5 JackRabbit Dance Studio Alternatives to Waltz Your Way Through

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You may be a pro at ballet dancing, tango, samba, or jive. Your sprightly waltzes, twists, and swirls may be the talk of the town. But are dancing skills what you need to successfully run your dance studio? Will they help you handle customers well? What if there are payment issues, schedule clashes, or staff problems?

Well, you don’t have to worry! Dance studio management software can help you manage registrations, attendance, fees, and everything else easily.

JackRabbit is one of the most popular dance studio software options. Gymnastics classes and sports schools can also use this software. Some of the main features of the software include online registration, customer portal, billing, and payment processing. The software also supports costume and recital management and point of sale. JackRabbit can integrate with QuickBooks and most users love its customer support.


Would you like to know about other alternate options before jumping in to decide the software best suited for your business? Read on to learn about five fantastic alternatives to JackRabbit.


YourVirtuoso is an integrated web-based solution for dance studio and music schools. The software helps you schedule and manage your classes. You can print class rosters and track enrollments. YourVirtuoso also supports online registration and e-payments. You can send confirmations and payment reminders via email. The software supports online makeups and previews as well.

YourVirtuoso helps in managing email marketing campaigns. You can also design SEO-friendly websites with the software. The software supports reporting and auto-pay features. You can also integrate it with QuickBooks. 



  • Capterra reviewers like YourVirtuoso’s back office capabilities such as record keeping, communication, and organization
  • One of the most loved features of this software was its ability to generate reports – financial, enrollment, etc.


  • Some Capterra reviewers didn’t like the software’s customer service
  • Many also wanted improvements in the website template options and mailing system


YourVirtuoso offers a free version that includes features such as online registrations, e-payments, class management, website templates, etc. The Pro version costs $29.99 per month while the Full version costs $79.99 per month. You can click here to get more details.


CompuDance helps dance, music, and gymnastic studios manage billing and scheduling. The software supports online enrollments, electronic payment processing, and class scheduling. It also offers parent and teacher portals. Customers have mentioned it as a convenient way to improve communication between parents, students, and teachers. You can also manage billing and accounts receivable with the software.  

The software offers automatic backups, secures data using an SSL connection, and hosts all applications in an industry certified datacenter. CompuDance is accessible on MacBooks and mobile devices. It also offers a store functionality for buying and selling items. The software also offers certificates to students on completing courses.



  • Capterra reviewers appreciate the prompt and friendly customer service offered
  • Most loved features of the product include auto billing, auto pay, online registration, email system, and recital organization


  • One of the reviewers expressed concerns due to steep learning curve involved especially for non tech savvy people


Pricing information is available by contacting the vendor.


iClassPro is an online class management software for dance, gymnastics, and swimming schools. The software helps in online enrollments of students. The software automatically calculates pro-rated tuition and registration fees, promo codes, etc. when students register online. iClassPro also offers custom website templates and a mobile friendly attendance module. Its calendar features helps to schedule classes and check staff attendance.

iClassPro can support unlimited number of students, staff, and classes. You can also import/export data from MS-Excel spreadsheets and CSV files. The software’s analytics and audit log features help in tracking history of your customers. You can also build custom skill trees by category or skill levels using the skill tree feature. The instructors can also keep notes and completion statuses for every student.



  • iClassPro’s customer service support, mobile attendance and parent portal are very well appreciated by reviewers on Capterra
  • Reviewers also love its web-based registration and online payment features


  • Few Capterra reviewers feel that the software lacks some customizable features and is slow in adding new features
  • One of the reviewers also commented that the software lacks a global perspective and targets users in the US region only


iClassPro costs $129 per month and is available for a 30-day free trial. Click here to know more details on pricing.

The Studio Director

The Studio Director is a cloud-based dance studio and gymnastics software that is accessible on mobile devices. The software supports online registrations and payments through the customer portal. Customer reviews on Capterra mention that the software is user-friendly and easy-to-use. You can customize the software to add additional student fields, class tuition models, etc. The software also supports cash basis accounting methods and can integrate with your existing dance studio website.



  • Users love the way the software helps to organize documents, billing reports, and send confirmation emails
  • Capterra reviewers have also commented well on the customer service they received


  • Capterra reviewers hope that the software will add new features such as tax calculations, simultaneous student evaluation, attendance monitoring etc.


The starting price is $39 per month for up to 100 students. The software is available at different price ranges depending on the number of students. For classes with 4001-5000 students, the price is $289. For studios with over 500 students, you’ll need to contact the vendor for pricing details. The software is available for a 15-day free trial.

DanceStudio – Pro

Here’s another awesome dance studio software. DanceStudio Pro offers all the regular features such as online enrollments, e-payments, parent portals, automated phone calls etc. It also offers other features such as recital and costume management. Users love its robo-text, robo-mailer, and robo-dial functions that automate the communication process and save time.

DanceStudio-Pro helps to manage multiple studios at different locations. It also offers customizable reports. The software’s class management features help to track attendance, play music, grade students, and watch video lesson plans. DanceStudio-Pro is also accessible on tablets and smartphones.



  • Capterra reviewers love the customer service offered and the speed at which the provider adds new features
  • Users like the software’s robo-text, robo-dial, billing, accounting etc. features as they are user-friendly


  • Customers would like to see the software integrate with costume supplier websites and help them in purchase and taking down notes


DanceStudio-Pro has a starting price of $30 per month and is available for a 30-day free trial. Click here to know of the features included in the price packages.

Let’s conclude!

If you want to dance your way out of administrative hassles effortlessly, a dance studio software could be one of your best bets. It will minimize the management tussles and give you much free time to do what you enjoy!

If you are already using a dance studio software, tell us what you like or dislike about it. Or if you are still searching for the perfect software, you can check out Capterra’s dance studio software directory.

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