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5 Most Popular Legal Billing Software

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Other than hardcore communists, just about everyone likes getting paid. It may not be why you do what you do, especially in a career requiring as much hard work and education as law, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

And, odds are, if you do your work and do it well, the people you work for will want to pay you, and pay you well. There’s a way you can make that process easier for them, and for you, and it’s as easy as installing a computer program.

Plenty of solo attorneys and law firms already use legal billing software to keep track of their hours and manage their costs. That’s great, because it means we have a wealth of information about the pros and cons of different softwares.


Use their knowledge to plan ahead, make life easier, and get paid.

Unless of course you’re a dirty rotten commie.


This joke sponsored by the McCarthy Campaign

The list is determined by the number of positive reviews each entry has on Capterra. Want to see your favorite up here? Give it a review!

1. FreshBooks

50182 (1)

Notable Features

  • Graphic visualization of tasks and the time they’ll block off
  • Convenient popup time tracker
  • Auto-billing for tracked hours

Reviewers Say

117 reviewers give FreshBooks a 4.5/5 rating.

“This is a great easy-to-use accounting/billing software for small businesses with great functions for making keeping track of your invoices easy. It also integrates with banking / credit cards to easily help you manage expenses.”

“Easy to use and highly functional. Keeps all of your client invoicing organized and easy. I would chose Freshbooks again and recommend it to others.”

“It is nice to talk to a real person when you need a quick answer, I value that! Being a small company it is nice to be able to chat with someone whenever I have had to make an inquiry.”

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2. Clio


Notable Features

  • Clio is, of course, a much larger system, but the billing in particular is notably robust
  • Built-in features for your clients such as early payment discounts
  • Easy to set up flexible billing arrangements for different clients

Reviewers Say

89 reviewers give Clio a 4.5/5 rating.

“I tried multiple software programs before Clio. Clio is by far the easiest to use and the most versatile for the money. They have the best customer service, and I feel like my small law firm matters and has a voice. That is important to me.”

“Clio is not going to magically make your life better; you still have to learn to use it and then make sure it gets used correctly (we have some attorneys here who haven’t been as good about that as the staff and some of the other attorneys have been), but it’s so worth the effort. And, if you have a problem, their support staff is fantastic. Quick to respond, very helpful and polite, and if they have to tell you that the requested fix isn’t available yet they’ll at least assure you that it’s being put on the list for future improvements.”

“I absolutely love Clio – their design is great, the interface is user friendly, and they are extremely responsive and open to our feedback! This was the first software I tried when I started growing my practice and have never thought twice about looking elsewhere!”

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3. TimeSolv


Notable Features

  • Approval system helps you avoid invoicing errors
  • Integrated with QuickBooks
  • Comprehensive, easy to read reporting

Reviewers Say

89 users give TimeSolv a 4.5/5 rating.

“Love everything about TimeSolv. It’s so easy to set up client, matters, invoice settings, etc. Really love the flexibility of searching for info, entering time, and the biggest benefit to us is the use of the LEDES billing. About 50% of our clients utilize this format and with the help of the excellent customer support staff, I was able to set up this up and send test invoices and they ALL worked!”

“Very easy to use. The resulting client invoices are accurate, complete and easy to understand. Most importantly, my time required to prepare my monthly fee invoices has been reduced and the process streamlined, and my monthly billing is not as onerous as it used to be thanks to TimeSolv, which is constantly trying to improve the software even further. Customer support has been outstanding, with live people to talk with usually immediately. Very much appreciated.”

“We use TimeSolve exclusively for our timekeeping and billing. I have only good things to say about the program. It is so much easier to use than our old system (that we paid a lot of money to purchase). Everything about the program — including client information set-up, timekeeping, report generation, and invoicing — is amazingly user friendly.”

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4. CosmoLex


Notable Features

  • Allows online pay for your clients
  • Extremely detailed billing breakdowns
  • Comprehensive integrations, including Gmail, Dropbox, Office 365, and LawPay

Reviewers Say

68 reviewers give CosmoLex a 5/5 rating.

“Integration with an accounting package was the primary reason I switched to CosmoLex. I didn’t want to lose any features I had before, but the accounting integration was the main reason for the switch.”

“I started my own practice and desperately needed an accounting software I could manage as well as a practical and efficient timekeeping system. Cosmolex had the built in accounting program that other programs didn’t. All other programs required the integration of Quickbooks which seems inefficient.”

“As a small new firm, we needed a solution that would allow us to track our client matters, be careful of any conflicts, and manage our basic accounting needs. No other solution fit our needs quite like CosmoLex. We reviewed many packages, and ultimately, we chose CosmoLex because of its powerful integrated accounting system and overall client workflow. Everything is situated in a manner that is practical and makes sense; we found the learning curve to be very low.”

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5. Time59


Notable Features

  • Web based, so it works on any computer (and mobile)
  • Unlimited secure storage space
  • Easy for multiple users to access and use at once

Reviewers Say

50 users give Time59 a 5/5 rating.

“When opening up my law practice I looked at several time/billing options. This one was low cost, which was a great selling point. I thought I would start there and then move on to something else eventually, but for my small practice this has been all I need. It is easy to use, and provides everything I need for entering time, creating bills, and keeping track of income.”

“I do a lot of flat rate billing and only a little litigation. I like that I can email statements from the “dashboard” and that this is cloud-based and very affordable. I also appreciate that if I have a problem and I call for help, I end up talking with the designer, who is responsive to requests about how to improve the product. If you want a straight forward and competitively priced produce, I would recommend this one.”

“I have been using Time59 for the past 8 years and highly recommend it. It is very easy to set up a new client and very efficient to use. The customer support has also been first rate. Every year, it seems that the product gets better as new innovations are added. If you are looking for a straightforward system to track your time and expenses and then efficiently bill your clients, look no further than Time 59.”

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Other awesome legal billing software?

Do none of these fit the bill for you? Is there a software you love for legal billing and time tracking that isn’t listed here? Let me know about it in the comments.

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Hey Halden!

I’m using Timeflow as a legal billing software and works fantastic! What I like the most about it:

– Easy to use
– Clean Interface
– The top bar (It guides you from time tracking to invoicing)

It’s also free to use (yay!). You can check them out at, definitely worth trying.

Best regards!

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