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5 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

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If you believe that more money means happier employees then you could be losing valuable revenue and time and not even know it.

How to inspire employees

Cash has always been a major motivating factor for many people when looking for and performing a job, but it is not always key when it comes to keeping your workforce driven.

Here’s a look at five creative ways you can keep your workforce inspired to continually hit their targets and enjoy their job more.

1. Start a Points System

If you feel like your team could use a little inspiration to keep them striving for higher goals you could offer gifts through a catalog point system. All you have to do is sign up with a company that will provide you with catalogs, price sheets, and a points log then determine what goals need to be met in order to qualify for points. Once an employee has achieved enough points they can choose a gift they want from the catalog. These gifts can range from gadgets all the way to a fully paid trip.

2. Implement a Way to Earn Time Off

Studies have shown that many employees will compete for 15 minutes to ½ hour off of work just as hard as they will compete for a cash award. Keep them inspired to reach their targets by rewarding individuals, teams, or your entire staff with time off once a major goal is reached.

3. Encourage Individuality

Many employees feel like their own identity and personality must be left at home when they go to work, especially if it is in a corporate setting. Encourage your employees to express themselves by allowing them to personalize their workspace or by fostering an environment where they can have the chance to share things about themselves.

4. Give Out Coupons

Who doesn’t love items that are free or discounted? Give your employees coupons once they hit a target goal or when they do something that helps the company. They will not only appreciate the recognition, but strive to do better and earn more.                   

5. Offer Alternative Working Environments

If you have any staff that may be interested in working from home, offer a telecommuting position to them as an incentive to continually reach their target goals. Not only will they strive to be able to be able to earn that position, but your business will benefit from the amount of time and money it will save.

Final thoughts

Employees are the backbone of every business so happy employees means a successful business.  Keep your employees inspired to do the best they can by implementing one of these five unique methods and you’re sure to have a workforce that enjoys their job while going above and beyond to reach their goals.

What innovative ways have you found to inspire employees?  Add them in the comments!

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Comment by Nick Tsagaris on

Nice article and thanks for the information but i thinks we should make a speech which will actually motivated them or may be ask them about their problems and give them a strong solution which actually make them motivated towards their problem or their goals…….make them interested to come in meeting by doing things in which they want to participate………..these things will make them happy and worth to be in a group

Comment by Lauren Deegan on

For my company, the opportunity to work from home has provided some encouraging results when it came to motivating employees. We did try out an incentive program like a points system but it ended up blowing up in our faces. Conclusion, do a lot of research and understand your employees before implementing such programs.

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