5 Standout Project Management Tools with QuickBooks Integration

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Did you know that QuickBooks serves 29 million small businesses in the United States? And that it takes up 80% of the small business accounting software market?

Love it or hate it, QuickBooks is essential to the plurality of small businesses in America, and its market position isn’t likely to change soon. The makers of project management software, both for large and small teams, have taken note and created beautiful QuickBooks integrations for their software.

With that said, not every QuickBooks integration is worth your time.

Project management tools with QuickBooks

Project Management Tools with QuickBooks Integration

The following project management software providers have all received high reviews for their QuickBooks functionality. The integrations work in real-time and act seamlessly between the two software options. I’ve also narrowed down whom the project management software is best for and who shouldn’t waste their time with the product.

Finally, I’ve outlined common praise and complaints for the reviewed project management tools. After narrowing down a list of 540+ project management software options, these five are definitely worth your consideration.

1. Atlassian JIRA

Project management tools with QuickBooks

JIRA is a cloud-based project management software tool, largely made for IT.

QuickBooks integration

The QuickBooks Connector for JIRA is a JIRA plugin that transfers JIRA data into your QuickBooks account. The plugin allows you to bill different customers at different rates, though this requires some comfort with data structuring (in other words, leave it to the IT guys to get it right).

Why is JIRA on the list?

JIRA is everywhere; it’s the second most popular project management software system, just under Microsoft Project. With a 4/5 rating and over 910 reviews, users are largely happy with the product. JIRA allows users to use its REST API to create tickets automatically from other operations. Its flexible dashboard, search, and reporting features make project management straightforward, particularly for agile software development. Users can also use JIRA to do sprint planning, tracking, and task estimations.

Common complaints about JIRA

JIRA isn’t a “set up and go” software—it’s complicated to learn, albeit powerful. Some users have complained about the time it takes to create dashboards, and some error resolution is difficult to manage without customer support.

Who is JIRA made for?

The software is made for businesses of all sizes looking for an agile IT project management tool.

Who is JIRA NOT made for?

If you’re new to project management, you might want to consider a less complicated tool. JIRA also isn’t well suited to creative departments.

Do you have thoughts on Atlassian JIRA? Help us out and write a review!

2. Avaza

Project management tools with QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration

Avaza’s approach to QuickBooks was designed with its target audience (small businesses) in mind. Avaza, like many other programs on this list, uses Zapier to connect the two programs. Avaza has an easy-to-follow integration-setup blog post that details how to use QuickBooks to automatically create new customers when one’s made in Avaza and how to automate invoices along with appropriately marking when those invoices were sent.

Why is Avaza on the list?

Out of over 80 reviews on Capterra, Avaza comfortably scores a 4.5/5 for overall, ease of use, and customer service. It has powerful dashboards to keep your project on time and on budget, and it allows users to adjust billing settings to each individual project, person, category, or even hourly rate. For those looking to make the most of their QuickBooks integration, Avaza also offers streamlined expense management that is powerful enough to grow from freelancer, to small business, to mid-sized company.

Common complaints about Avaza

Users often complain about Avaza’s aesthetic. In addition, there have been a few complaints about mismanaged historical data. Finally, users say that they want the ability to create proposal documents through Avaza that can be signed digitally.

Who is Avaza made for?

Avaza is made for SMBs in IT, accounting, marketing, and advertising.

Who is Avaza NOT made for?

Avaza is not intended to be used at large companies.

Do you have thoughts on Avaza? Have something to add? Write a review!

3. BillQuick

Project management tools with QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration

All of BillQuick’s editions, from basic to enterprise, integrate with QuickBooks, from Pro to Premier (though it doesn’t do Plus accounts). It’s important to note that BillQuick is a project management software before it is an accounting software, so while QuickBooks is client-centered, BillQuick focuses on the whole of the project. Because of this, BillQuick built in placeholder data for a more smooth integration process. BillQuick’s integration works in real time and carefully keeps a log file to make sure the end user has complete control over both ends of their software stack.

