6 Nonprofit Blogs to Keep Up With Tech, Volunteer, and Management Trends

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There is always something new to learn. I’ve built up my experience in the nonprofit sector over the past five years, but still rely on others to learn even more about the industry I cover.

Whether I’m looking for recent studies, nonprofit software breakdowns, or information on tech adoption, I regularly read a number of nonprofit industry blogs to find what I need and keep pace with the times.

The internet is a wealth of information, and it’s hard to know where to begin. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of six nonprofit blogs (broken out by category) to ease your nonprofit’s journey to information.

These blogs publish how-to guides, news, tech trends, best practices, and personal experiences relevant to managing the day-to-day operations of nonprofit organizations.

Whatever niche your nonprofit operates in, you’ll find something here to improve your management skills, boost your volunteer engagement, or increase your technical prowess.

Nonprofit management blogs

1. Management4Volunteers Blog

Screenshot of Management4Volunteers' blog home page

Management4Volunteers’ home page

While Sue Hine hasn’t updated her blog since November 2017 (as of this writing), Management4Volunteers is full of evergreen volunteer management content that makes it a useful resource for any nonprofit. Sue shares her experience and ideas with readers navigating careers in volunteer management.

 Best for:  Nonprofits looking to build relationships with their volunteers

Recommended pieces:

2. VQ Strategies

Screenshot of the VQ Strategies volunteer management home page

VQ Strategies’ home page

VQ Strategies is an intermittently updated blog focused on volunteer managers. Rather than rely on personal experiences, VQ Strategies takes a more data-driven approach by using studies to back up their conclusions.

 Best for:  Nonprofits looking to get up-to-speed on the administrative aspects of volunteer management

Recommended pieces:

Nonprofit fundraising blogs

3. Asking Matters

Screenshot of Asking Matters' home page

Asking Matters’ home page

Instead of covering standard fundraising topics such as “How to get the most money out of your donor base,” Asking Matters’ challenges their readers with posts like“How much is too much when asking for money?” Asking Matters focuses on fine-tuning your fundraising efforts, rather than getting them off the ground.

 Best for:  Any nonprofit experiencing growing pains in the fundraising department

Recommended pieces:

4. Fired Up Fundraising

Screenshot of Fired Up Fundraising's home page

Fired Up Fundraising’s home page

Fired Up Fundraising not only gives you the know-how when it comes to raising cash for your nonprofit, but also explores the effects of market changes and legislation on your ability to do so.

 Best for:  Fired Up Fundraising is a great source for all of your nonprofit fundraising news, no matter your operational niche

Recommended pieces:

Nonprofit technology blogs

5.TechSoup Blog

Screenshot of TechSoup Blog's home page

TechSoup Blog’s home page

TechSoup Blog is a great source for nonprofit technology trends, including social media platform changes, the rise of AI in data management, data privacy, and crowdfunding. The blog publishes guides, market predictions, and best practice pieces to help you navigate all things tech-related in the nonprofit world.

 Best for:  Nonprofits seeking more information on data and software, rather than new tech hardware trends

Recommended pieces:

6. Nonprofit Tech for Good

The Nonprofit Tech for Good homepage

NP Tech for Good’s home page

NP Tech for Good is always on top of what’s hot in tech and what it means for nonprofit management, fundraising, membership, and membership outreach.

 Best for:  Nonprofits looking for the latest news about technology and its applications in the nonprofit sphere

Recommended pieces:

Other nonprofit information resources

Of course, the best source for all your nonprofit needs is Capterra’s own nonprofit technology blog.

Check out these pieces to continue your information journey:

Looking for Nonprofit software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Nonprofit software solutions.

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