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59 B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow on Twitter

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When even the President and the Pope are on Twitter, you know the platform has reached widespread ubiquity. For B2B marketers, though, the Pope doesn’t even scratch the surface of interesting accounts.

There are so many incredible B2B marketing influencers on Twitter, and they’re always sharing tips, tricks, and amazing content they create and/or find around the web. If you’re a B2B marketer who’s not on Twitter, you’re missing out on a wealth of B2B marketing knowledge from the best B2B marketers around. If you are on Twitter and want to get in on this treasure trove, check out our list of the B2B marketing Twitter accounts we find the most helpful!

And to follow these influencers all at once, we’ve already created the list for you here.

b2b marketing influencers

1. Hubspot

Handle: @Hubspot

One of the most popular inbound marketing and sales platforms, HubSpot’s tweets are a top resource for leadgen, social media, and email marketing.

2. Moz

Handle: @Moz

A branding, link-building, and marketing analytics software, the Moz account provides regular updates from the Moz Blog, where you’ll learn all the latest trends on the same topics.

3. Ann Handley

Handle: @MarketingProfs

We loved Ann Handley’s keynote at #Spark15 on bigger, braver, and bolder content, and this account provides the same high-quality insights from MarketingProfs for B2B Marketers. Be on the lookout for her upcoming book, “What’s in Your Totebag?”

4. Rand Fishkin


If you haven’t seen one of his Whiteboard Friday videos yet, reevaluate your life choices. Rand regularly offers deep insights on SEO, content marketing, and technology, using both his videos and his Twitter feed to make the most complicated concepts digestible for the everyday B2B marketer.

5. KISSMetrics Handle: @kissmetrics KISSmetrics, a tool that uses data to optimize marketing strategy, regularly tweets on optimization of all facets of your B2B marketing strategy.

6. Hiten Shah

Handle: @HnShah Cofounder of KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg, Hiten Shah produces and curates an incredible amount of insightful, actionable content on SaaS marketing, branding, and B2B. If you’re not a subscriber of his weekly SaaS newsletter, run, do not walk.

7. Susanna Gebauer

Handle: @dreckbaerfrau Susanna is a social media, content marketing, and digital marketing expert.

8. Jay Baer

Handle: @jaybaer Best known for his book, Youtility, Jay is a must-follow for all B2B marketers. He tweets multiple times each day, sharing ridiculously helpful content, just as he promotes in his book.

9. Neil Patel

Handle: @neilpatel Cofounder of KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg, Neil Patel provides some of the most transparent and data-driven insights on everything from content marketing to sales that you’ll find on the web.

10. Avinash Kaushik

Handle: @avinash Avinash is a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, and, most recently, a keynote speaker at B2B Marketing forum, where he blew the audience away with his rethinking of the sales funnel and the challenges of the modern B2B marketer. His tweets are just as informative and entertaining, switching between B2B marketing-focused articles and personal tweets that don’t make it seem like you’re following a robot.  

11. Content Marketing Institute

Handle: @CMIContent Content Marketing Institute is the go-to source for content marketing strategy tips, best practices, and insights.

12. Search Engine Watch

Handle: @SEWatch A major SEM industry resource, Search Engine Watch’s feed is filled with the latest trends in digital marketing, SEO, analytics, and PPC.

13. Marketo

Handle: @Marketo One of the most popular marketing automation software solutions, Marketo regularly contributes to the online B2B marketing conversation in a big way. Look for topics that run the full marketing and sales gamut, and espeically about how marketing and sales can work together effectively.

14. Steve Farnsworth

Handle: @Steveology Steve is a specialist in creating efficient and effective demand generation content for B2B High Tech.

15. Larry Kim

Handle: @larrykim As the founder of WordStream, Larry is a true expert when it comes to PPC advertising and related B2B marketing topics. His tweets, while incredibly informative, are also extremely entertaining, with his use of funny pictures and gifs that really pop on your Twitter feed.   

16. Joe Pulizzi

Handle: @joepulizzi Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe is the top authority on effective copywriting, content creation, and content marketing.

