5 Networkfleet Alternatives For Small Fleets

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Verizon’s Networkfleet has served your fleet well over the years. It’s reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly. Reviewers say Networkfleet can be tailored to your needs, and has an excellent GPS system.

Networkfleet’s a great program, but it’s designed for the enterprise space, and you might be looking for a program that was designed to work with small businesses. Or, you could be looking for a software company that’s more flexible about smaller fleet financing. Maybe your drivers need something more flexible or responsive while they’re in the field.


Below are five alternatives to Networkfleet, listed in alphabetical order, that all include these five crucial features:

  1. Driver management
  2. Fuel tracking
  3. Vehicle tracking and reporting
  4. GPS integration
  5. Automatic notifications

1. ClearPathGPS

clearpath gps

ClearPathGPS gives you live traffic updates

Price: $20/month subscription

Capterra rating: 5/5

Pros: Live traffic updates and maps keep your fleet’s path clear, and real-time data makes reporting efficient, accurate, and quick. ClearPathGPS stores your information in a reporting library, along with vehicle behavior scorecards, historical reports, and driver rankings. ClearPathGPS can integrate with GPS apps. ClearPathGPS also features detailed reporting for stopping, speeding, and idling, automatic mileage updates, and arrival and departure alerts to help you keep track of each vehicle’s expense and travel time.

Cons: Reviewers have reported difficulty extracting files from the library, and that the software lacks a self-scheduling function. They also say the software’s dependence on Google Maps has its limitations.

2. ELD Fleet

ELD Fleet

ELD Fleet’s interface

Price: $10/month subscription with a free trial available

Capterra rating: 4.5/5

Pros: ELD Fleet offers a great set of fleet management features, all up to date with federal regulations. The software comes with GPS integration, driver vehicle inspection reporting, a logbook for hours of service, an API, mobile alerts, data reporting, and an e-signature feature that keep fleets efficient and under budget. ELD Fleet also features DOT and FMCSA compliance. Reviewers like its user-friendly interface and easy customization. Reviewers also praise its accurate and responsive reporting.

Cons: Because the software was developed on the West Coast, East Coast reviewers have had difficulty adjusting the time zone on the software. They also recommend more functionality with ELD Fleet’s mobile app, and say that the onboarding process can be slow.

3. Fleetio

fleetio screenshot

Fleetio’s mobile app lets you track drivers in real time

Price: $15/month subscription with a free trial available

Capterra rating: 5/5

Pros: Fleetio gives you easy access to your data with a cloud database, intelligent reporting, unlimited users, and data tracking. The app sends reminders to keep your fleet on track and on time. It integrates with GPS apps, or a fuel card service. You can also schedule maintenance check-ups, track work orders, and manage parts to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Cons: Reviewers say the reporting can be a little limited, and not as easy to schedule automatically. Fleetio does not have very many document integrations, which reviewers say would help reduce duplicate entries in their databases.

4. Fleetmatics Reveal

fleetmatics reveal dashboard

Fleetmatics Reveal’s dashboard

Price: Contact vendor for a quote

Capterra rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Real-time driver tracking, timeline view and replay, GPS integration, and customizable dashboards make Fleetmatics Reveal a very visual software, which is useful for driver-focused reporting. Text and email notifications, arrival and departure alerts, service scheduling and notifications, security notifications, and speeding reports make it an extremely communicative software as well. Each driver can be equipped with a unique key fob ID, which streamlines tracking and reporting.

Cons: Reviewers report that Fleetmatics does not integrate well with other software. They also said some of the interfaces are less user-friendly than desired.

5. GPS Insight

GPS insight image

GPS Insight is available for multiple devices

Price: $19.99/month subscription with a free trial available; contact vendor for a quote for a one-time license

Capterra rating: N/A

Pros: GPS Insight has its speciality in the name; reviewers laud its mapping and tracking systems, accurate and customizable reporting suite, and powerful application programming interface. Communication through email and text alerts keep everyone connected on the road, and maintenance scheduling and engine diagnostics make sure you’ll never miss a maintenance check. Driver and fuel scorecards track your fleet’s progress, and a dispatch feature sends the drivers closet to your clients to save on fuel and increase efficiency.

Cons: Some reviewers report difficulty tracking vehicles that go out of range of the network. Users also say that troubleshooting any issues with the software requires bringing the truck back in from its route. Other reviewers report difficulty with the tracking system interface, and the software doesn’t allow managers to track drivers live.

What software do you use for fleet management?

If you’re looking for more fleet management software, check out Capterra’s fleet management software directory. Whatever software you use, if it keeps your drivers safe and your fleet efficient, it’s a keeper! Have any suggestions for fleet management software? Is there a software you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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