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7 Zen Planner Alternatives to Keep Your Zumba Rolling

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It’s Saturday morning, 6 am, and Stephanie is late for her Zumba classes. When she gets to the gym, the self-check-in desk does not accept her ID, because it’s expired. To make things worse, when she tries to renew her Zumba class ID, she is shocked to find that her credit card has also expired. Zumba blues! Stephanie was really excited to get her Sleepy Leg on.

Well, that is Stephanie’s story. But if you are a gym manager, yoga trainer, or any other professional running a hobby club, you might have come across customers like Stephanie. With effective club management software such as Zen Planner, you can help customers like Stephanie. She would not have been late for the Zumba class, as Zen Planner would have send her a reminder on her iPhone; the software would have renewed her monthly subscription automatically; and most importantly, she would have received a notification from Zen Planner one month prior to her credit card expiry.  


But as awesome as Zen Planner is, there are alternatives out there. If you are curious to know more, here are seven alternative club management software to choose from.

1. Membership Integrity System (MIS)

Hosted on the cloud, this club management software is accessible through various devices such as iPad, smartphone, desktop, etc. Specifically designed for gyms and clubs, MIS’ main feature is the biometric-scan-based access to the facility.

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  • Biometric scanning

One of the key features of this software that I find interesting is the option to choose which input to use for the biometric scan. You can use either a picture, fingerprint scan, or barcode scan of the membership card to provide access and keep track of the number of visits of your gym or club members. This feature means that with the right door, you don’t need  a front desk employee. And even if you do need one, they have to do less.

  • Batch emailing

Do you have special offers for your gym or club and want all your members to know about them? Well, MIS lets you send multiple emails to your members through its batch email process. This helps you send a single email to more than 500 members with the click of a button. But be careful not to clog their inbox with this feature!

  • Driver’s license scanning

This is one feature that I find neat about this software. Enrolling new members can be a bit of a headache, especially with all the paperwork involved. So, when a new member walks in to your gym or club, just scan their driver’s license to get all their personal information. Once the enrolment is complete, your members can enjoy your services instantly.


The software license is available for $399.99. You can also purchase devices such as a fingerprint reader or barcode reader from the vendor. If you want more information on pricing, click here.


  • You don’t have to pay a monthly fee as subscriptions are paid annually
  • The software allows you to track members, inventory, employees, and create membership packages, which is not commonly available in other club management software


  • You need to purchase biometric devices such as fingerprint reader, webcam, etc. separately as they don’t come with the overall software package


This software specifically caters to yoga club management. To find out if this is the right software for your business, read the features below.


  • Online Booking

Your members can sign up for their next visit at your yoga studio by simply scrolling through the booking calendar and choosing a suitable date for the yoga classes. Besides, you can use this information to effectively monitor and manage the member traffic.

  • Maintaining Staff

Whether you have part-time of full-time staff, this software allows you to manage them effectively. With its staff management feature, your staff is not double-booked on their duties. It also lets you track their leave based on their sign-in and sign-out times.

  • Automation

MINDBODY sends emails or newsletters to your clients automatically through email scheduling. The software sends appointment confirmation messages to your clients via email and text messages when they book a slot. The software also sends appointment reminders to your clients.

  • Reports

MINDBODY provides in-depth understanding of your business through reports that provide insights on resources, budget, and overall business success.


Subscriptions are available from $45 per month to $250 per month. For more information on pricing click here.


  • The software provides flexibility by integrating with your existing club management system, through its data import and export feature
  • Managing your staff is easier with this software as it provides detailed reports on employee’s sign-in, sign-out, and salary information


  • Users feel that MINDBODY does not resolve frequent bug issues and does not send version updates

3. EZFacility

A web-based software, EZFacility is geared toward sports or fitness businesses. It offers facility scheduling, employee management, membership management, online registration, point-of-sale, and invoicing.


  • Instructor scheduling and training

You can improve trainer productivity by scheduling regular training sessions and removing duplicate bookings through the staff management feature of the software. Training schedules are created daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of the trainee. This feature enables both the trainer and the trainee to track the training milestones and add other training sessions when required.

  • Locker and equipment tracking

You can integrate the tracking, administration, fee, and maintenance of facility lockers. The software enables members to rent locker, track sports equipment, and generate reports that provide information on the inventory of equipment in any sports facility.

