5 Best Campground Master Alternatives For Camp Management

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Grey and mahogany colored monotonous cities, filled with pollution and dust, are such a contrast to the evergreen countryside. For me, camping with my family or friends is a great way to escape the mundane urban life and enjoy nature. Trekking, bonfire, fishing, Boy Scouts, the countryside, and sports activities are just some of the things that remind me of camping. What struck me while exploring camping options is that camping is not only meant for the countryside. You can have art camps, cooking camps, sports camps, educational camps, or camps that focus on engaging you in any fun-filled way. Heck! You can even have a Supersonic Safari Camp to tour the Kapama Private Game Reserve in South Africa on an MIG-21 at the speed of sound! That’s right – MIG-21! I bet you haven’t added this insane experience to your 100 Things to Do Before You Die.

Enjoying a camp trip is easy. But organizing one can be difficult. If you are a camp manager, I am sure you understand what I mean. Registering customers, managing finance, communication between camp members, managing inventory, and much more are just some of the camp management challenges.

Thankfully, you can manage a campsite through a camp management software. How? A camp management software automates the camp-related tasks that I mentioned above. That means you can manage your customers, finance, camp activities, and attendance all in one place. Campground Master is just one of the most reviewed camp management software on Capterra. Despite its awesomeness, you can from many camp management software options.

I have listed five top camp management alternatives to Campground Master. Choose the one that best fits your business.


If you want to manage caravan parks and campsites, then CampManager is your best bet. As a web-based camp management software, CampManger offers an automated booking system. This system allows your customers to book their rooms or parking on your campsite. The software’s parking management system lets you view the RVs parked on your campsite. The intuitive site map provides an overview of the RVs or vehicles parked. This feature saves your customers hassle when they’re trying to park.


  • Site Map

CampManager has an interactive color-coded map that lets you view your caravan park to track customers on the campsite. As you hover over a unit, the map displays a summary of the unit. The summary includes all customer details including check-in and checkout dates. The map uses traffic light colors ‒ red, yellow, and green — to indicate pending balances, site fees, and expired insurance.

  • Owner Management

As an owner of your campsite, CampManager provides all campsite details in one place and lets you view unit details such as size, year, make, chassis, and model for RVs and other vehicles. Quickly add and remove units from your campsite. You can also view historical utility readings for each RV unit at your campsite.

  • Caravan Management

This feature lets you process invoice of customers in a single batch, instead of processing one at a time. You can also view caravan details, insurance, and customer details. The feature displays the caravan storage number on the arrivals and departures screen. Allocate the caravan parking location before the arrival of your customers.


Pricing information is available by contacting the vendor.


Users like the user-friendly interface of the software, as it is easy to navigate between tabs.


Some users feel that the software is expensive as compared to others in the market. CampManger only makes a single booking at a time.


UltraCamp is also a web-based software that works on various browsers and operating systems. Browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. The software is PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android compatible. UltraCamp offers payment processing along with form collection and reporting tools. An awesome feature of this software is that it lets you download detailed reports of your campsite. Through these reports, you can view pending payments, current transactions, and vacant rooms.


  • Generate detailed reports

The software has pre-configured reports that include session rosters and financial data. UltraCamp’s report builder filters, references, and collects customer data in a single report. Exports in MS-Excel format.

  • Communicate with customers

You can send bulk emails or make phone calls to customers that are a part of a single group. For example, you can send a single email to all new arrivals at your camp, instead of sending them individually. You can then include their names on subset records such as billing. This can be managed through UltraCamp’s reporting tools. The software maintains a log to store all the emails and texts you send to customers.

  • Social Media Integration

The software integrates with social media sites to help you manage your campaigns. You can receive Facebook and Twitter feeds on the software’s owner portal.


Pricing information is based on reservation plans, which can be viewed here.


Users can register online for camps based on the activities mentioned in the camps. This allows users to choose their camp based on their hobbies.


Some users feel that the software should be more customizable and streamlined to make the registration processes user-friendly.


This camp management software is web-based and specifically designed for summer camps. You can track your customers and send them notifications through features like online forms, reporting, and scheduling.


  • Registration

Automatically enroll children attending your summer camp. The software also enables parents to register their children. This feature allows you and parents to track the training milestones of children. You can also add training based on milestones achieved. Once you have registered the children you can create a recurring payment plan through credit card or eCheck. Through this payment feature, customer payments are renewed automatically every month.

  • Monitor staffing requirements

You can monitor your campsite staff through the automated reference forms. As your staff completes the forms, you will receive notifications. The software also features an integrated background check. This feature allows you to customize the background checks of your staff as per your campsite. You can run these background checks in batches.

  • Camp Assignments

This software features a bunk request form, which lets children decide with whom they want to share their room. You can also give assignments to children and track their progress through each milestone. CampMinder features a virtual Delaney Card. This card is an effective organizational tool for camps, which displays the seating plan and the management of your children at the camp.


Information on price is available by contacting the vendor.


Users appreciate the great technical support provided by the vendor with constant updates and improvements.


Customizing the staff background checks can sometimes be difficult for larger campsites as it does not have many options.


This software is a web-based camp management system. An awesome feature of this software is allocating camp assignments and organizing outdoor trips.


  • Store Management

This feature lets you manage inventory and use funds from deposited camper spending. CampTrak also has a retail point-of-sale that includes cash and credit card payment. Through this system, you can accept all types of payments from your customers. The store management feature also lets you transfer funds within your internal department. Through the inventory reports, you can get detailed reports of stock available at your campsite.

  • Donations

This feature allows your customers to give one-time or recurring payments for donations. Donations are managed online through Donor Express and Standard Online Donations. Through Donor Express, your customers don’t have to create an account for donating. They can just directly submit the donation amount. Standard Online Donations requires customers to create an account, log in, and give donations online.

  • Camp Messaging

The software lets parents, friends, and family members send messages to campers at the campsite. Messages are sent to your website, printed, and then distributed to campers. You can also create a kiosk to let campers view all the messages at your camp.


Pricing information is available by contacting the vendor.


Some users love the software’s intuitive interface and feel reports generated are easy to view.


Users complain that tech support is not user-friendly and there are no frequent updates to fix bugs.

Open Campground

This software lets you automate appointments, workflow, and scheduling appointments. You can also increase your bookings, up-sell, enhance customer experience, and reduce queues through the features mentioned below.


  • User-friendly

The software is simple to use and does not require any training. If you feel that you need to understand features in depth, you can select the training tab. This tab provides all information related to registering users, payments, appointments, and much more.

  • Customizable

Through the setup screen, you can customize the software as per your campsite. You can also use the advanced settings tab to change the software from the back-end to make additional changes as per your campsite.

  • Cross-platform support

The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, and Mac OS X. The software can also be operated from any web browser and is compatible with iPhone.


Information on this camp management software is only available by contacting the vendor.


  • Users enjoy the customizable features of this software. Even if they have a small campsite operated by 5-10 staff as the software can be configured to manage the campsite.


  • Users don’t have any specific complaints with the software.


Do you have any weird camp ideas that you have been to? Let me know in the comments below.

These are just five alternative camp management software that I have listed. If you feel there are more, then leave a comment below.

You can also view Capterra’s camp management directory for more information on camp management software in the market.

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