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6 Unexpected Places to Find Customer Service Resources Online

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If I read one more boring blog post on customer service…

JK. But I am tired of the same old posts. That’s why I’ve started looking outside the customer service blog-o-sphere for tips and tricks on customer service. It turns out there are several sites that weren’t designed for to be customer service resources, but still manage to come up with great advice for agents.

1. Lifehacker


Customer service is easy. All it takes way-above-average listening skills, enough empathy to be able to anticipate your customer’s needs, the persistence to not get discouraged quickly, and the flexibility to try different tactics to get the problem solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

No problem, right?

The truth is a customer service job is tremendously demanding. That’s why Lifehacker’s inspiration posts can be so helpful to help agents keep their morale and job satisfaction high.

Posts such as Improve Your Creative Process By Figuring Out Your Weakness take research studies and translate them into productivity-boosting tips and tricks.

2. BuzzFeed

You may be asking yourself what cat gifs have to do with customer service. Well, here ya go: 23 Cat Gifs Explain How BuzzFeed Can Improve Your Customer Service.

For real though, BuzzFeed Tech can keep you up to date on the latest gadgets and gizmos that can help you do your job better with posts like This Smart Bracelet Buzzes When Your Phone Needs You (And it’s actually cute.)  You can even learn how to go above and beyond for your customers from heartwarming stories like A PlayStation Worker Spent 10 Hours Customizing A Controller For A Gamer With Cerebral Palsy.

3. Reddit


Ugh, I know. Reddit is mostly known as a place full of nerdy memes and hateful comments. But sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Especially when they’re directly related to your life of work. r/TalesFromTechSupport is funny stories and rants about what it is to ask people whether they’ve turned it on and off again for eight hours straight.

4. Quora

Okay, if you know anything about Quora then it doesn’t qualify as an “unexpected” place to find customer service resources. Because Quora has great information on all kinds of topics. Of course customer service is one of them.

But, for those of you who don’t know Quora, or who never thought about using it to learn about customer service, I’d like to point you to the Customer Service Topic on Quora.

Wouldn’t it be great to know things like how much a bad review costs your business? On Quora, experts provide answers based on experience and real data, such as a study that showed that “67.7% of consumers report that their purchasing decisions are influenced by the reviews they read online. Over half (54.7%) of the sample surveyed admitted that online reviews are an important part of their decision-making process.”

To get the most out of Quora, sign up to ask and answer your own questions.

5. Not Always Right

You know the saying: “The customer is always right.”

There’s a reason no one who works on the front lines of customer service says it.

Not Always Right is a place where customer service agents can share funny/horrific stories about their interactions with customers. Such as this gem:

Customer: “You didn’t answer my question. How do I know you’re from [Company] and not a pedophile in prison?”

You can never imagine how weird people are until you start dealing with strangers on the daily. This blog lets you know you’re not the crazy one.

6. Support Ops

A customer support podcast? Yep!

“An app can be recreated easily. A solid support experience is much harder to copy.”

With hosts who hail from the likes of Buffer, Automattic, Wistia, and Basecamp, Support Ops is a weekly podcast that helps you deliver a better support experience to your customers.

“If you’ve ever had to contact customer support, you know it’s a broken system for many companies. A simple action can turn into a lengthy wait only to be met with rude assistance from a rep. You’re left all alone to figure it out.

“But a growing number of teams are challenging this status quo. We’re learning how to be support pros. As we learn and grow in our craft, we look towards these principles to guide us.”

7. The Art of Manliness


This is probably the least-expected place to find customer service resources online. Actually, it gets even weirder. The best place to find customer service resources on the Art of Manliness website is the Relationships and Family category. Okay, okay. If you’ve been working in customer service for more than a day you probably understand why blog posts on relationships would be helpful to agents.

Tell me you can’t use a video on how to write a proper thank you note in your day-to-day life.

Or a podcast on digital manners and etiquette for the modern man.


It turns out customer service is so universal that it’s not terribly difficult to find related insights all over the web.
What sources did I miss? Let me know in the comments. And if you want more customer service advice that’s not terribly boring, check out my blog.

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Great list! I like the flexible thinking that went into find some original sources for customer service stories, facts, and inspiration.

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