17. Michael Brenner

Handle: @brennermichael CEO of Marketing Insider Group, Michael is a top influencer in the space and keeps one of the most active and comprehensive blogs on all areas of B2B Marketing.

18. Mike Volpe

Handle: @MVolpe Formerly of Hubspot, Mike Volpe is a thought leader on B2B, SaaS marketing, and entrepreneurship.

19. Unbounce

Handle: @unbounce Landing pages. How to use them. How to make them effective. Find it all here.

20. Marketing Sherpa

Handle: @marketingsherpa MarketingSherpa’s Tweets run the full spectrum of B2B Marketing, regularly providing updates from their comprehensive blog.

21. Aarron Walter

Handle: @aarron GM of New Products for MailChimp, Aarron Walter should be one of your top sources for UX trends.

22. Percolate

Handle: @Percolate An all-encompassing marketing suite, Percolate tweets on all facets of marketing, but really excells at branding and brand management.

23. Ad Age BtoB

Handle: @adagebtob Your feed for updates on the latest news and trends in B2B Advertising.

24. Todd Wheatland

Handle: @ToddWheatland Todd Wheatland, a content marketing pro at King Content, tweets best practices and insights for content marketers.

25. Joe Chernov

Handle: @jchernov Joe, VP of Marketing at InsightSquared, tweets on content marketing, optimization, and social media.

26. Sujan Patel

Handle: @sujanpatel Sujan, Co-Founder of ContentMarketer.io, combines SEO and content marketing best practices into actionable insights.

27. Scott Brinker

Handle: @chiefmartec Scott Brinker is a thought leader and one of our favorite bloggers (Chief Marketing Technologist) in the MarTech space. He tweets on marketing concepts, trends, and optimizing strategy–especially as they relate to MarTech.

28. Ardath Albee

Handle: @ardath421 A B2B Marketing influencer, we particularly enjoyed her session at the B2B Marketing Forum on lead nurturing. Her Tweets are packed with just as much information.

29. Jonah Berger

Handle: @j1berger Author of Contagious, Jonah breaks down the human elements of branding and how and why content catches on. And if you’ve ever wanted to feel validated that the people you follow on Twitter are just as awesome in-person, this is your guy (Hi Jonah! You probably don’t remember us, but we met you briefly at Spark 2015 and we fangirled hard.)

30. CoSchedule

Handle: @coschedule CoSchedule’s blog pulls data from their tool to provide metric-driven insights on content marketing strategy.

31. Oli Gardner

Handle: @oligardner Another account that feels both personal and professional, the co-founder of Unbounce actively tweets and engages with his Twitter community. From grammar rants and pictures of his travels, to great articles about improving landing page conversions, Oli is an essential follow for any B2B marketer.

32. Jeremy Miller

Handle: @stickybranding Author of Sticky Branding, Jeremy Tweets on how to create impactful social media content.

33. LeadPages

Handle: @leadpages LeadPages, a landing page solution that specializes in split testing, regularly uses the data its tool collects to debunk landing page myths.

34. Billy Mitchell

Handle: @billymitchell1 A creative director focusing on B2B marketing, Billy tweets about the art–rather than the science–of inbound marketing and lead gen.

35. Doug Kessler

Handle: @dougkessler Doug is Creative Director and Co-Founder of Velocity. He tweets on applying content marketing and social media principles to the B2B space.

36. Paul Dunay

Handle: @pauldunay Paul Dunay, author of the Marketing Darwinism blog, tweets on how B2B brands can effectively eploy social media and content marketing.

37. Tom Pick

Handle: @tompick Tom finds the top content about digital marketing for B2B.

38. Alex M. Turnbull

Handle: @alexmturnbull After becoming one of the biggest content marketing success stories of the year with Groove, Alex’s tweets are as valuable as his blog posts to content marketing strategy.

39. Jeffrey L. Cohen

Handle: @jeffreylcohen Jeff is the director of content strategy of Oracle Marketing Cloud. He tweets about lead scoring, content marketing, and all the things you should be doing as a B2B marketer.

40. Jeff Zelaya

Handle: @jeffzelaya Aside from hosting the B2B Marketing Leaders podcast, Jeff tweets on improving the B2B Sales experience.

