EPOS link. Suitable for venues of 10 rooms and up it links with all the major players so our PMS will mesh with your EPOS tills.

Take a look here: http://try.caterbook.com/ or email us for more details via the site.

Thanks again, hope to read more valuable hospitality articles in the future!

Steve at


Thanks for the review of Bepoz! However, the “Cons” for Bepoz are incorrect. Bepoz has a certified PMS interface that will work with almost every major PMS system on the market and has an on-premise option.

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