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5 Great Service Scheduling Software Solutions for QuickBooks

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Update: This post has been updated to include five new options, four of which are field service management software programs that can handle service scheduling, and also come with a range of other functionalities. The original version of this article was written when Capterra was still ranking software; options in this version are listed alphabetically.

Trying to manage your field technicians’ schedules and then manually generate the correct invoices for the correct jobs is like trying to juggle with one arm.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were systems out there designed to automatically create invoices in QuickBooks whenever you finish a job? Well—there are! Many systems are created specifically for QuickBooks users so that whenever you enter customer or job information into the system, it gets automatically sent over to QuickBooks and an invoice is created so the job can be billed immediately—this saves time and eliminates a lot of double entry.

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To save you the time of looking through all the systems out there to see which ones can integrate with QuickBooks, I’ve listed ten great options for you to look into.

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1. ClockShark

ClockShark handles service scheduling, but also offers GPS tracking, real-time reports, and a proprietary feature called CrewClock, which lets managers clock in and out for employees.  

ClockShark offers monthly and annual pricing models.

Annual pricing model:

1-30 people: base fee $20.83; $4.17 per worker

31-40 people: base fee $17.72; $3.54 per worker

41-50 people: base fee $16.68; $3.34 per worker

51-60 people: base fee $15.64; $3.13 per worker

Prices for the monthly version are a few dollars more for base fee and per-worker rates.


ClockShark gets a perfect 5/5 average from 151 reviews on Capterra. Customers praise how easy ClockShark is to use, and how intuitive its interface and dashboards are. Customer service is also a frequently-cited pro, which is useful if you’re not particularly tech-minded.

Reviews did contain a few Quickbooks-related cons. One came from a reviewer who said their job names in Quickbooks were changed by ClockShark, and another complained their “mapped items don’t update with changes in Quickbooks.”  

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2. HouseCall Pro

Another field service management program, HouseCall Pro can track your employees’ schedules, as well as their location (GPS), billing for jobs, and past completed jobs. It can also, of course, integrate with Quickbooks, sending information to that program automatically, and cutting down on hours of data entry time.


I hate to seem ageist, but here’s the most amusing and enlightening pro I saw among customer reviews: “We hired senior citizens as receptionists and they had no problem learning how to use it – it’s that easy!” It suggests how intuitive HouseCall’s user experience is. More impressively, HouseCall Pro was ranked #1 in Capterra’s list of the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Field Service Software and the Top 20 Most Affordable Field Service Software.  

Cons included not being able to set up recurring credit card payments or appointments from your mobile device. One wished they could track chemicals used at customers’ homes, but, full disclosure, the same reviewer who wanted that also expressed how happy they were with the program.

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3. Intuit Field Service Management ES

Intuit and Corrigo partnered to develop this web-based field service management software that helps your business run smoothly and manages everything from work order to invoices.  It also works with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to keep your field service data together with your financial information. Some of their customers include Brunson Air and Heating and Secon Corporation.

Intuit Field Service Management charges $35/user/month for up to ten users, $31/user/month for 11-40 users, and $28/user/month for 41-100 users. They also have additional per user per month fees for their add-on modules, which are optional.


Intuit Field Service Management ES has smooth integration with QuickBooks, the dispatch board can be viewed in live time, scheduling and rescheduling work orders is very easy, and it has great support.

Some drawbacks are that it does not connect with QuickBooks Online, and that there is no mobile calendar or calendar integration.

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4. Jobber

If you use Jobber, it’s only $9 a month extra to integrate Quickbooks on top of the basic $39/month rate. That’s for the whole company. As far as pricing goes, with Jobber’s $39/month rate, you get unlimited basic users (mobile access, GPS tracking, ability to view payments and work orders). You can upgrade a user to Pro (extra features like arrival notifications, ability to create quotes and estimates, and collect payments).

Jobber’s actually a full field service management program, rather than just service scheduling software. They do handle scheduling, too, though, along with other functionalities like route optimization, invoicing, dispatch management, quoting, and service history.


Biggest pro: Jobber averages a 4.5/5 from 234 reviews on Capterra. That’s the field service equivalent of a 90%+ on Rotten Tomatoes. I could say more about how useful the Quickbooks integration is, but the customer reviews say it better:

  • Jeff Dalton: “I could not run my business without Jobber. Especially helpful is the billing by email, the powerful scheduling tool and the integration with QuickBooks Online!”
  • Laura Lovgren: “…this program is very user friendly and the interface with Quickbooks is key.”
  • Chris Beaupre: “Being able to integrate with square and quickbooks allows us to be efficient, effective and on the path to a successful future.”
  • Zak Downing: “Ease of use, excellent customer support, quickbooks integration, makes your company look professional, half the cost of the other guys.”
  • Juan Huerta: “Easy to use and schedule work any where there is internet access, I like the fact that I can sink my invoices with quickbooks.”

Jobber also ranked second on Capterra’s list of the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software.

A few Jobber customers complained about printing out labels or orders, and there were two users who complained that they wanted more customizability, specifically in reports and emails. That said, there are also numerous reviews that put “n/a,” “none,” or “I didn’t find this sooner” in the con section of their reviews.

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5. Kickserv

Kickserv is, you guessed it, another field service management software program. But it also integrates with Quickbooks, and it’s as strongly reviewed as the other options on this list.

Kickserv has four pricing options:

  • Lite: $26/month, up to two users
  • Basic: $44/month, up to five users
  • Standard: $89/month, up to ten users
  • Pro: $134/month, up to 20 users

You can also add an extra “pack” of five users for $15. Note that QuickBooks integration does cost an extra $10/month if you’re using the cloud version, or $50/month for the desktop version. The cost seems worth it, though, as Kickserv will update your past three years of invoice history when they set up the integration.


