5 Fundamental Online Programming Courses for Beginners

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Just like learning any language, you have to start somewhere.

We’ve all been those classroom students, trying to make strange sounds with our mouths when learning another language.

When I was taking French for the first time, the compression of vowels at the back of my throat felt odd, to say the least. And when I tried out Spanish at the suggestion of my sister, it probably took me three years to properly roll my “r”s.

I even did it just now and scared the pants off my dog, who immediately thought I must be coughing up a furball.

But the great thing about learning a language today is that you can do so through a user-friendly mobile app or an online course, where you can feel free to humiliate yourself inside of the safety of your own home.

¡Qué chévere!

Fortunately, the same thing is happening with coding, which I’m sure you can agree is a little less embarrassing to learn.


It’s actually a pretty great skill to have when it comes to the job market or if you’re an entrepreneur and want to understand the technology that goes into your products. C-suite executives can even benefit from some experience in coding, especially if there’s a disconnect between them and their CIO.

But where to begin?

Browsing through Barnes and Noble can be tough, especially with the surge of children’s books teaching toddler who how to code. Just a little salt for your wounds.

Coding camps can be expensive, and if you have a job, you can’t really afford to take time off for a month or so.

The online world can be just as confusing, with many places promising top-notch lessons. Sounds great, until you foot a bill for a course that was less-than promising.

Good grief.

But no worries. I’ve combed through it all for you.

Below, I’ll lay out some of my favorite online coding courses for beginners, outlining not only courses that will benefit you, but also your wallet.

Let’s go!

Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django, and More


This instructor has taught more than 120,000 students how to code, so you’ll be in good hands with this online course that teaches you how to code from scratch.

Specifically designer for entrepreneurs, this course offers a helping hand to those wishing to get a grasp on the technological components of their business, which can provide insight into the workings of software, not to mention the length of time it takes to execute a project.

Through the lessons, students can expect to learn to code using Python, Django, HTML, and CSS, as well as how to build your very own eCommerce site and landing page. Maybe even one for the thousands of businesses looking for software through Capterra!

“Coding for Entrepreneurs” consists of more than 250 lectures and 45 hours of content, and is also available on Android and iOS for entrepreneurs on-the-go.

Cost: $35

Introduction to C++


This self-paced course is taught by experts at Microsoft and culminates in a verified certificate, as long as you are willing to pay a fee.

Through this introductory class, expect to learn the basics of C++ programming, including syntax, language fundamentals, how to create functions within the language, and preparation for the intermediate and advanced courses on C++ that are also taught by Microsoft.

This course is divided into four modules, with an estimated effort of three to five hours/week over the span of four weeks.

Cost: Free or $90 with the inclusion of a verified certificate.

Java Programming: An Introduction to Software Specialization


This specialization course was created by Duke University and is divided into four courses, culminating with a capstone project and certificate in Java programming.

“Java Programming” begins with an outline the basics, starting with HTML and CSS, then having you use Javascript to develop programs and algorithms that you’ll then use for problem-solving. After learning how to craft Java programs yourself, you’ll learn how to debug potential problems, read and manipulate data, as well as understand the principles of software design that bring together coding with strategic thinking and design.

The capstone project is honestly really cool and worth taking a look into. You’ll learn how to create a recommender system to help users find and choose items, like Netflix or Amazon. Pretty sweet, huh?

Each individual course involves around four weeks of study with a commitment of three to five hours/week.

Cost: $79/course or $355 for the bundle (saves 10%)

Programming for Complete Beginners in C#


So far we’ve covered Java, Python, and Django, but what about C#? You might even be thinking, what is C#?

This is another great gem for programming beginners, emphasizing C# programming, which is used in a variety of applications in an Windows environment and is gaining popularity in the developer world. That means C# developers are also growing in demand. May be a good skill to have on your resume.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create applications, declare and manipulate variables, write flow of control statements (ie: loops and conditions), and have almost 100 exercises right at your fingertips.

This course contains 48 lectures, spanning 6.5 hours and contains captions for the hearing-impaired

Cost: $20

The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial


If you aren’t an entrepreneur trying to get a grasp on a handful of program languages, this is a good alternative Python programming course, especially considering almost 20,000 students have enrolled.

In this course, you’ll learn about data types, creating variables, input and output, decision making and repetition, iterators, list comprehension and functions, all within the Python programming world. You’ll even learn how to write your first program.

Participants can expect access to 94 lectures covering six hours as well as lifetime access, a 30 day money-back guarantee, and accessibility on iOS and Android. A certificate of completion is also available.

Cost: $50


Know of any other great online programming courses for beginners? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you’re already an experienced coder, be sure to check out our IT management software directory or my lists on free and open source ITAM and database management software.

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