5 Best Kicksite Martial Arts Software Alternatives

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When it comes to martial arts, the first thing that comes to my mind is Kung Fu Panda. Not Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, but a naïve panda, destined to be the Kung Fu warrior! It is hilarious to see Master Shifu painstakingly train Po using dumplings (Po’s favorite) as a form of what psychologists call “positive reinforcement,” during his Kung Fu classes.

Master Shifu is a perfect example of a martial arts teacher struggling to monitor his student’s performance. If you’re a martial arts trainer or own a martial arts academy, you might find yourself in similar situation. Don’t worry! Unlike Master Shifu, you can use a martial arts software to manage your martial arts classes and track student performance.

In my previous article on Five9 alternatives, I covered club management software. Some martial arts software can also be included in this category as they deal with membership management. But in this article, I have focused on software specifically designed for martial arts and not club management. Besides, as a martial arts trainer, wouldn’t you want a software designed for you? Martial arts software focuses on the martial arts style (Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, and more.), ranking system (black belts and  more), and instructor led training.

Kicksite is one of the popular martial arts software that many martial arts instructors use. But despite its awesomeness, you may want to look at the alternatives listed below.

This article looks at five Kicksite alternatives. See the full list of Kicksite alternatives here.

Martial Arts Admin

First on the list is Martial Arts Admin. This software provides detailed reports related to student information, reward points, check-ins, and more. The student profile page lists the student’s recent activity. This feature lets you view a student’s class, ranks, birthday, billing information, and more. A key feature of this software is that it lets you manage all your schools from a single location. You can add more locations, assign programs to specific locations, and choose instructors to manage those locations. Martial Arts Admin lets you create your school’s ranking systems (black belt, green belt, and more). You can also customize programs like Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, and more based on these ranks.

Reward points motivate students to attend classes regularly. With this feature, you can award points on completion of classes. You can customize these points for students to redeem as discounts to join other classes.


Martial Arts Admin is available for $24.95 per month / per location with a 30-day free trial.


Capterra users say the software is student-friendly. The reward points system motivates students to attend classes. Students can also login and view their progress and gain reward points.


After the free trial, Capterra users experienced bugs, which were not easy to resolve through customer care. Capterra users also complain that some features don’t work as well as they had hoped. For example, the software has an option to print cards for the students, but it doesn’t always work.


Martialytics lets you stay up-to-date by organizing important alerts in one place. You receive alerts on overdue student fees and advance payments. The software also has a management system for student attendance. Through the feature you can check students in while they‘re warming up for class. The software allows students to check themselves in through their iPad. Through this feature, you can cross-check student attendance. You can also secure student information with a PIN number. The software lets you see who attended your classes and at what time. You can segment student information based on location, rank, and style. The grading and belt management feature lets you take grade notes and view history. Based on the grade notes or history you can consider a promoting student for a higher rank.


Click here for more information on pricing plans offered by the vendor.


Compared to other martial arts software, Martialytics is reasonably priced at $39 for 50 students. You can also add unlimited events and attendance with no extra cost.


Lack of software updates and customer service annoy Capterra users, as they are not able to resolve software bugs.


DojoManager lets you track each student’s training progress individually and rank students based on their performance. The software testing and criteria feature allows you to promote students. The software provides a list of external instructors from other academies to train students if you are short-staffed. DojoManager’s student profile feature ensures that students pass tests to meet black belt criteria. You can also manage memberships and payments by monitoring student sign-in and contracts. The software also alerts you to outstanding dues from the students.


Check out these plans offered by DojoManager.


The software’s multi language support, informative student overview, customized rankings, and responsive customer support are big advantages to Capterra users’ businesses.


Capterra users complain about the lack of printing and calendar functions. Student photos don’t always show up on the student profile page.


This martial arts software lets you take attendance through fingerprint scanning, bar code/card scanning, or manual student check-in. Students can also mark attendance through iOS or Android apps. The ‘Promote’ feature of the software lets you rank your students. If your students meet all evaluation criteria, just click on the ‘Promote’ button to give them a black belt. A niche feature of this software is social media integration and scheduling. You can post new class information on Twitter or Facebook through the software. You can also attract new students through scheduled automatic tweets and Facebook posts.


Pricing information is available after you demo the software.


Capterra users appreciate the customer service. They also like the frequent software updates and fast bug fixes.


Users complain that some features and functions don’t work as claimed by the vendor. For example, the software does not always post messages on Twitter or Facebook.


MasterVision helps you stay organized with less paperwork and more information. The software does this by integrating text messages and emails with the student profile page. This means that you can send messages directly from the student’s page. The software also provides instructor reports. Instructors can use these reports to verify a student’s knowledge level. The report also includes students’ rank: black belt, green belt, and more. MasterVision also provides detailed contract history. This lets you view pending classes, renewed classes, and students’ payment history.


Click here to learn more about MasterVision’s pricing packages.


Capterra users like the attendance tracker as it automatically tracks attendance based on student sign-in.


Capterra users don’t have any specific complaints with the software.


It would be easier for Master Shifu to track Po’s martial arts skills with one of these alternatives. I wonder which  he would choose. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

You can also view Capterra’s Martial Arts directory for more information on other martial arts software in the market.

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