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5 Software Solutions to Grow Your Business

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Your business is growing and you are passing new milestones all the time.  How do you make sure that growth continues, and that you can keep up?  Consider investing in the following five types of software.5 software solutions grow business

1.  Content Management Software:  Since this is 2010, you probably have a website.  As your business expands, you’ll want your site to be able to do new things, more things or the same things, but better. Content management software makes all of these “things” easy to handle.

2.  Email Marketing Software:  With the help of content management software, you’ve turned your website into a prospect-gathering machine. Email marketing software can help you take these contacts, share your message with them and convert them into leads.

3. Lead Management Software:  Now that you have an ever-growing pile of leads, you’ll need a way to nurture them through the buying cycle.  Which should be contacted by sales?  Which need more information from marketing? Lead management software helps to organize and track all these factors so you don’t lose any potential customers through inattention or inaction.

4.  Social Networking Software: Once you have a customer base, you’ll want to communicate with them on a regular basis, and that communication should be a two-way street. Customers and prospects are bursting with ideas, comments, complaints and praise that can be useful in evaluating and improving your products or services.  Social networking software can provide the structure for your communication flow.

5.  Survey Software: Every growing company needs quantifiable data on customer preferences, market tendencies and user reactions to new products. This type of information can be easily gathered through the use of survey software.

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