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5 Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Annoying ATS

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It’s just not the same anymore.

You remember when you first locked eyes, felt swept off your feet, felt like this was it, this was The One. But recently the spark is gone. And frankly… you’ve both grown apart. It’s probably time to move on and try something new for a while.

Applicant Tracking Software

It’s hard when the spark between you and your applicant tracking software dies.

Here’s how you know when to leave your ATS in the dust and go for something a little fresher.

1: You’re using too many programs at once

You have your ATS.

And you have your excel sheets for ranking.

And your scorecard for conducting interviews.

And your email for communicating with the rest of your hiring team.

And your survey software for figuring out your candidate experience.

And your… well. You get it. You’re using an ATS, but only for one, narrow aspect of hiring. If your ATS isn’t flexible enough to keep up with all of the tools that go into recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, then your program is just too narrow.

2: You aren’t getting the support you need

Having good support means everything in any relationship, including the relationship you have with your applicant tracking system. If you’re getting poor customer support, that alone may be reason enough to make the switch.

Poor support can happen for any number of reasons. It doesn’t mean that the company hates you, it just means that something is off. For instance, the software provider may be the wrong size for your company. If they’re a huge company with dozens of products and hundreds of clients and you’re a small biz with ten employees, it will be just as bad of a fit as if you’re managing a hiring network of thousands and they only have four IT professionals on staff.

Either way, if the fit is off, you need to find a software, and support, that matches your needs.

If you’re worried about getting burned again, check the applicant tracking software reviews for any software you want to buy, to make sure that customer service is getting five stars.

3: The words are all wrong

Keywords are the hidden bane of hiring. They lurk in all applicant tracking systems, shredding perfectly relevant resumes and mistakenly sending you applications that have nowhere near the requirements for the position.

There are many ways to hack your keywords to help your ATS give you a better hire, but if your software consistently rejects good resumes and misses the ones you really want, it might be time to get a system with a savvier filter.

4: You need more follow-through

It’s like being great on the first date but never calling after, or being unable to schedule the second. You want an ATS that doesn’t drop all functionality after you finish the first interview.

You also need software that holds onto older applications and resumes for you. Have you ever had a candidate who wasn’t right at the time, but was perfect for a later position, only when that position opened up their application was nowhere to be found? Old resumes need to be just as searchable as new ones.

In addition, there are certain legal requirements you need to follow in terms of how long you must retain old resumes. If your ATS cannot handle archiving and sorting these older applications, it will only slow you down.

5: Your staff never uses it

This may be the ultimate “tell” of an out-of-date ATS: your staff hates it. Sure it’s there, but nobody ever opens the program, or, if they do, they complain about it and rush to get what they needed and get out.

Your system simply is not user friendly, and that’s a program. At the end of the day, your hiring staff are going to be the ones accessing the system and spending the most time in it. If it makes them miserable, then it’s impacting their ability to do their jobs. They, and your business as a whole, will be more successful if you work together to find a program that they actually like using.

Where to start looking

So are you ready for a new flame? Are you ready to love again?

Luckily, you don’t need to resort to Tinder to find a new ATS to fall in love with. Capterra has directories and filters that will make this painless. No swiping left required.

Have you recently dumped your ATS? Looking for a new love? Tell me your method in the comments below.

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Halden Ingwersen

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