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6 School Accounting Software Options That Will Foolproof Your School’s Finances

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Update 6/1/2017: We have updated this piece to reflect updated features lists as well as new organization.

Accounting errors are a serious threat to schools nationwide. Take University Laboratory High School in Urbana, Illinois. This otherwise successful school accidentally ran a $1 million-plus deficit in 2014 because it was withdrawing from the wrong account. Errors like this could put a school out of business.

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School accounting software options

Schools have often deferred to generalist accounting software. But this kind of software has its limitations—specifically, most software options can’t be tailored to suit school administration needs, like student-fee collection, web-store accounting, and teacher-to-parent communication. Most importantly, school administrators need to be able to track the allocation of funds and integrate that information with student records—when schools use multiple software options to achieve that goal, unnecessary work and human error are almost guaranteed.

With these problems in mind, consider the following school accounting software options to help address budget issues in your school.

(Options are listed in alphabetical order)

1. Active Educate


Active Educate offers a complete package when it comes to school accounting software.

Both parents and administrators turn to Active Educate for its user-friendliness. For example, Active Educate is careful to offer extensive training in the form of free webinars, help files, and 24/7 user support—they never want its end-users to feel lost while using the system. From managing school equipment rentals to donations, Active Educate is one of the most versatile school accounting software options available.


  • Student fee collection
  • Inventory tracking
  • Web store integration
  • Customized receipting
  • Equipment tracking
  • Fundraising and donation modules
  • Online credit card payments
  • Customizable reporting

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer

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2. HeadMaster


HeadMaster is another popular school administration tool. It’s particularly tailored for Christian schools in the K-12 space. Offering the ability to connect payments and donations to specific funds and an online system that can process a variety of payment types—including mobile—tuition just became a lot easier. Parents can also use this system to check their tuition balance, eliminating a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth. Finally, HeadMaster also offers the ability to take care of lunchroom accounting and payroll, making it an all-inclusive school financial software option.


  • Tuition management
  • Student profiles
  • General ledger
  • Invoicing
  • Credit card payments
  • Payroll

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer

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3. PraxiSchool


It’s been called an “awesome program that does it all!” PraxiPower is another holistic school administration software that offers a plethora of features, including attendance tracking, discipline management, and cafeteria management. But more importantly, schools—both private and public—can use PraxiSchool to organize their budgets, reconcile bank statements, write and distribute checks, and even manage their accounts payable and receivable. PraxiSchool is a great option for schools looking to get rid of information duplication across platforms by switching to a complete school administration platform.


  • Tuition management
  • General ledger
  • Automated billing
  • Credit card payments
  • Customizable reporting

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer

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4. Rediker


Rediker Administrator’s Plus Accounting is a great school accounting software option for international schools. With the ability to balance dual currencies and provide country-specific reports, Rediker provides an accounting solution that so many schools desperately need. The software is great for both public and private schools and offer tools for every person on the school administration ladder, from superintendents to principals to department heads to cafeteria directors.


  • Online bill payments
  • Multiple currency options
  • Quick access dashboard reporting
  • ACH bank payments
  • Customizable reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Check printing
  • Collections reporting

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer
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5. RenWeb with QuickBooks Integration

According to Capterra’s original research, RenWeb is the most popular school administration software in the world—and for good reason. RenWeb offers over 300 features for school administrators, including QuickBooks integration.

QuickBooks, the world’s most popular accounting software, combined with RenWeb’s robust list of features makes it simple for schools to manage family accounts, billing, and asset management. RenWeb’s integration also provides schools the option of starting with just QuickBooks and then moving to more robust school administration software as they grow in size and needs.

QuickBooks Features:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Customizable reporting
  • General ledger

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer
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6. Senior Systems: Business Office


Need a system designed to manage tuition, breakdown budgets by department, and do general accounting? Business Office offers a school-specific accounting software that does all these things and more. With add-ons like online budget management, asset management, and community online enrollment, Business Office has the solution for your school. Business Office is great for private and independent schools who want the flexibility to manage the entirety of their own finances.


  • General ledger
  • Accounts receivable
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Customizable reporting
  • Purchase orders

Pricing: Negotiated with buyer

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Other school administration tools

The Capterra school administration blog has many resources and tools to help you streamline your staff, students, and finances. Here are a few blog posts with other tools you should consider:

Are there any other school accounting programs you feel should’ve been included in this piece? What are some of the accounting challenges that your school faces? How has software improved these issues? Let me know in the comment section below!

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We need a school management software that could manage in one package:
1. Accounting aspects like: Expenses/payments, revenues, banks and cash, accounts receivable and age analysis of debts, payables and age analysis of payables, Profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance et and School administration modules like:
-Attendance management for students and lecturers
-Results management/Records
-School program and individual courses time table management.

We and others will need a package like this ; but if there is any already could we be recommended it.

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