6 Things Salespeople Hate about CRM and What Can Change Their Minds

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Many of our clients have tried at least two CRMs before turning to us for a solution. The most common reason they cite for past failure: our people didn’t use it. Why is this? Here’s a list of common CRM complaints:

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  1. Feels like a mandate from above so sales reps feel they are being strong-armed. They think managers use CRM like Big Brother, to micro-manage, and not as a tool that helps them.
  2. It’s too time consuming to enter data after a busy day. They don’t see how it benefits them personally or has money-making impact.
  3. Sales people love interacting with customers, not CRM programs. They’d rather be out selling and closing deals than logging a bunch of info.
  4. Inadequate or no training on the system.
  5. Too complex and confusing.
  6. Poor implementation.

Depending on the source, 50–70% of CRM initiatives fail to take. Managers who buy expensive CRMs, only to have their people abandon it, know the pain. Decision makers can actually avoid these costly failures. Here’s how:

  • Involve your salespeople in the CRM selection process. Have them sit in on demos and consult them for feedback.
  • Set clear objectives of what the CRM will accomplish. Communicate exactly how the CRM will benefit individuals and the company as a whole. Avoid the pitfall of differing CRM expectations by defining a common vision.
  • Provide training and support.
  • Involve your sales team in the implementation process. Get their input in designing and fine-tuning the system. The people who will actually use it should have a say in what CRM should do.
  • Integrate CRM in stages. Don’t implement abruptly and all at once. Start it simple and build up to give users command and confidence.

If you don’t have buy-in from all the stakeholders, you’re going to have a tough time realizing the benefits of CRM strategy or software. A successful CRM implementation has all groups enthusiastically on-board. In addition to top management, the people who will actually use the system have to be engaged and committed to the rewards of CRM.

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Brina Nelson

Brina Nelson is an account executive at Avidian Technologies. You can reach her at BrinaN@Avidian.com.



Hi Brina,
Thank you, your article really made a notable impact in our sales management. Yes our manager finally agreed to move-on with a alternative for CRM. Now i’m visiting my prospects with an ipad, just that.

We guys are long fighting for a simple system. Finally my management heard us and upgraded, totally digitized our company activities. There is this app that we sales guys use for our field sales called contalog(https://www.contalog.com). You can find a list of more useful tools in this forum -https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-software-tools-for-salespeople
hope its useful!.

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