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5 Service Scheduling Software Options That Integrate With QuickBooks

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Raise your hand if you love busy work. It doesn’t matter that I can’t see you right now—I know not a single one of you raised your hand.

So why are you entering job information twice: once in your field service management software and once in QuickBooks?

The answer: don’t.

There’s software out there that eliminates the need for double entry. When you enter a job in the field service management software program, it syncs up with QuickBooks. Hello extra time, goodbye busy work.

5 Service Scheduling Software Options That Integrate With QuickBooks
Below, I’ll share five field service scheduling software options that integrate with QuickBooks, and at the end, I’ll give concrete examples of how this integration helps field service companies.

In building this list, I chose programs that have the most number of Capterra reviews. I then looked at a sample 200 reviews for each of those products to ensure that the majority of those reviews have positive things to say about the QuickBooks integration specifically. For example, if there were one hundred reviews that reported problems with the integration, I didn’t include that product.

Products are listed in order of number of reviews, organized from highest to lowest.

1. Housecall Pro

housecall pro screenshot
Housecall Pro’s scheduling feature (Source)
Integrates with: QuickBooks Online

Price: Housecall Pro has three pricing tiers; pricing starts at $39 per month for one user and goes up to $249 per month for unlimited users.

What do software users say about Housecall Pro? Housecall Pro averages 4.5/5 stars in its 785 reviews on Capterra (as of this writing). Capterra reviewers praise Housecall Pro’s ease of use, push notifications, and its billing and invoicing features.

The two cons that predominate Housecall Pro reviews relate to the program’s calendar and scheduling and to difficulty in tracking contracts and service agreements.

What do software users say about the QuickBooks integration? I searched 200 of those reviews, and there were about twice as many positive comments about QuickBooks as there were negative (15 positive, 8 negative). Moreover, three of the eight negative comments didn’t take issue with how well Housecall syncs up with QuickBooks, just with the fact that Housecall syncs up with only QuickBooks online, and not the desktop version.

Looking for products with similar features? These Housecall Pro alternatives might provide you the solutions you are looking for.

2. Jobber

screenshot of Jobber
Jobber’s scheduling feature (Source)
Integrates with: QuickBooks Online

Price: Jobber has three pricing tiers that start at $69 per month for two users and go up to $259 per month for unlimited users.

What do software users say about Jobber?

Jobber averages 4.5/5 stars over 372 Capterra reviews. Reviewers praise the company’s customer support, and also the software’s billing and invoicing features. Many reviewers also say how much they appreciate the way Jobber organizes everything they do.

Themes among user complaints are bugs in the app and frustrations with the quoting feature—difficulty in sending quotes and with the ability to customize quotes.

What do software users say about the QuickBooks integration?

Out of 200 Capterra reviews of Jobber that I looked at, there are 17 positive mentions of the QuickBooks integration and only six complaints about integration. To be fair, two of those weren’t complaints about the quality of the integration, but about the fact that Jobber doesn’t offer integration with QuickBooks Enterprise.

Interested in software solutions with similar features? These Jobber alternatives could provide the features you are looking for.

3. Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning screenshot
Field Service Lightning on desktop and mobile (Source)
Integrates with: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop

Price: Field Service Lightning has four pricing tiers that start at $25 per user, per month and go up to $300 per user, per month.

What do software users say about Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning earns a 4/5 star rating over 280 Capterra reviews. Reviewers single out a few features for particular praise, such as the ease of use, and the collaboration features. Many reviewers credit the “Chatter” feature with helping to keep their teams connected.

Ease of use is a positive for some customers, but others complain about difficulties learning to use Field Service Lightning. Other customers feel that entering jobs and other information involves too many steps and that mobile integration makes it difficult to use the program on smartphones and tablets.

What do software users say about the QuickBooks integration?

Out of 200 Capterra reviews of Field Service Lightning I looked at, only one mentions QuickBooks. That review isn’t much help, as it merely asks for FS Lightning to add QuickBooks integration (the company since has).

If you want to explore software solutions with similar features, these Field Service Lightning alternatives are worth a look.