Why is BillQuick on the list?

BillQuick has a 4.5/5 reviews score on Capterra with 215 reviews—and it’s worth noting that its customer service score is a perfect 5/5. BillQuick is an all-in-one suite for project management, billing, and accounting. People particularly like it because multiple users can work on the system simultaneously, entering their time and expenses without mucking up one another’s work. The software also provides an option for users to view time and expense reports online with multiple filter options for reports and analytics. Finally, BillQuick is wholly scalable—it can follow your business’ growth from a single person to a global entity.  

Common complaints about BillQuick

Some users have had difficulty calculating employee overtime hours using BillQuick. In addition, some reporting options require computer programming skills.

Who is BillQuick made for?

Businesses and teams in legal, finance, IT, and engineering.

Who is BillQuick NOT made for?

The software offers limited features with the basic edition and is expensive for small companies.

Do you have thoughts on BillQuick? Help us out and write a review!

4. Mavenlink

Project management tools with QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration

Mavenlink created a system that uses live updates and Gantt charts to track dollars and time down to the minute. Users can use the QuickBooks integration to include subcontractors, and permissions settings help control who can do what within the software. Finally, the integration is powerful enough to switch between fixed and variable expenses while keeping both in sync.

Why is Mavenlink on the list?

Mavenlink has a healthy 4/5 stars on Capterra. For companies looking for an all-in-one time tracking, resource planning, and project management software for a below-market price point (starting at $19 for teams of five people), Mavenlink is a great bet, especially for businesses with multiple contractors and freelancers.

Common complaints about Mavenlink

Users have noted that admins lack the ability to review, edit, and approve project charges in the invoicing cycle. The mobile app also doesn’t function without an internet connection.

Who is Mavenlink made for?

Mavenlink is made for businesses in marketing, advertising, public relations, AEC, IT, management consulting, and education.

Who is Mavenlink NOT made for?

Manufacturing businesses.

Do you have thoughts on Mavenlink? Let us know with a review!

5. ProWorkflow

Project management tools with QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration

ProWorkflow’s integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online allows users to send invoices to QuickBooks and sync contacts. Users can also use the QuickBooks integration to keep their employees’ tracked time in order and billed correctly.

Why is ProWorkflow on the list?

ProWorkflow has over 70 reviews on Capterra and a 4.5/5 overall recommendation. The project management tool provides centralized project collaboration for executives, project managers, team members, contractors and clients through file sharing, time and expense tracking, resource management, and Gantt charts. As a top to-do app for entrepreneurs and freelancers, ProWorkflow is particularly good at task management and accounting for small business owners.

Common complaints about ProWorkflow

Most complaints center on ProWorkflow’s aesthetic—if you don’t like the look of spreadsheets, you won’t like this app. Users have also complained that timesheet and expense entry can be complicated and that the software doesn’t “lock” expense information upon submittal, meaning that information can be changed after it’s “finalized.”

Who is ProWorkflow made for?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMBs in the IT, education, and media industries.

Who is ProWorkflow NOT made for?

ProWorkflow is not made for large businesses.

Do you have thoughts on ProWorkflow? Help us out and write a review!

More Project Management Tools with QuickBooks Integration?

Tons of other project management tools, like Zoho Projects, Clarizen, and Teamwork Projects, have QuickBooks integrations. Which ones are your favorites? If I missed them in the shortlist, recommend why you like that product in the comments below. And while you’re at it, leave a review for your favorite project management software or for QuickBooks itself!

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I am looking for a Quick Books integration that provides Earned Value Management.
Any suggestions?


Thanks for recommending TaskQue for project management software with QuickBooks integration. TaskQue doesn’t have many reviews on Capterra, and since those were used heavily in how I constructed this article, I did not review it.


I think you have missed a project management tool that should be included in your list and its name is TaskQue. TaskQue is an innovative project management tool that let you optimize resource utilization by automating task allocation so that you can complete projects before the deadline and inside the budget.

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