  • Invoicing and payment tracking

The software automates billing, payments, and invoicing to help you track your finances. The software also lets you e-mail, create, and print customer statements and invoices, so that you can maintain a track of the payments. You can also remind your clients of when their credit card will expire so that you can receive all payments on time.

  • Fitness tracker

As someone dedicated to the quantified self, this is the feature that I like the most about this software. Getting all your fitness information like calories or weight lost in one place can help members monitor their overall health.


Information on price is available on contacting the vendor.


  • Users like the fact that the software offers tutorials for learning how to use it, which helps in troubleshooting customers’ common problems
  • The software has a dedicated feature for managing your gym equipment, which is not commonly found in other club management software


  • Users don’t like that EZFacility does not sync schedules with Google Calendar

4. Club Manager

Club Manager offers club management solutions to dance studios, golf clubs, charities, and boot camps. You can improve your club management through the features listed below.

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  • Free customer care support

Club Manager provides the latest updated software with 24/7 customer care support at no extra cost

  • Booking and scheduling full class or room

You can use the software’s app to book classes or events through your smartphone. You can also get reminders for the classes/events, so that you do not miss your Zumba or golf training

  • Brand Management

Personalize your Club Manager account with your logo.


The software is available free for trial and price quote is available by contacting the vendor.


  • Users feel that the software offers an intuitive interface and generates report that are easy to view


  • Users complain that they are not able to view more than 20 members per page

5. bookitlive

This software enables you to automate appointment scheduling and workflow management. It allows you to increase your bookings, up-sell, reduce queues, and improve customer experiences, through the features mentioned below.


  • Appointment reminders

By sending reminders through text message, you can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations for a particular club event significantly

  • Club membership management

Through bookitlive, you can collect client information such as name, email, address, phone number during the booking process itself. In other words, you do not have to enter client data separately, as it is stored in a client database, through which you can communicate with your clients directly

  • Payments

bookitlive accepts online payments, while your clients are booking a club event. The software accepts all currencies and can integrate with payment portals such as PayPal and SecurePay


For information on pricing click here.


  • Users feel that the software is intuitive and easy to use with their business.


  • Users don’t have any specific complaints with the software

6. RhinoFit

As you can guess by the name, this software caters to gym owners and personal trainers.

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  • Attendance

Track your members’ attendance through data entry, magnetic swiping, or barcode key scanning at your front desk kiosk

  • Integration

You can also integrate your custom product page, member sign-in, or membership with your gym’s website

  • Automatic payments

Accept one-time and recurring credit cards automatically through the software’s built-in payment processing options


For information on pricing click here.


  • The software allows trainers to maintain detailed records of your members’ fitness gains, which is not present in other club management software


  • Most users of the software state that it is not user-friendly as it has a lot of tabs to navigate between

7. ClubRunner

If your focus is on organizing your club to increase your membership and manage staff effectively, then you can opt for ClubRunner. The software is available in various languages, which can enable you support members from other nationalities, so that they can understand what your club has to offer.


  • Website design

Through the software’s content management system, you can personalize the software as per your company’s logo and design, to offer a distinctive style of your club management services as compared to your competitors

  • Directory

ClubRunner has a member directory that collects all information related to your members, including their payment method, frequent visits, personal information, etc. In other words, the directory makes a profile of your members similar to social media profiles.

  • RI Integration

ClubRunner is one of the few club management software that integrates with Rotary International. Through this feature, the software synchronizes your member data with the database of Rotary International as well as information on club events.


For information on pricing click here.


  • ClubRunner is one of the few club management software that offers membership management for Rotary International club members, which all members to access Rotary International’s clubs benefits in terms of discounts, latest offers, etc.


  • Users do not have any major problems with the software


Well, these are just seven top alternatives that I have listed, but if you feel there is one I missed, please leave a comment below.

You can also view Capterra’s club management directory for more information on other club management software in the market.

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Be sure to check out TRIIB , Their app for logging your daily wods is nice, billing/payment platform is user friendly, reports are super insightful, and their support is A++ which is HUGE in my book. They really have a nice offering and seem to provide the best bang for your buck. If you are a gym owner, definitely worth check out. That’s my 2 🙂

RhinoFit has certainly stepped up their game! There has been many updates to the software, it’s an excellent zumba management software

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