4. ServiceM8

screenshot of ServiceM8
ServiceM8 (Source)
Integrates with: QuickBooks Online

Price: ServiceM8 has four pricing tiers that start at $29 per month for up to 50 jobs and go up to $349 per month for 1,500 jobs.

What do software users say about ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 averages 4.5/5 over 249 Capterra reviews. Customers overwhelmingly single out the program’s ease of use, as well as the accessible UI. Users also like the customizable forms that ServiceM8 offers, which make it easy to change features or requirements on specific jobs.

Some customers are frustrated by the lack of shortcuts, which requires multi-step procedures when creating jobs. There are also numerous complaints about integrating ServiceM8 with other software programs.

What do software users say about the QuickBooks integration?

From a sample of 200 Capterra reviews, seven reviews mention the QuickBooks integration. Of those, six were positive and one was negative. The sole negative review wasn’t about the quality of the QB integration but about the fact that ServiceM8 integrates with only QuickBooks Online, rather than QuickBooks Desktop.

Interested in software with comparable features? These ServiceM8 alternatives are a good place to begin.

5. Smart Service

screenshot of Smart Service
Smart Service’s scheduling feature (Source)
Integrates with: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop

Price: Contact vendor for pricing

What do software users say about Smart Service?

Smart Service averages 4.5/5 stars over 236 Capterra reviews. Reviewers love the organization they get from Smart Service, particularly the ease of scheduling and the ability to connect job instructions and pictures of the job site to each assignment.

Frustrations have to do with occasional bugs in the software, as well as the difficulty in learning how to use all of Smart Service’s features, particularly the reporting features.

What do software users say about the QuickBooks integration?

Of a sample of 200 Capterra reviews of Smart Service, 45 mention QuickBooks integration. Thirty-six of those mentions are positive, and nine are negative. Negative comments mostly mention bugs in the QuickBooks integration, but there are far more reviews that praise the bug-free QuickBooks integration.

Want to find software solutions with comparable features? These Smart Service alternatives are a good place to start.

Does your field service management software integrate with QuickBooks?

Has your service company integrated QuickBooks with your field service management software? If so, how has it helped you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Geoff Hoppe

Geoff Hoppe is a former Capterra analyst.


Comment by Sonia Tolson on

Service Autopilot is one we are currently testing. Not sure I am in love with it yet, though. Having some issues with QB two way integration not being instantaneous, and not being able to reach anyone to ask about it right now. I have to wait for them to respond to an email. Just in the first couple of weeks trying it out, so we’ll see.

Comment by Jack on

mHelpDesk will let you export the estimates to Quickbooks.

Comment by Jack on

I’m not sure why Smart Service comes in last. It’s the only one on the list that will create jobs from estimates created in QB. With the others you have to create the estimates from within their software (double entry). Smart Service also supports advanced inventory which I don’t think the others do. If there’s other software that has the same or better QB integration, please let me know. We’re going to purchase one by the end of the year. Clock Shark would be a great alternative except they don’t support inventory items what so ever.

Comment by Joe Bansfield on

Field Service Management actually does integrate with QB Online

Comment by Geo Op on

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing this important information with us. I am also looking for service scheduling software but getting confused in so much software. And then I read this article, it was great written and helpful for everyone.

Comment by Grace McCune on

I have been using Field Service Center app for iPhone and it is by far one of the best one.

Comment by Gie Reklaitis on

QuickBooks Online is partnering with ServiceBridge, a web-based field service management software to enable data sync between the two systems. No more information re-entry, customers, pricing, invoices, and parts sync instantly. To try ServiceBridge, please visit


Comment by William Smith on

In a nutshell, this was an interesting read. Even though, these new findings seem lucrative, they possess a long list of cons which would take some getting used to. No support, lack of tutorials and increase in load time are only a few chinks in the scheduling software armor for QuickBooks.

Comment by Jason Long on

(Disclosure: I work for ServiceTrade)

Interesting that even Intuit’s product is still struggling with QBO integration…

I do have one to add to the list! ServiceTrade is a scheduling, dispatch and customer management application for service contractors that integrates with QuickBooks. We are a web-based application with apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. We focus on technician productivity and reducing administrative overhead. Prices start at $29/month per field tech (no charge for administrative users).

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