6 Free Tutoring Resources and Tools You Should Consider

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Updated 12/18/2017: This piece has been updated to include new tools and resources for tutors and students.

I am not the best teacher in the world. I tend to ramble and wander around what I am teaching, which isn’t the best system for teaching students that have fallen behind.

Although it’s not for me, many people find a lot of satisfaction in tutoring students who may need extra attention in a particular subject outside the regular classroom.

In order to be an effective tutor, you need quality educational tools, but tools cost money and tutoring is not always a lucrative business, especially for freelance tutors.

Free Tutoring Resources

In order to bridge this gap between income and resources, I have compiled a list of free tutoring resources. Some of these tools will help you put together lesson plans, some will provide the lesson material for you, others are for test preparation, and some are for students to study on their own time after tutoring.

1. IDroo Basic

IDroo whiteboard

iDroo features (via iDroo)

IDroo is an online whiteboard tool that’s free for basic subscription users. With IDroo you can work out equations, present diagrams, edit sentences, and explain any concept in a visual manner. This is perfect for tutoring students remotely if schedules or geography don’t allow for in-person sessions.

The basic version allows you to create ten boards, import the first two pages of documents such as guides and essay examples, and gives you 50 MB of storage space. As for tools, the Basic version comes with the same tools and functions as the Premium versions.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy math lesson

Algebra lessons (via Khan Academy)

Khan Academy is one of the biggest names in online learning. If you are a teacher with students that require a little extra attention, Khan Academy is the perfect resource to introduce to your students.

Khan offers completely free, open online courses covering a wide variety of subjects including mathematics, science, computing, arts, social sciences, history, and even test preparation.

The subjects are also separated by grade-level difficulty so the lessons will be tailored to the student’s needs.

3. Mometrix Academy

mometrix academy

Mometrix K-12 resources (via Mometrix)

Mometrix Academy is a free online test preparation tool full of review videos for a wide range of subjects. Not only does Mometrix cover college admissions tests (SAT, ACT, etc.), but it also includes subjects such as business management, nursing, graduate school tests, legal, finance, and much more.

Once you’ve gone through their review videos, Mometrix also offers paid study guides and flashcards to further help with test preparation.

4. SmartTutor Free Resources

reading lessons by SmartTutor

Reading lessons (via SmartTutor)

If your elementary students are struggling with standard worksheets and other traditional learning methods, you can turn to this online resource to offer them new material. SmartTutor produces lots of free educational games, reading lessons, flashcards, and other visually stimulating tools built to help with lesson retention.

These games are great as a supplementary tool for classroom lessons and students that require extra help in specific subjects.

5. TutorsClass

How does TutorsClass work?

How to use TutorsClass (via TutorsClass)

TutorsClass is an online tutoring platform that allows tutors to work with their students in an online classroom. TutorClass also offers tools for use in these classrooms such as online whiteboards, live chat functions, file uploads, and math formula creation tools.

Tutors using the platform are paid the entire per student charge through the program in most cases, except under the basic free program. The basic plan allows for five free classes per month, but TutorsClass collects a 20% commission per lesson before the money is paid to the teacher.

6. TakeLessons Academic Tutoring Resources

math resources from TakeLessons

Math articles and tutoring help (via TakeLessons)

TakeLessons offers free resources and articles for students looking to improve their math, writing skills, and languages. On top of educational articles, Take Lessons also has interesting blog posts on education tools, student/teaching tips, and resource lists.

If you need additional help after going through their articles, they also have a tutor database to find the right help in your subject.

7. YouTube

The Free Math Tutor on YouTube

The Free Math Tutor on YouTube (via YouTube)

YouTube is the perfect resource for tutoring lessons due to the sheer number of tutoring and educational channels. Some of these channels include entire lessons, while others offer quick introductions to subjects. These videos are not only great for use during lessons, but also as lessons themselves.

Here’s a list of some YouTube channels you should check out:

Other educational resources

Once you’ve solidified your tutoring service empire, you can check out the premium options that some of these services offer, allowing you to take on a larger workload. As for other tutoring software options, be sure to check out our list of the top tutoring software products in Capterra’s free software directory.

Have you used any of these resources before? Were they helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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