41. Carlos Hidalgo

Handle: @cahidalgo Carlos is the CEO of ANNUITAS, a B2B demand strategy firm. He tweets about the latest B2B marketing topics, such as account-based marketing and attribution optimization, with his own personal thoughts sprinkled throughout.

42. Carla Johnson

Handle: @CarlaJohnson Carla writes on how brands can improve storytelling by applying data.


43. Capterra

Handle: @Capterra A company specializing in optimizing leadgen for SaaS companies, Capterra tweets on inbound marketing, lead generation, landing pages, and B2B marketing trends.

44. Stephanie Tilton

Handle: @stephanietilton Stephanie Tilton is one of the top minds in content marketing. She regularly tweets on content marketing and B2B marketing trends.

45. Brian Carroll

Handle: @BrianJCarroll Brian Carroll regularly tweets on B2B marketing strategy and writes for his blog, B2B Lead Roundtable Blog.

46. Eric Wittlake

Handle: @wittlake An authority on digital marketing and lead generation, Eric’s tweets often bring you into a day in the life of a B2B marketer.


47. Groove

Handle: @groove One of the best case studies on how content marketing can impact revenue comes from Groove, where the executive team blogs the entire startup journey–chronicling the good and the bad. The blog and related twitter handle post valuable insights on SaaS marketing and running a small business.

48. Allen Gannett

Handle: @allen CEO of TrackMaven, we found Allen’s talk at Spark 2015 on effectively applying data to content marketing insightful and actionable. His tweets are a great resource for content marketing best practices, as well as interesting ways of visualizing the data of global and political issues.

49. Convince and Convert

Handle: @convince A social media and content marketing firm, Convince and Convert provides insights on going against conventional marketing wisdom to better connect with your customers.

50. Pam Neely

Handle: @PamellaNeely Pam’s specialty is how content marketing, email marketing intersect.

51. Chris Bolman

Handle: @ChrisBolman Chris Bolman, Director of Growth at Percolate, tweets on brand strategy.

52. Len Markidan

Handle: @lenmarkidan

CMO of Groove, Len’s Customer Success spinoff blog from the Groove blog discusses how to interact with your most important market: your customers.

53. KoMarketing

Handle: @komarketing

A company specializing in B2B SEO/SEM, social media, and content marketing, the KoMarketing twitter account curates the top content in those areas of the B2B space.

54. Ryan Axford

Handle: @Ryan_Axford

An inbound marketing specialist and writer for the Ninja Marketing Blog, Ryan tweets on optimizing the marketing/sales relationship in the B2B space.

55. Adam Monago

Handle: @adammonago

We thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s in-depth talk on 10x content at Spark 2015, and his writing and tweets are filled with equally as in-depth content on digital marketing and using the data you have to inform your content marketing strategy.

56. Cliff Seal

Handle: @cliffseal

A Senior UX Engineer at Pardot, Cliff tweets on major successes and failures in the UX space–often stemming from his experience as a user rather than a designer.

57. Mike Ortner

Handle: @B2BSoftwareDude

CEO of Capterra, Mike tweets on SaaS marketing and entrepreneurship in the B2B space.

58. Kendra Bullen

Handle: @kendrabullen

Founder of C-Squared Creative, Kendra regularly cultivates insightful content on digital marketing trends, social media, and startups.

59. Ian Walsh

Handle: @IanWalsh

CMO of TrackMaven, Ian tweets on content marketing and developed an informed blogging strategy.


So that’s our round-up of the fifty-nine must-follow B2B marketing influencers on Twitter. Who did we miss?

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Comment by Kendra Bullen on

Can’t thank you enough enough for including me in this prestigious list! So grateful. Love and appreciate being able to share industry insights and learn & grow from a supportive group of true leaders and professionals. Cheers!

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This is a great list! For future lists, it would be great to see client-side, corportate B2B marketers themselves here – we can all learn from each other as well as our agency, consultant and tech partners. 🙂


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Thanks for including me in such a great list! I appreciate it!

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Thanks for putting together all these amazing influencers.


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Great post! Thanks so much for including CoSchedule in your list, appreciate it!

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