5 Best Avaza Professional Services Automation Software Alternatives

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What do architects, engineers, lawyers, and marketers have in common? They all are professionals with a specialized set of skills. If you are one of them or run a firm that offers these kinds of professional services, you know the difficulties in managing expenses, time sheets, bills, and client communications. Wouldn’t you love help automating these mundane tasks?

Why not use a professional services automation (PSA) software to simplify your routine tasks? Avaza is one of the most-reviewed PSA software options in Capterra’s professional services automation directory. The key features of a PSA software like Avaza include:

  • Project management
  • Project accounting
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Help desk
  • Knowledge and document management
  • Resource management
  • Procurement and inventory
  • Sales and account management

As great as Avaza is, it’s not for everyone. There are alternatives to Avaza that you can choose based on your budget, business needs, and PSA feature requirements. Read the summaries below to choose the one that is the best fit for your business.

Deltek Vision

Professional services firms have unique business needs. You are not manufacturing products or managing a supply chain. Your resources are your employees who provide their expertise to complete projects on time. Deltek Vision helps you to create dashboards based on employee roles. For example, you can view progress on your marketing and sales professionals’ business goals. The software automates financial management processes and improves billing management by providing financial information related to your projects in a single dashboard.


Capterra reviewers give Deltek Vision an average rating of 4/5. Most Capterra reviewers like the billing features. They also like that the dashboard feature lets them view all information in one place.


Capterra reviewers don’t have any complaints with the software and most of them are “extremely likely” to recommend the product.


The software website does not list pricing information. Contact vendor for information on pricing.


QuickBase provides solutions for PSA, project management, CRM, and training management.

QuickBase offers service-centric PSA solutions based on your professional services specializations. If you are an architect, lawyer, or any other professional, you can customize the software according to your services. The software improves workflow between employees and clients by sharing information through PSA apps to let you manage projects, track project updates, and assign tasks. The software is also available as a SaaS offering.

QuickBase features drag-and-drop dashboard tools that make it easy for you to view your company’s metrics. The software lets you update and adapt your key professional services offerings.

Avaza professional services automation alternatives


Capterra reviewers gave QuickBase a score of 4.5 /5. Most of the Capterra reviewers rank customer support, value for money, and ease of use as the best features of the software. In addition, some reviewers feel that the reporting feature of the software helps them manage projects better than other PSA software.


Though Capterra reviewers did not cite any specific complaints, the BI, project management, and other features offered by the software tend to make it less PSA-specific.


QuickBase is available in three editions – Essential, Premier, and Platform. For information on pricing click here.


WinAutomation offers a host of features including desktop automation, web automation, macro recorder, and a lot more. You can use the desktop automation features to navigate between tabs, menus, and windows on your desktop to conduct desktop and taskbar related operations for accessing tabs, menus, and windows in one navigation pane. You can also export data to PDF, JPEG, and more.

WinAutomation’s built-in task scheduler schedules your meetings and events. The software does this by adding tasks scheduled for completion and selecting the best options listed in the schedule menu. Task scheduler lets you add tasks on a day, week, or month.

Avaza professional services automation alternatives


Capterra reviews give the software an average score of 4.5/5. The software scores high on ease of use and average on customer support. According to the Capterra reviewers, they can change and organize the automation on the software as per their business needs. They also love the macro recording features of the software as it lets them automate Windows-specific commands.


Some Capterra reviewers have given the software a rating below three, with limited value for money and basic nature of features being the common complaints. Capterra reviewers state that the learning curve for automating tasks is steep. They also have to often rely on customer support services.


The software is available in Professional and Standard editions. For information on price click here.

Praesto AE

Praesto AE helps architects and engineers improve their workflow management.

This software has a sort function similar to the filter option in Excel. For example, in a tracking field, you can add values such as architectural programming items, mechanical and electrical systems, and structural items. You can choose these fields from the drop down list of the tracking field.


Capterra reviewers state that the software is easy to learn. The software also integrates with QuickBooks.


Capterra reviewers don’t have any complaints with the software.


Contact the software vendor for information on pricing.

MindSalt Time & Expense

MindSalt Time & Expense lets you manage time spent on projects from internet-enabled desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. The software lets you track your expenses by storing your receipts and recording your expenses.

Avaza professional services automation alternatives


Capterra reviewers give the software a rating of 4.5/5. Capterra reviewers like all the features of the software and most of them are “extremely likely” to recommend the software to others. According to one Capterra reviewer, the software lets you configure and customize the software as per your business process. Another reviewer loves the customer support.


Capterra reviewers do not mention any specific features that they dislike. However, some reviewers state that it takes time to learn the software and requires frequent customer support.


The software is available in three editions Timesheets, Time and Expenses, and Expenses. For information on software pricing, click here.


If you are a lawyer, engineer, doctor, or any other professional you can use the PSA software listed above to simplify your workflows. The software will help you manage timesheets, billing, and expenses. Are you already using a PSA software? Let me know in the comments section below.

You can also view Capterra’s professional services automation directory to view more PSA software.

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