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7 Mobile Learning Statistics to Make You Change Your mLearning Strategy

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Is your organization taking advantage of the vast market of mobile devices to improve your eLearning initiatives?

mobile learning statistics

From learning apps, to mobile-optimized training content, mobile learning (mLearning) is a potentially transformative addition to your existing training and eLearning programs.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe these cold, hard numbers will change your mind.

Below are the top mobile learning statistics to inform your mLearning strategy:

1. Over one billion smartphones ship each and every year, worldwide. (Source: Statista) >> Tweet this!

2. It is predicted that 70% of professionals will do some work from their own, personal smart phones or tablets by 2018. (Source: Gartner) >> Tweet this!

3. 47% of businesses and other organizations already use some sort of mobile devices for training and eLearning activities. (Source: Towards Maturity) >> Tweet this!

4. But only 25% are currently developing and using their own mobile learning apps. This number increases to 41% for top learning companies. (Source: Towards Maturity and Upside Learning) >> Tweet this!

5. Fully 85% of organizations recognize the importance of mobile and have already implemented a mobile training strategy or soon plan to. (Source: Skillsoft) >> Tweet this! 

6. mLearning is already a $5.3 billion dollar industry and is predicted to reach $12.2 billion in 2017. (Source: Ambient Insight) >> Tweet this!

7. mLearning tools see wide adoption, with 74% of trainees using them while traveling. 52% even use them in bed either right before sleep or right after waking up. (Source: Michaels and Associates) >> Tweet this!

Has your organization already implemented a mobile learning strategy?  What have the results been so far?  Do you use a mobile-optimized learning management system, or do you prefer more niche solutions?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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