Here are some words and phrases customer reviews used to describe Kickserv’s QuickBooks integration: “great,” “seamless,” “the best part,” “met all our expectations,” “accurate and seamless,” “easy to sync,” and “integrates smoothly.” Customers also love the ease of use and helpful customer service.

Like a lot of other options on this list, the cons are few and far between. As far as QuickBooks goes, one review cited “a major issue” they’d had with a corrupted QuickBooks file.

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6. RazorSync

RazorSync is a field service management software program, but service scheduling is one thing it does. It has the usual range of field service functionalities, like invoicing and billing, inventory control, quotes and estimates, and a customer database. RazorSync’s Quickbooks integration removes the hassle of double data entry into both your FSM software and Quickbooks. Their Quickbooks integration also automatically updates other information, like materials used in the field, time of job, and what specifically was done.

RazorSync has several pricing models:

  • Solo: 2 users, $40/month if paid annually, $45/month if paid month-to-month; one-time activation $100
  • Team: up to 7 users, $115/month if paid annually, $135 if month-to-month; activation fee $350
  • Pro: up to 15 users, $240/month if paid annually, $280 if month-to-month; activation fee $550
  • Enterprise: up to 45 users, $630/month if paid annually, $725 if month-to-month; activation fee $800


Though RazorSync is a full field service solution, several Capterra reviews cite its scheduling as a particular strength. Reviews call RS “solid scheduling software” and say it “provided excellent scheduling.” Customers also like how fast and easy dispatching is, and note the high quality of customer service, regardless of customer size.

Some customers complained about trouble with address verification and a lack of customization. There was one scheduling complaint from a customer who wanted to be able to schedule multiple days and people from the work order entry screen.

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7. QXpress Scheduling Software

QXpress Scheduling Software by Marathon Data Systems is a program made for QuickBooks users that work in the field service industry. It handles scheduling, job costing and invoicing. Customers include Prime Lawn and New England Lawn Irrigation.

Their plans start at $59/month, and go up to $99/month based on the additional features each package has.


QXpress Scheduling Software has smooth integration, it is easy to setup, and scheduling and estimating jobs is very simple as well.

A downside of the software is that reporting can be difficult, and if you continue to upgrade QuickBooks, you’ll also need to keep QXpress updated or it may stop working with QuickBooks.

8. The Service Program

The Service Program by Westrom Software is software that works with QuickBooks to help you manage your service business and handles things like scheduling, route tracking and invoicing. They offer three different ways to use the software: subscription, finance, or purchase.

Subscription would involve an upfront cost of anywhere from $249-$1200 and a monthly fee of $49.95-$199.95, depending on the number of PCs.

The finance option involves a down payment of anywhere from $500-$2,000, a monthly payment of $145-$210, and support costs from $25-$60 per month, depending on the number of PCs.

The purchase option ranges in price from $2,095-$4,295 total, with yearly support fees that range from $300-$700, depending on the number of PCs. 


Users have said that The Service Program works great with QuickBooks, can track field technicians and their jobs well, and is flexible and able to change along with your business.

Cons include the fact that there are not many tutorials besides some training videos, and at times it can be difficult to get questions answered.

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9. ServiceTask

ServiceTask Software by New Service LLC is web-based software that helps you to schedule jobs, has reminders and notes, and a dispatch board. Customers include Alpine High Window Cleaning and Eco Tech Pest Control.

There are no installation or download fees, and they also have free support and upgrades. For one user it is $24/month, and for unlimited users it is $49/month.


ServiceTask is reported to have a great support team, be intuitive, have a great calendar feature, and be open to making changes.

However, some users say there is no products or inventory support, and no invoice support.

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10. Smart Service

Smart Service by Intuit is a service scheduling software designed for QuickBooks users that handles scheduling and routing for a wide range of industries.  Their customers include USA Plumbing, Amps & Volts Electric, and Empire Pools, Inc. Smart Service costs around $1,600 for a one-time fee.


Smart Service has a good dispatch feature, is simple and easy to use, has good technical support, and has great scheduling features.

Some downsides of the software are that loading times can be high, and sometimes updates are run without warning.

Have any questions or comments? Are there other service scheduling systems you think play well with QuickBooks? Add them below!

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Other QuickBooks integration?

Did I miss out on any service scheduling programs that integrate with QuickBooks? Is there one you love that I didn’t list here? If so, let me know in the comments section!

If you’re interested in even more field service software that syncs with Quickbooks, check out Intuit’s app store, where you can search for field service apps approved by the makers of Quickbooks, so you know you’re dealing with a product that will integrate. Heads-up about all of these: you subscribe, rather than purchase.

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(Disclosure: I work for ServiceTrade)

Interesting that even Intuit’s product is still struggling with QBO integration…

I do have one to add to the list! ServiceTrade is a scheduling, dispatch and customer management application for service contractors that integrates with QuickBooks. We are a web-based application with apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. We focus on technician productivity and reducing administrative overhead. Prices start at $29/month per field tech (no charge for administrative users).

In a nutshell, this was an interesting read. Even though, these new findings seem lucrative, they possess a long list of cons which would take some getting used to. No support, lack of tutorials and increase in load time are only a few chinks in the scheduling software armor for QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online is partnering with ServiceBridge, a web-based field service management software to enable data sync between the two systems. No more information re-entry, customers, pricing, invoices, and parts sync instantly. To try ServiceBridge, please visit

I have been using Field Service Center app for iPhone and it is by far one of the best one.

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing this important information with us. I am also looking for service scheduling software but getting confused in so much software. And then I read this article, it was great written and helpful for everyone.

Field Service Management actually does integrate with QB Online

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